Posted on 11-06-2010
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Hey babies, it’s a beautiful day! I hope yours has been going well also. I have been having such a blast today. I don’t know how I could really go wrong since I’ve been staying inside and playing with my pussy all day…lol. Isn’t that what every man says they would do if they had a pussy? I always hear them say they would never leave the house. And ya know what? I’m happy when I don’t have to. I love being able to work from home. I’ve done a couple of cam shows for StreamMate.com today. I get so turned on being able to masturbate with you all.

For those of you who have never joined me, you will have to cum check it out. Today I was a British Schoolgirl. I have so many babies from the UK that I thought it was appropriate to represent for them. I shot on my couch in my living room for about 20 minutes. I really love being able to give you guys the intimacy of my sacred space at home. The lighting was awesome and it really worked out well. My favorite part is the fact that I’m able to see all of your beautiful cocks while I’m playing with myself. They are such a great visual for me while I’m fantasizing. I’ll tell you what, my babies have been blessed with beautiful dicks that’s for sure. I’m like WHAT?? Lol. I’ve been wondering why they are online with me and not out banging some other hot chicks.

I love having privates with my boo’s too. Being able to cum with my babies is amazing, thank the lord for technology!! He! He!! When I play with all of the dicks as I put them down my throat I imagine that they are yours. How would you like me to suck on your cock? Do you guys find it easy to get off by getting head or no? I know I could make you cum with my mouth. Some guys “claim” they can’t. They had never met me…hehe!! My life is amazing, I can be at home with my doggies, and play with you guys all day. Have any of you been to one of my cam shows? How did you like it? Today I was having so much fun I stuck some fingers in my butt and put some cocks down my throat. I seriously can’t get enough. So babies cum on and hang out with me during the day if you aren’t doing anything. You’ll meet some really cool people too. Like my boy Kevin from Toronto or PJ from Jersery. Just two I can think of right now who are really
cool. We always have such a good time. You can watch my web cam shows for FREE if you’re a member of my website www.CourtneyCummz.com or you can pay per minute through www.StreamMate.com Which ever way you’ve got to do it, bring your ass to me!! I want to meet you and play with you. I am thinking about doing a couple more shows tonight, we shall see. I will always announce my times on twitter for you. So make sure you’re following me at www.Twitter.com/CourtneyCummz for all of my updates throughout the day!

Unfortunately I do have more to do today than just play around. I have to register for my fall classes. Always a good time. Wink! Wink! I’m also getting some things together because I am going to Las Vegas tomorrow for the day. I have to go out there to shoot for Brazzers. Yay! Vegas Baby!! Too bad it’s always all work and no play. It’s ok I get to play in my own way. It’s going to be a long day though so I’ve got to get some good sleep. I’ve been asleep so early lately. It’s crazy to think about what I used to do. Oh to be young again…lol. Not like I’m that old. Oh Em Gee, did you guys see Sandra Bullock kiss Scarlette Johansen at the MTV awards? I was like ooohhh give her the tongue. I would have love to see Sandra strip her clothes off and rock her world right there. That would be a great porno. Do you think they’d be down? I think Sandra Bullock is amazing, I have always loved her. She can do anything she
wants. But I thought it was a sexy thing to do to get people off the subject of Jesse. I definitely thought it was great to put it on a make out session with two hot girls.

Well babies, I’ve got to run. Have a wonderful day and don’t forget to put that smile on your face!



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