Posted on 30-03-2010
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Good day babies. How are you all doing? I’m magnificent; I’ve had a great day. I shot for Brazzers earlier. It was such a good time once we got started. There was a major hold up because the director wasn’t happy with the set. We had to sit and wait for hours while they were fixing it. I got hornier and hornier as each second passed. You know how when you are so ready to get fucked that the wait is excruciating? At least it is for me. I’m always like ok ok let’s get it on already…lol. I just wanted some cock. I’m so bad aren’t I? Hehe!!
So what are all of your guys’ thoughts on Jesse James? This is like the Tiger Woods scandal all over again. And more girls keep coming forward. What do these guys think, that no one will find out? Lets get serious. People are so money hungry they will do anything and sell out anyone. It’s actually quiet sad.

Are any of you experiencing extra heat from your girlfriends? I definitely think that all of these men who keep getting caught cheating are making some women wonder, are all men cheaters? I know I hear a lot of girls asking this these days. I don’t necessarily think all men are cheaters. I do have faith that there are some good guys left in the world who don’t cheat but they are probably fewer and farther between. I think guys like Tiger Woods and Jesse James are just pushing the envelope. It’s like they want to see how far their stardom can take them. How much pussy can I get because I am Jesse James or Tiger Woods? It’s like they sit around and wonder whom else or what else can I buy? What is really sad about these situations are the families that get torn apart. I just heard this but did any of you know that there are actually certain states that allow you to sue the person who breaks up your marriage? Isn’t that kind of cool?
If I was married and some girl broke up my marriage I may seriously look into that. But on the other hand I just think it would make more women accountable for their actions.

If you thought you could get sued for having an affair with a married man or woman would you still do it? I just think that people might be a little more hesitant if they knew they could be slapped with a lawsuit instead of a whip….hehe!! Maybe I’m totally wrong, but could you imagine getting sued by the husband of a girl you were fucking? Say the guy won his lawsuit against you. And now you have to pay him $500,00.00 for breaking up his marriage. Could you imagine if that relationship with the girl ended and you were still stuck paying that judgment? That would be crazy right? Talk about the most expensive piece of pussy you’ve ever had right? Lol. I think it’s great. I would love to see people, women especially band together instead of always trying to tear each other apart. I do think though that if more people were walking around secure with themselves they wouldn’t behave like this. I really think cheating is wrong. I am
definitely that loyal friend who thinks that your friend’s guys are off limits.

It’s just how I have always been. I don’t play with my friends toys, and I expect that they don’t play with mine either. You know what I’m saying babies? What do you all think about it? I know I have so many male readers so I can’t wait to hear your opinions. Did you guys like all of the tattoos that girl had? I couldn’t believe the one she has on her forehead. I bet that one hurt. Tats or no tats she was hot. I just wish she wouldn’t be a home wrecker. I have a hard time respecting people like that!
Well babies in closing I wanted to remind you all. If I’ve said it once I have said it a thousand times. If you have a lot to lose by cheating on your significant other, that you probably shouldn’t do it. But if you are going to do it anyway than HIRE A PROFESSIONAL. But I do hope that all of you are good to your partners. I always think that it’s funny that these guys are out trying to make other women happy when they aren’t even doing a good job keeping their wife or their girlfriend happy. There is a saying and I think it is very true. “Happy wife, Happy Life” I think it’s a great motto, and I really think it’s true! Reverend Run posted on twitter today, “If you’re entrusted with a GOOD woman’s heart than fragile handle with care. Women would rather be dumped than cheated on. I couldn’t agree more! Well life is funny babies. A ton of little puzzle pieces that you are trying to put together. Enjoy your day! Smile!
I love you!



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