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Hello babies!! Another week has passed and it’s time for another FEATURE FRIDAY!! My special guest this week is the beautiful Mackenzee Pierce. She has become one of my favorite girls to work with and we have only done one scene together. Our first scene is on the new DIABOLIC DVD called GIRLS WILL BE GIRLS 6 that was released to retail this week.

I met Mackenzee through my twitter page. I love twitter because I can get to meet so many girls in the industry. I started the conversation by telling Mackenzee how much fun she is to work with. Normally I am an aggressive person sexually, but with her, I totally submitted. It was awesome the way she would swing me around and take charge. And I love the way she eats pussy. She said that she is normally a dominant person too. She liked the way would could play back and forth. She also loves the way I eat pussy too!! YUMMY! I told Mackenzee that her personality is lovely all together.

I then asked her how often she works out. She said, “Not as much as I wish I could. Once or twice a week.” She looks like she works out every day because she has an amazing body. She said that she tries to eat healthy every day, I asked her what her favorite food is. She loves salmon and sweet potatoes. She prepares her salmon with lemon, garlic and herbs. I asked Mackenzee if she cooks every night if she goes out to eat. She cooks dinner at least four times a week. She said that it helps to have a boyfriend who wishes to be a culinary chef.

When we worked together, Mackenzee told me on set that she was decorating her room in a plum color. I asked if she is Suzie Homemaker now since she and her boyfriend live together now. She said that she grew up in a real conservative family where her mom believed in cooking every meal and having dinner at home. She grew up learning how to do that. She enjoys it more because she has a boyfriend who will go out with her and pick out paint together or pick out a sofa together. He has good taste so it works out for the both of them. I said its like they are nesting. She said, kind of, but she doesn’t want kids for a long time.

Mackenzee was almost 19 when she got into the adult industry. She wasn’t fresh off of graduation. She is currently 22 years old. I said it was crazy that it took us that long to work together. She said, “I know, I heard about you when I first got into the business. Before you had your boobs done. I remember you winning the hottest girl in porn award. I thought I want to work with her because she is so pretty. Then you got your boobs, man!! Those are amazing!”

Talking about breasts, Mackenzee has some amazing breasts. She told me that the doctor over filled them. I love Mackenzee’s boobs. They are so big and luscious! I love sticking my face in between them and suck and nibble on them! I’m a little pervert, you know??? She said that she loves having big boobs. She thinks its a womanly thing. Whether they are fake or not as long as they are big and round and juicy, they are great! Her doctor specializes in extra large breast implants. Large are any implants of 800 cc’s or more. She had to sign a waiver and release to let her doctor overfill her breasts. Her breasts are silicone.

Mackenzee is a hardcore anal lover. I asked her who her first anal scene was with. She said her first anal scene was with Will Powers for Diabolic. Mackenzee did her first Double Penetration scene with Steve Holmes and Brian Sherwood.

Mackenzee now lives in San Diego with her boo. She loves living there, out of the porn world. She enjoys having a separate life. She doesn’t have to worry about running into another porn girl at the grocery store. She is very happy having her dogs and her boyfriend. Her dogs are Chiwawa/Terrier mixes that weigh 10 to 12 pounds. Tucker is four years old and Emma is a year and a half. I asked her if she noticed if many of her fans are animal lovers. She said that porn freaks do love animals.

Several of my twitter fans had questions for Mackenzee. Eli Hernandez asked, “What’s the best and worst experience you have had shooting a scene and will you have my babies?” Her worst experience was her first week in the business. She did not know who to trust and people took advantage of her. She didn’t get paid when she was suppose to for her first scene. Come to find out, that person does that all of the time. Her best experience was getting the cover of Hustler. Mackenzee set goals in her career. To get magazine covers, to be a successful feature dancer (something she takes very seriously), and winning Miss Burlesque World was very huge for her.

