Posted on 10-08-2010
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Babies!!! I think I’m going to call today bootylicious Tuesday! Have you all seen my ass lately? I think it’s getting a little outta control. My girlfriend was talking about losing weight the other day and it made me really check myself. I haven’t been that body conscious lately and I can really tell. Don’t get me wrong, I think I still look bangin’ but maybe I could tone up in a few places. You know what I mean. Would you guys rather see me with a bigger ass or a smaller ass? Obviously I never want a small ass, but it fluctuates in size like I do. Anyway I’m just thinking I need to get back on my workout wagon..hehe!

Oh babies, guess what I’m super excited to announce that my Come Correct t-shirts have launched. This means you can now get them in stores like Metro Park and places like that. Also you can order them online at go check them out they are so hot! I love them and am so proud of how they turned out. I also love that TITS stands for Two In The Shirt. I think it’s so witty! Haha! I love that company so much! I hope you all will get one for yourself. I would especially love for you to send me a picture with you wearing it.

I have so much running around to do today. I’ve got to get my nails done, my eyebrows done and all of those girly things we do to stay fresh to death! So when I get on my cam show today I will be looking good and all ready for you guys! How many of you will be on today to watch me fuck myself? I have such a good time with all of you guys and I feel so fortunate to have you guys cum visit with me! If you have never joined me than please do, you can see me fuck my ass, do some foot fetish stuff, and sucking and fucking an occasional dick.

I hope you all read my blog from yesterday about Athena’s Cup. I can’t stress enough how important breast cancer awareness is. I would love to see this fundraiser break the record for the number of bras linked together. What an awesome achievement that would be, I am so glad to be a part of it. So please please please babies, go on a bra grabbin spree and do your best to do your part! I will be oh so grateful!! So often in life we get caught up in our own worlds that we forget about other peoples. I think you might be really surprised to see how good it feels to support a cause like this! You know what a good reason to donate is for you as men? Because you like titties, that’s why….They created save the Tata’s. You really need to save women’s titties. We need our titties, they are what make us feel girly. It’s like having your dick cut off, how manly would you feel then? I bet women all over America would do anything in the
world to save the cock of their favorite man!! Or the cock of their friends man….lol. We all know how important our cocks are! I have a million and one reasons why I think everyone should support this cause, lol, so I will try not to bombard you with them.

Well my little sex slaves, I have got to get up and at’em and get a start on my day, especially if I am going to see you guys in a couple of hours. You know I’ve gotta Come Correct for my babies ;0) Te quiero mucho tener un gran dia!!!


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