Posted on 07-08-2010
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This is the Sexual Desire survey I created for my class. Take it and tweet me your results. Let’s see how horny you are!

1. How often do you think about sex?
2. When you see an a person that is attractive to you, how often do your thoughts turn sexual?
3. How often do you watch pornography?
4. How often do you masturbate?
5. How often do you have sex?
6. When having sex, how often do you have more than one partner?
7 How often do you discuss sexual themes with your friends?
8. How often do you attend strip clubs or adult conventions?
9. How often do you dream about sex?

When answering 5-all of the time 4-often 3-sometimes 2-very little 1-never
If you score 45-40- You have a high sexual drive/desire
If you score 39-33 Hugh Hefner would be proud of you
If you score 32-25 You have a healthy sexual desire
If you score 24-18 Somewhat sexual
If you score 17-9 No sex drive at all

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