I also asked Mackenzee if she had anything to say to her fans. She replied, “I am going to be here for a while. I hope you guys continue watching all the dirty little things I do. I have fun. I really want them to know that for the most part, I really enjoy what I am doing. I like it when they are watching me or jerking off to me or watching it with their girlfriend or spouse.”

She hasn’t decided if she wants to do a website or not because of the amount of work involved. When I suggested that she could shoot content with her man at home or do cam shows, she said that her man isn’t in to it. He likes it when she has fun with it, but he stays away from it. He supports her and wants her to do this on her own and he does his own thing which is kind of nice.

I told Mackenzee that I am so happy that she is happy in every aspect of her life right now. I believe that Mackenzee Pierce will be a superstar in the adult business very soon. She is a hard worker, has her goals set, has a great head on her shoulders and is so beautiful!! You can check out Mackenzee on her twitter page, http://twitter.com/mackenzeepierce. I want to thank Mackenzee for taking the time for this interview. I also want to thank X-Rated News for posting my Feature Friday interviews each week. You can hear the audio interview with hundreds of sexy pictures of Mackenzee in the members area of www.CourtneyCummz.com.

I hope you babies have a wonderful weekend and come and see me dance tonight and tomorrow at La Boheme, 1443 Stout Street, Denver, Colorado. The showtimes are 10:00 PM and midngiht each night!!


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Hey babies, it’s a beautiful day! I hope yours has been going well also. I have been having such a blast today. I don’t know how I could really go wrong since I’ve been staying inside and playing with my pussy all day…lol. Isn’t that what every man says they would do if they had a pussy? I always hear them say they would never leave the house. And ya know what? I’m happy when I don’t have to. I love being able to work from home. I’ve done a couple of cam shows for StreamMate.com today. I get so turned on being able to masturbate with you all.

For those of you who have never joined me, you will have to cum check it out. Today I was a British Schoolgirl. I have so many babies from the UK that I thought it was appropriate to represent for them. I shot on my couch in my living room for about 20 minutes. I really love being able to give you guys the intimacy of my sacred space at home. The lighting was awesome and it really worked out well. My favorite part is the fact that I’m able to see all of your beautiful cocks while I’m playing with myself. They are such a great visual for me while I’m fantasizing. I’ll tell you what, my babies have been blessed with beautiful dicks that’s for sure. I’m like WHAT?? Lol. I’ve been wondering why they are online with me and not out banging some other hot chicks.

I love having privates with my boo’s too. Being able to cum with my babies is amazing, thank the lord for technology!! He! He!! When I play with all of the dicks as I put them down my throat I imagine that they are yours. How would you like me to suck on your cock? Do you guys find it easy to get off by getting head or no? I know I could make you cum with my mouth. Some guys “claim” they can’t. They had never met me…hehe!! My life is amazing, I can be at home with my doggies, and play with you guys all day. Have any of you been to one of my cam shows? How did you like it? Today I was having so much fun I stuck some fingers in my butt and put some cocks down my throat. I seriously can’t get enough. So babies cum on and hang out with me during the day if you aren’t doing anything. You’ll meet some really cool people too. Like my boy Kevin from Toronto or PJ from Jersery. Just two I can think of right now who are really
cool. We always have such a good time. You can watch my web cam shows for FREE if you’re a member of my website www.CourtneyCummz.com or you can pay per minute through www.StreamMate.com Which ever way you’ve got to do it, bring your ass to me!! I want to meet you and play with you. I am thinking about doing a couple more shows tonight, we shall see. I will always announce my times on twitter for you. So make sure you’re following me at www.Twitter.com/CourtneyCummz for all of my updates throughout the day!

