Posted on 14-09-2011
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Hey babies!

This has been a crazy ass week. On Wednesday, I hopped in the Brazzers Are You Hardcore bus for my appearance at Club Eden in Washington DC. You never know what to expect when you enter a bus from an adult entertainment company Will the people be bitches, do drugs or smoke come out of the door. The people were so sweet, didn’t do drugs or smoke pot. I was being an intravert and watching the people. Just keeping to myself. They told me I needed to chill out. Ivan and Jeff were genuine, cool ass people who were my favorites. Jessica was sweet too. They wanted to make sure I felt safe and were protective over me. Brazzers stepped it up! That’s the most fun I have had at an event in a long time!! I am use to having a roadie with me to feel secure. The deejay was so funny and made me laugh so much! These were people that I had met for the first time that night and I felt comfortable with them. They let me deejay, I spun records, took pictures with the guys and girls in the club, I slang some drinks. My girlfriend from high school said hello to me. That was the first time she had seen me as a porn star.

Brazzers were so attentive to the small details. They made sure that my fans were taken care of! I ended up leaving the club at 2:45 AM. We stayed longer because we had so much fun!!

I will be doing a cam show for my website members tonight!! I will let you know what time so we can have some fun together!!


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