Posted on 29-08-2011
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Hey babies! I know I’ve been set back a while on my blogs, however with the transformation of my site and traveling Ive gotten side tracked. My blog motivation has returned!! HEHE!Im sorry for slacking & keeping ya’ll in the dark!I know a few of you follow me on twitter so its simple 2 keep up with my every move :) … its def easier than on there bcuz of applications n 3g. I’ve decided to give less on there n more for my members. You guys def need some perks. Im going to commit at least 1 to 2 days of cam shows. Perhaps 1 day just to get personal & the other to get nasty. I think its fun to switch it up plus you can get to know both sides of me.
This week I traveled to Vegas & LA. Talk about a crazy WEEK! I danced at Club Paradise in Vegas. It was so sweet to meet my babies that got lap dances & the special attention on the front ROW! :) I enjoy smelling your cologne, giving you kisses and smothering your flavor savors in my ASS! lmao! I like to get a little crazy for sure! Occasionally I get myself into trouble esp the clubs within the cities. There are VICE that like to bust us WHORES:)I had a an amazing experience with the club. One of the girls I danced with was another story…Some porn girls truly have FAKE personalities…….MOVING ON….. lol….I was also to be there attending the Dancers Expo which I totally flaked on. I guess I should of showed up but Ive had a stomach bug ever since I ate my first meal at Mandalay Bay! ya , TMI CC! lol The expo is to meet club owners and to promote yourself & I just wasnt feeling it. I guess the heat, stomach & traveling from east coast had worn me out on top of stress!I put my makeup on & had a blast at the club every night, Im a trooper!
I then attended EXXOTICA LA. Ive done many EXXOTiCA shows & I must say NJ is by far the BEST! Its very busy, east coast peeps, & tons of hotties!! However LA was a bit smaller & less crowded yet I had a blast! I saw alot of my twitter babies, friends, Xlovers, potential fucks & hot hookers! :) Slang some smutt, took dirty pics & grabbed tons of cock!!! i love to surprise my babies! Its always nice to put a smile on your faces! Ive known some of ya for years! I love to hear your stories & whats going in their lives. Some of my babies have had tramatic things happen. For example I met a young man discharged from the military this week. He was shot 3 times in the lower back and once in the leg. He is now paralyzed & uncertain how to satisfy himself in a sexual way. Insecurity is something he is facing about being handicapped. I know its tramatic for him but I reminded him whats really important to in life. We spoke about his principles and faith. The poor fella has an internal battle going on inside but isnt that normal? His whole life has changed in a blink of an eye. I understand hes struggling with independence as well. It may be difficult at first but that too he will overcome. He has many journeys to conquer and his health is number one. He may not get exhausted from walking or sore feet anymore but hes able to enjoy his friends & family.When you are facing difficult time remember someone else has it worse.. I always like to read some Louise Haye, How to heal your life. Its a book of positive affirmations, makes ya see life in a different perspective. If you come in contact with people that have special needs smile at them or listen when they speak. That person may need something from you, inspiration. Faith. A smile.

Thank You LV & LA for another amazing week,


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