Unfortunately I do have more to do today than just play around. I have to register for my fall classes. Always a good time. Wink! Wink! I’m also getting some things together because I am going to Las Vegas tomorrow for the day. I have to go out there to shoot for Brazzers. Yay! Vegas Baby!! Too bad it’s always all work and no play. It’s ok I get to play in my own way. It’s going to be a long day though so I’ve got to get some good sleep. I’ve been asleep so early lately. It’s crazy to think about what I used to do. Oh to be young again…lol. Not like I’m that old. Oh Em Gee, did you guys see Sandra Bullock kiss Scarlette Johansen at the MTV awards? I was like ooohhh give her the tongue. I would have love to see Sandra strip her clothes off and rock her world right there. That would be a great porno. Do you think they’d be down? I think Sandra Bullock is amazing, I have always loved her. She can do anything she
wants. But I thought it was a sexy thing to do to get people off the subject of Jesse. I definitely thought it was great to put it on a make out session with two hot girls.

Well babies, I’ve got to run. Have a wonderful day and don’t forget to put that smile on your face!



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Hola my hot horny honeys. How are you all today? I am fabulous; I am feeling really good after my cam shows that I did yesterday for Naughty America. We had such a good day. It started perfectly because I had an awesome drive to San Diego. I was all by myself so I put my windows down and cranked the music. It felt so good to have my hair blowing around and being able to sing at the top of my lungs…. lol. Oh if you guys could hear me. He! He! Anyways, it was just a good time for me, I was even able to get a good chat in on the phone to my friends, so it really doesn’t get much better than that. When I got there parking was a bitch! Oh my, I had to roll my luggage all the way down the street to where I needed to enter. I thought that was a little crazy, but whateves. I did some really hot scenes. One of them I was in a nurse’s outfit, then I was in a naughty secretary outfit and I even did this cool party girl look where I changed my outfit a bunch of different times. I had so much fun because it is so interactive. I loved that the members were the ones choosing which outfits I would be getting into.

Naughty America is really doing some awesome things to their member site. I get to wear this blue tooth and talk directly to the moderator who is getting all of the feed back from you guys. They are able to tell me what you want when you want it. It is so awesome. I love the dirty boys that are on Naughty America’s site, they have no shame in their game. I can get so nasty with them and it’s awesome. I think it is really cool that I am able to give my babies two different sides of me. You are able to get me in different fantasies at Naughty but you can also see me in my intimates and personals at StreamMate.com. Stream Mate is my place to get personal with all of my very favorite men, and I’m able to keep it more personal because there aren’t nearly as many people on it. This can be your private time with me without a million viewers. Lately for StreamMate.com I have been filming with my boy toy. It has been a lot of fun having him
join me. I have been doing P.O.V shots so that you will only see his cock. He’s been popping loads all over my face and body and I just can’t get enough of it. I am really into it right now and am planning on doing stream mate cam shows full time. So make sure you go sign up at my site so that you can be a part of it with me. This is the best year for me yet, I’m doing what I want and I’m doing it how I want. I love being the boss bitch! Smile!

Right now it seems like all of my babies are really into my feet. I mean I know that I have cute feet and I love my little piggly wigglies but my cam shows have become about me tongue fucking my feet lately. I just love spitting and sucking all over them and it is what they want to see. I have gotten off by rubbing a guys cock with my feet. It was amazing. I love the sensation and the visual that goes with it. I can just feel the cock going into my pussy. I used to be kind of embarrassed about how sexual I am. I even had this guy tell me once that I came like a man. Really? I couldn’t believe he said that really. But whatever, I guess he thought that because; I cum really hard and I am really in tuned with my body and what gets me off. Ok welcome to the world of Courtney Cummz. I feel like I need another introduction. I love to Cumm; it actually says it in my name. Of course I have mastered the art of Cumming, I don’t care how it’s
happening or how I get it. It’s kind of funny because it’s like the word Trump it really means to outdo. Haha isn’t that just like Donald Trump, always trying to outdo. Ya know what I’m saying. My name says it all just like Donald Trumps name says it all.
I can’t help that I really enjoy having sex. And I also can’t help that I don’t mind sharing with you all how horny I am. Orgasms and sex are an everyday part of life. I think it is a lot of fun. I am truly a porn star that enjoys what she‘s doing. I got into the business because I love taking a good cock. Maybe not all girls have that same reason.

