Posted on 25-02-2010
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Hey my babies. I hope you all are having an awesome day. I wanted to thank all of you who left your advice on my last blog. You all had really good points and insight. I talked to my girl earlier and she was doing better. She told me that her boyfriend had apologized to her and told her that he would do anything to help her out. So that was good. I was happy to hear that. She also wanted to me to thank you guys from her. She read the comments too and was glad that most of you agreed that he could have handled it better. I think girls like to get that other opinion from a man, to look at the situation from another point of view, and then analyze to make sure we are in the “right’ lol. You guys are great, always there for me when I need ya!! How did I ever get so lucky??
So guess what babes? I have been working on becoming my OWN Webmaster. I’m super pumped! I think when girls get in the business they just use referrals to get a good webmasters because it’s the easiest way to go. Usually most girls don’t know anything about the techi side of maintaining our sites so they are really helpful. But now that I have been in the business for a while I think it is time to do it myself. My webmasters have been so great but I’m excited to be off on my own. Let me tell you though, I’ve got a lot to learn…haha! But hey if I’m not still learning I might as well be dead right? I really love learning new things so I look forward to the challenge.
I’m excited about my work today! I’ll be in N. Hollywood shooting for Hustler. I love Hustler; I’ve been working with them for such a long time but haven’t shot for them in a while. It’s going to be great, we are doing a Curb Your Enthusiasm parody so I think it will be a lot of fun. Did I mention that I get to take a big black cock in my pussy? I am so horny today so he better give it to me good! God, I LOVE MY JOB!!
Tell me babies who would you rather be for the day? Larry Flynt or Hugh Hefner? They are so similar yet so different. Larry was really a pioneer in the porn industry. If it hadn’t been for him the porn world wouldn’t be able to be what it is today. So big ups to Larry for that. I have met him before and totally respect what he has built for himself. Hugh Hefner has really kind of changed what playboy used to be about. They are so much more mainstream now. Both ways obviously work out well, and they are both huge names. So who would you guys rather be for the day and why?

I heard that Hugh is looking for a new girlfriend. Maybe I should get introduced…lol. I love what he has done with the open relationship. I think it’s great! He’s kind of like a non-religious polygamist. What is the difference between Big Love and The Girls Next Door? Not much really…lol. Maybe fewer kids…haha. And Hugh doesn’t have to run from house to house, she’s got his girls all under one roof. What do you guys think about that? Do you think you could handle having 3 girlfriends that you had to keep happy? Shit, I know some guys who can’t even keep the one they have happy, let alone 3 of them….lol. I could get used to the thought of having 3 husbands. Maybe I would through a girlfriend in there two. Why stop at 3 if you’d like to have 4. What do you guys think about it? Can ya handle it? That’s 3 girls nagging instead of one. Haha!

Well babies, I have got to get up soon and start getting ready for my day! But I wanted to pop back in and say hi! I’m trying to get back into the swing of things with my blogs. There are sort of therapeutic for me also. It gives me a good chance to think about my days. I usually just update you guys on what I am up to or where I’m going. But I do have to think about my day and what parts of it I should tell you about. So I don’t want to fill you guys up with BS or negative stuff. I feel like the world is filled with enough of that. So I’m really able to look at my life and think, what awesome things are happening today that I can share with my babies? That’s when I’m able to look at all the good things that are going on. Don’t get me wrong; you know I’ve got to vent sometimes…lol. And I love that we can talk about “touchy subjects.” You all are the best, and I love ya! Have a wonderful day babies.



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