Posted on 08-06-2010
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Hola my hot horny honeys. How are you all today? I am fabulous; I am feeling really good after my cam shows that I did yesterday for Naughty America. We had such a good day. It started perfectly because I had an awesome drive to San Diego. I was all by myself so I put my windows down and cranked the music. It felt so good to have my hair blowing around and being able to sing at the top of my lungs…. lol. Oh if you guys could hear me. He! He! Anyways, it was just a good time for me, I was even able to get a good chat in on the phone to my friends, so it really doesn’t get much better than that. When I got there parking was a bitch! Oh my, I had to roll my luggage all the way down the street to where I needed to enter. I thought that was a little crazy, but whateves. I did some really hot scenes. One of them I was in a nurse’s outfit, then I was in a naughty secretary outfit and I even did this cool party girl look where I changed my outfit a bunch of different times. I had so much fun because it is so interactive. I loved that the members were the ones choosing which outfits I would be getting into.

Naughty America is really doing some awesome things to their member site. I get to wear this blue tooth and talk directly to the moderator who is getting all of the feed back from you guys. They are able to tell me what you want when you want it. It is so awesome. I love the dirty boys that are on Naughty America’s site, they have no shame in their game. I can get so nasty with them and it’s awesome. I think it is really cool that I am able to give my babies two different sides of me. You are able to get me in different fantasies at Naughty but you can also see me in my intimates and personals at StreamMate.com. Stream Mate is my place to get personal with all of my very favorite men, and I’m able to keep it more personal because there aren’t nearly as many people on it. This can be your private time with me without a million viewers. Lately for StreamMate.com I have been filming with my boy toy. It has been a lot of fun having him
join me. I have been doing P.O.V shots so that you will only see his cock. He’s been popping loads all over my face and body and I just can’t get enough of it. I am really into it right now and am planning on doing stream mate cam shows full time. So make sure you go sign up at my site so that you can be a part of it with me. This is the best year for me yet, I’m doing what I want and I’m doing it how I want. I love being the boss bitch! Smile!

Right now it seems like all of my babies are really into my feet. I mean I know that I have cute feet and I love my little piggly wigglies but my cam shows have become about me tongue fucking my feet lately. I just love spitting and sucking all over them and it is what they want to see. I have gotten off by rubbing a guys cock with my feet. It was amazing. I love the sensation and the visual that goes with it. I can just feel the cock going into my pussy. I used to be kind of embarrassed about how sexual I am. I even had this guy tell me once that I came like a man. Really? I couldn’t believe he said that really. But whatever, I guess he thought that because; I cum really hard and I am really in tuned with my body and what gets me off. Ok welcome to the world of Courtney Cummz. I feel like I need another introduction. I love to Cumm; it actually says it in my name. Of course I have mastered the art of Cumming, I don’t care how it’s
happening or how I get it. It’s kind of funny because it’s like the word Trump it really means to outdo. Haha isn’t that just like Donald Trump, always trying to outdo. Ya know what I’m saying. My name says it all just like Donald Trumps name says it all.
I can’t help that I really enjoy having sex. And I also can’t help that I don’t mind sharing with you all how horny I am. Orgasms and sex are an everyday part of life. I think it is a lot of fun. I am truly a porn star that enjoys what she‘s doing. I got into the business because I love taking a good cock. Maybe not all girls have that same reason.

Which kind of brings me to another point. Babies, I hope you all know that porn will not be along forever if you don’t start supporting it. I know that everyone wants to get things for free however that’s not how the industry will stay alive. Do you know how much it costs to set up a shoot? I’ve got to find a location (pay for that location) find stars for the films, hair, make-up, wardrobe, directors, camera crews, editors, I mean etc, etc, etc. It’s crazy. You’ve just got to support the girls you like. Because in my opinion the companies will go out of business and all that will be left are the girls to fend for themselves. I have some die hard babies, ones that have been with me for years. I love them, they are amazing. Me personally I do all of this because it turns me on. I love thinking about turning you all on while I am fucking my brains out. I love that I can get to know so many of you persoanlly and actually help you
through your own sexual experiences. Come over to my page babies, www.CourtneyCummz.com is live and being run by the baddest boss bitch on the block. Mwah! Hehe!! No seriously you all guys will be so pleased with all of the freshness on my page. I could keep your dick hard for 6 months straight. Challenge me, I dare you. I want your hard dick to be all over me!

Well my loves, I hope you are making it a fabulous day! NO BODY else can do it for you!! Smile, I love you!



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