Which kind of brings me to another point. Babies, I hope you all know that porn will not be along forever if you don’t start supporting it. I know that everyone wants to get things for free however that’s not how the industry will stay alive. Do you know how much it costs to set up a shoot? I’ve got to find a location (pay for that location) find stars for the films, hair, make-up, wardrobe, directors, camera crews, editors, I mean etc, etc, etc. It’s crazy. You’ve just got to support the girls you like. Because in my opinion the companies will go out of business and all that will be left are the girls to fend for themselves. I have some die hard babies, ones that have been with me for years. I love them, they are amazing. Me personally I do all of this because it turns me on. I love thinking about turning you all on while I am fucking my brains out. I love that I can get to know so many of you persoanlly and actually help you
through your own sexual experiences. Come over to my page babies, www.CourtneyCummz.com is live and being run by the baddest boss bitch on the block. Mwah! Hehe!! No seriously you all guys will be so pleased with all of the freshness on my page. I could keep your dick hard for 6 months straight. Challenge me, I dare you. I want your hard dick to be all over me!

Well my loves, I hope you are making it a fabulous day! NO BODY else can do it for you!! Smile, I love you!



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Posted on 06-06-2010
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What a freakin weekend babies!! Originally I was suppose to go to Vegas to do an event, but I had some issues at home and the next door neighbor’s house keeps getting raiding by the cops. I decided to stay at home. Consequently, everybody and their mother calls me to do shoots. I was just going to stay at home and do web cam shows all weekend. Friday morning, getting ready to cam, my agent calls and some chick flaked on one of my favorite directors.Yasenia. I went to the shoot instead of doing my cams at 10 AM. I went to the shoot in the hot sun for Naughty America. The scene is going to be called MY DAD’S HOT GIRLFRIEND. It was a good scene with the exception of Mikey F’N Budters biting my ass because he couldn’t keep his dick hard. It really pisses me off when guys in this business try to hurt you as a form of control. They try to dominate or overpower you. The scene does not call for it. I can’t help it if he can’t keep his dick hard. I will give him the benefit of the doubt because we were outside in the 90 degree sun. I understand he was struggling a little bit. Since he is an ass man, I put my ass in his face and he bit it. So Mikey Butders, FUCK YOU!!! You wanna be porn star. Since Mikey’s nut sack surgery, they don’t hang as low, but it may have hurt his cock performance.

After a long day of shooting, I came home and did a evening of cam shows for my babies and had so much fun. I didn’t realize how much fun I have doing cam shows. I am planning to do more cam shows this week. Be sure to check out my twitter page for when I will be broadcasting live from my bedroom.

Friday evening, Sunny Lane calls me up. She asked if I would be interested in working for her directorial debut called Strap-on Sunny. I said absolutely! I would love to be part of her movie. I got to work with one of the legends in the business, Miss Nina Hartley. Nina played a sex therapist who helped Sunny with her problem of having sex with girls. I also got to work with London Keyes and Charlie Lane. Its a five girl orgy,. plus a g/g/g with me, London and Charlie. Tom Byron is the producer with his cameraman, Craig. I was so excited that my close friend, Sunny would call me to be a part of her production. What a fabulous way to spend a Saturday afternoon, banging these hot bitches.

My Sunday Funday is consisting of chilling at the pool, barbecuing and writing my blog. Don’t forget tomorrow that I will be appearing on Naughty America Live!! I will be a secretary, nurse and a party girl. Here is the link. Don’t miss it. http://natour.naughtyamerica.com/track/MTAzNjU1LjQuOC44LjEuMC4wLjAuMA/live_chat/


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COURTNEY CUMMZ — “I am the dirtiest whore in the adult business!”

