Posted on 15-03-2010
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Hey babies, how are you? I’m so good. I have totally been slacking on my blogging and I’m so sorry. Somebody come spank my ass into gear. Can I get a couple of volunteers? I’m still twittering so if I’m not blogging you can still keep up with me on their @CourtneyCummz. But anyways, what’s been going on with you all? I have just got back from New York and DC. It was an absolute blast. In DC I ate some good food and went to a hockey game. It was awesome. New York was great too, it always is though! Let’s here it for New York, New York, New York!! I’ve just been chillin since getting home. I’ve been chilling with my doggies and my roomie just watching movies and lounging. It’s been so nice. Oh my god babies, I watched Precious last night. Have any of you seen it yet? If you haven’t you might not want to read any further there may be some spoiler alerts ahead. If you have seen it, what did you think?
I thought it was sick. Don’t get me wrong I think it was a good movie, but it was almost too sick to watch. I felt so badly for her. What really got me was how real life it really was. The things that were happening to Precious happen to girls all over the world every day. And it breaks my heart. I couldn’t believe that Mariah Carey looked the way she did. My roomie was like that’s Mariah Carey and I was like no way, no it’s not. It’s crazy to see her so dressed down. Monique put on a great performance I thought too.
Finding out that her father was the father of her children was just disgusting to me. It was really hard for me to watch those scenes. And then that she had to find out that she had HIV was just the topper. How much worse could it get for the poor girl? What I really thought was cool out the movie was that she always kept her dream in her head and her heart. It was like she was keeping the faith that one day she would live a different life that would make her feel good, pretty, and happy. She had those flashes when her father was raping her and I feel like they are what got her through it. I loved how she had that crush on her teacher. She was ready to throw down with the boys over her man. Haha. It was awesome! To me though watching that was just re-affirming how important it is to hold on the happiest and best thoughts/images you have in your head. We should think about things that make us happy more often and not even just when things are
going wrong. But I think when things are going wrong; you have to think of those “good things” even more. So that part of the story was really deep and important.

It’s almost like the comparison of the soldier in the army with a baby to come home too. A lot of time for those soldiers it is there loved ones or a new child or even an older child, that give them the strength to go on. The pure and positive energy they send out from focusing on them is so much more helpful than just thinking about the negative situation they are in at the moment. I bet there are a lot of soldiers that give their word to their wives that they will come back ok. It’s almost like that promise and bond is SO strong that you make sure you fulfill it. Any of my military guys, did you guys do this with your friends and family?
So tell me babies, what did you think of the movie? You know I love your opinions too, so make sure you leave it! Smile! So were are all of my Hoosiers at? I will be at Muncie Gras next Saturday in Muncie, Indiana so you guys should cum out to see me if you are around there. Who’s gonna give me a spanking and ask me “Hoosier Daddy??” lol… I’d really love that saying on a t-shirt…haha!! I love the Midwesterners they are so cool, so make sure you cum out and show me you support, I’d love to see you all!!

Well babies, I’m gonna go. I think I may go rub one out real quick. I’m feeling kinda horny. Make sure you rub one out today too, and of course think of me! I love ya babies, make it a great day today okay!! Big love to you all



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