Posted on 17-06-2010
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Hello babies!! Another week has passed and it’s time for another FEATURE FRIDAY!! My special guest this week is the beautiful Mackenzee Pierce. She has become one of my favorite girls to work with and we have only done one scene together. Our first scene is on the new DIABOLIC DVD called GIRLS WILL BE GIRLS 6 that was released to retail this week.

I met Mackenzee through my twitter page. I love twitter because I can get to meet so many girls in the industry. I started the conversation by telling Mackenzee how much fun she is to work with. Normally I am an aggressive person sexually, but with her, I totally submitted. It was awesome the way she would swing me around and take charge. And I love the way she eats pussy. She said that she is normally a dominant person too. She liked the way would could play back and forth. She also loves the way I eat pussy too!! YUMMY! I told Mackenzee that her personality is lovely all together.

I then asked her how often she works out. She said, “Not as much as I wish I could. Once or twice a week.” She looks like she works out every day because she has an amazing body. She said that she tries to eat healthy every day, I asked her what her favorite food is. She loves salmon and sweet potatoes. She prepares her salmon with lemon, garlic and herbs. I asked Mackenzee if she cooks every night if she goes out to eat. She cooks dinner at least four times a week. She said that it helps to have a boyfriend who wishes to be a culinary chef.

When we worked together, Mackenzee told me on set that she was decorating her room in a plum color. I asked if she is Suzie Homemaker now since she and her boyfriend live together now. She said that she grew up in a real conservative family where her mom believed in cooking every meal and having dinner at home. She grew up learning how to do that. She enjoys it more because she has a boyfriend who will go out with her and pick out paint together or pick out a sofa together. He has good taste so it works out for the both of them. I said its like they are nesting. She said, kind of, but she doesn’t want kids for a long time.

Mackenzee was almost 19 when she got into the adult industry. She wasn’t fresh off of graduation. She is currently 22 years old. I said it was crazy that it took us that long to work together. She said, “I know, I heard about you when I first got into the business. Before you had your boobs done. I remember you winning the hottest girl in porn award. I thought I want to work with her because she is so pretty. Then you got your boobs, man!! Those are amazing!”

Talking about breasts, Mackenzee has some amazing breasts. She told me that the doctor over filled them. I love Mackenzee’s boobs. They are so big and luscious! I love sticking my face in between them and suck and nibble on them! I’m a little pervert, you know??? She said that she loves having big boobs. She thinks its a womanly thing. Whether they are fake or not as long as they are big and round and juicy, they are great! Her doctor specializes in extra large breast implants. Large are any implants of 800 cc’s or more. She had to sign a waiver and release to let her doctor overfill her breasts. Her breasts are silicone.

Mackenzee is a hardcore anal lover. I asked her who her first anal scene was with. She said her first anal scene was with Will Powers for Diabolic. Mackenzee did her first Double Penetration scene with Steve Holmes and Brian Sherwood.

Mackenzee now lives in San Diego with her boo. She loves living there, out of the porn world. She enjoys having a separate life. She doesn’t have to worry about running into another porn girl at the grocery store. She is very happy having her dogs and her boyfriend. Her dogs are Chiwawa/Terrier mixes that weigh 10 to 12 pounds. Tucker is four years old and Emma is a year and a half. I asked her if she noticed if many of her fans are animal lovers. She said that porn freaks do love animals.

Several of my twitter fans had questions for Mackenzee. Eli Hernandez asked, “What’s the best and worst experience you have had shooting a scene and will you have my babies?” Her worst experience was her first week in the business. She did not know who to trust and people took advantage of her. She didn’t get paid when she was suppose to for her first scene. Come to find out, that person does that all of the time. Her best experience was getting the cover of Hustler. Mackenzee set goals in her career. To get magazine covers, to be a successful feature dancer (something she takes very seriously), and winning Miss Burlesque World was very huge for her.

I also asked Mackenzee if she had anything to say to her fans. She replied, “I am going to be here for a while. I hope you guys continue watching all the dirty little things I do. I have fun. I really want them to know that for the most part, I really enjoy what I am doing. I like it when they are watching me or jerking off to me or watching it with their girlfriend or spouse.”

She hasn’t decided if she wants to do a website or not because of the amount of work involved. When I suggested that she could shoot content with her man at home or do cam shows, she said that her man isn’t in to it. He likes it when she has fun with it, but he stays away from it. He supports her and wants her to do this on her own and he does his own thing which is kind of nice.

I told Mackenzee that I am so happy that she is happy in every aspect of her life right now. I believe that Mackenzee Pierce will be a superstar in the adult business very soon. She is a hard worker, has her goals set, has a great head on her shoulders and is so beautiful!! You can check out Mackenzee on her twitter page, http://twitter.com/mackenzeepierce. I want to thank Mackenzee for taking the time for this interview. I also want to thank X-Rated News for posting my Feature Friday interviews each week. You can hear the audio interview with hundreds of sexy pictures of Mackenzee in the members area of www.CourtneyCummz.com.

I hope you babies have a wonderful weekend and come and see me dance tonight and tomorrow at La Boheme, 1443 Stout Street, Denver, Colorado. The showtimes are 10:00 PM and midngiht each night!!


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