WHACK! Hi Courtney! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer our inane questions! We know you’re a busy broad. First of all, I kind of doubt there’s anyone out there in our degenerate readership who doesn’t know who you are, but just in case… could you just introduce yourself and give us some idea of what you do?

COURTNEY CUMMZ I’m a little innocent girl from West Virginia and I am not sure why I have been asked to be interviewed by WHACK! Magazine. WRONG!! I am the dirtiest whore in the adult business. I have been in the porn business for six years and I love it!! I love my fans who I call “my babies!” My ass is under contract through Zero Tolerance Entertainment. I can shoot for other companies as long as it’s not an anal scene. I have appeared in over 200 adult DVDs. Besides performing on camera, I am also a director. My new directing series for Third Degree Films is called “Courtney’s Fantasies.” It hits retail this week. It stars Phoenix Marie, Kagney Linn Karter, Tara Lynn Foxxx, Sara Sloane and yours truly. I have my own website, www.courtneycummz.com. One of my favorite things to do is to “masturtweet.” I am addicted to twitter and you can find me at twitter.com/CourtneyCummz. You can also find me at myspace.com/courtneycummzxxx
W! You’ve been in the industry for a pretty good amount of time now and you’re still one of the hottest stars in the biz! Congratulations on your success! You’ve probably been asked this a bazillion times, but what are your plans for the future these days? Hoping to stay in the industry or use your fashion degree? Or maybe combine them—do costumes and marketing for porn companies?

CC I know I have a limited time in front of the camera. That is why I am getting more involved in directing and doing more things behind the scenes. I am taking online college courses right now. I am getting my BS degree in Psychology and then getting a Masters Degree to be a Sex Therapist. I want to open my own practice and try to help people with their sexual problems in relationships.

W! You’ve said that you worked at a nudist resort in Florida before you got into porn. Can you tell us a bit about that? What was your job title and what was it like to work there?

CC I worked as a server at Caliente. I loved my time there and still go back to visit. I have so many friends there. I would basically serve food and drinks nude. Everyone else is nude there, so its no big deal.

W! Do you consider yourself a nudist? Or an exhibitionist? What’s the difference?

CC Exhibitionist wants to show themselves in public. Nudist find it natural to not wear clothing and go about your normal tasks of the day. I consider myself a nudist.

W! You started doing anal early in your career mainly because your agent said you had to or you wouldn’t work, but then you say you got in tune with your body and learned to love it. Do you think all women have the capacity to love anal as much? Should more women try DPs?

CC It all depends on the woman. Some women do not feel comfortable with anal sex and find it either unhealthy or that it hurts. I respect their opinion. I find that the older I get, the less anal sex I do unless it’s on camera.

W! Holy shit your first anal was with Peter North? Did it hurt? How did you make it through that scene??

CC Yes, Peter was my first anal. It hurt like hell! Don’t let anyone tell you different. Your first anal experience is not pleasant. I let my mind wander and I started thinking of other things. Not Peter North’s big fucking dick in my tight asshole.

W! You’re known for having real orgasms on camera with no problem, but many women can’t do that at all. If you had to name a percentage of women in porn who can come on camera, what number would you give? Do you think the squirters are really squirting?

CC I couldn’t give you a percentage because I cannot get into their head and tell if they are faking or not. To me, if you do not enjoy your job, why do it? I know I cannot squirt. I have seen many others that do including the queen squirter, Flower Tucci.

W! You’ve said it’s hard to have an out-of-industry relationship because of jealousy issues. Have you found anyone yet who can handle it?

CC I have found one that has potential! We will see. Easier to say that you have no problem with it until you are faced with it everyday when I go to work.

W! So you don’t do big gangbangs anymore, but as of the last stat I heard you were still work with up for four guys at a time. Does that require a lot of coordination? Can you also do things like walking/chewing gum? Rubbing your tummy/patting your head?

CC I prefer one-on-one sex because it’s easier to get into it. When you deal with more than one person, you have to worry about syncing up with both partners. I may be getting into the guy pounding my pussy and I’m about to cum and he takes his dick out to change positions with the other guy. So frustrating!!

W! As a woman with lots of experience with other women, on and off and behind the camera, what do you think about the state of girl-girl scenes today? Do you think most of them are good? Have you ever been in or directed a scene where one of the girls obviously wasn’t really into the other girl? Have you ever experienced one where one of the girls was wearing huge fake nails?

CC You do not see as many girl/girl scenes in the business today. If you look at Brazzers or Naughty America, how many girl/girl scenes are updated each week? The answer is very few to none. Some companies do produce girl/girl DVD series. I directed a series for Zero Tolerance called Pussy Cats. There is not as much demand for girl/girl because the majority of fans want to see hardcore sex between girls and boys. I have experienced when a guy is not into a girl too. With me, I try to find that one thing about the person I am having sex with that turns me on. That’s just me. If someone is paid to perform in this business, they need to take their job seriously and give the best effort in their scene. Most girls in the industry wear fake nails. One of the first things I look at when I am working with another girl is their mani’s and pedi’s.

W! You unabashedly love the adult industry. How has it helped you to get to know yourself both sexually and emotionally?

CC I doubt if I would have had a 13 guy blow bang in my personal life. I have tried many things sexually because of my job. I have found that I like to be in control. I love to be physical with sex. Sometimes, I would rather smell a girl’s perfume and taste their lip gloss. I have also found that I have to have close friends outside the industry that can keep me grounded and focused on what is important in life. I have been in the industry long enough where I can come home, relax and be myself instead of being in Courtney Cummz mode 24/7.

W! Would you advise young women these days to go into porn? Why or why not?

CC I tell them to make sure that this is something they want to do. You need to write down the pros and cons and see which side is better for you. The glamourous side to the industry is the sex, celebrity, travel and money. If you don’t like sex, or being recognized for what you do, or traveling or handling money, this is not your thing. I love fucking, taking advantage of my celebrity, traveling to different places and the money. It’s perfect for me.

W! Were you super sexual before you started doing porn? Did you get a lot of flak in high school for being so pretty?

CC I was a cheerleader in high school, but I also played sports and was more of a tomboy. I had plenty of sex before porn, but I didn’t like some of my relationships. I am looking forward to my class reunion so I can find out what people used to think of me in high school. Before, I didn’t really care what people thought.

W! According to AVN, the number of new releases took a dive this year as more studios are putting out features and parodies rather than gonzo scenes. Do you see more of a future in gonzo or features?

CC It’s easier to shoot gonzo and I am not sure how many people watching porn want a great storyline in their scene. I have done a couple of parodies this year; This Ain’t Curb Your Enthusiasm was one. I have never been known for my acting skills.

W! Do you think porn has gotten more acceptable in any way during your time in the industry? Have you seen any major changes in the industry?

CC I think porn will always be porn. It will be accepted by a few in the mainstream media, but will never be more popular than it is now. The biggest change in the industry is the delivery of porn with technology. Who would have though six years ago that I can watch porn on my telephone?

W! Any big projects/signings/dancing gigs/etc we should know about?

CC I will be dancing at La Boheme in Denver on June 18 and 19. I will also be dancing at Centerfolds Gold Club in Sacramento, CA on June 23-26. My newest DVD title is Courtney’s Fantasies. It just hit retail. The scenes are fantasies from my head. You know it must be perverted. The cast did a wonderful job! I just finished shooting a DVD that will be released in a couple of months called Seattle Swingers Party. It stars Syren De Mer and nine of her best swinger friends from the Seattle area. It was a hot shoot! Also look for a new DVD where I shot a scene with Mackenzee Pierce. It is the hottest girl/girl scene I have shot in a long time. She is fucking amazing! I love all my babies!! Have a hot summer!

—Interview cuntducted by cooze correspondent, Miss Lagsalot

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