Posted on 24-02-2010
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Hey hey hey!! Where are all of my horny honeys at? How are you guys doing today? I hope your all having an awesome day and have rubbed one out to me at CourtneyCummz.com. He!he! I’m bad aren’t I? Lol. I can’t help it babies my mind is always in the gutter. It’s been a totally rainy and nasty out today. I have never seen so much rain in LA as I’ve seen this winter. It’s been crazy, but you guys know I like it wet, so it’s all right by me!! Wink! Wink! It’s days like today I wish I could stay in bed and snuggle up with a special someone. Ya know what I’m saying?

Oh babies, I totally wanted to get some of YOUR advice about this subject. My girlfriend called me this morning and was so upset. She has been dating this guy for a couple of months now, and she found herself having a pregnancy scare. She brought it up to him and he totally freaked out. Now just to catch you up, although she has only been dating him for a short time, they have still known each other for years. They definitely had a friendship first so it was much easier for the two of them to move into a serious relationship fairly quickly. Well she told me that when she mentioned that she was a little worried about being pregnant that her man totally freaked out and told her she was going to need to take care of it. I felt so bad for her. I’m not for certain but I’m pretty sure that that’s not what a girl wants to hear when she tells her man something like this. She told me that even if she was pregnant that she really wasn’t ready to
have a baby. So it’s not like she’s trying to trap him or anything. She’s not ready yet either. However, I think it scared her a little bit to be in a relationship with a guy who would act like that with such a serious subject.

Now guys what do you think? I told her I was going to get some male opinions on this so make sure you leave your thoughts. Has anything like this every happened to any of you? I totally understand that the P word is a pretty touchy subject to most guys especially when the relationship is fresh. But guys do you always want to run when you hear this word? Would you be freaked out if a girl you had only been dating for a couple of months told you that she may be preggo? And do guys think it is really just that easy for a woman to go “get rid of it” or “take care of it” as some say? Sometimes I think these days that too many people choose to use abortions as a form of birth control and in my opinion I think it’s totally wrong. If you have been using birth control and still get pregnant than that is one thing, but if your not using anything you should never be able to just go have abortion after abortion. Babies, I hope that if this ever
happens to you that you are a little more sensitive to the girl who just told you. I’m sure it’s not an easy thing to go through.
When is the right time to have kids babies? Is there ever a time that is right? I guess sometimes people do plan together on having kids, and others just deal with the “surprise pregnancy.” I’m curious as to how this affects you all as men. What is your thought process on it? Is it hesitation because you are not sure if the girl is the right one? Or is it hesitation because you don’t feel financially secure enough to have a child? I figure it has to be one or the other.

I tried to explain to her that her boyfriend was probably just a little taken back or caught off guard by the whole conversation, but I could tell that her feelings were just really hurt. She thinks that she has this great guy who may potentially be her life long partner and then he starts trippin over something like this. I asked her if they had ever had a discussion about children before and she told me that they had. She said they both were wanting kids in the future, but not right now. I guess that’s why I was surprised with his response. If they do eventually want to have a child together one day, why would he freak out so badly over a pregnancy scare?

So babies, I’m not a guy so I thought the next best thing was to bring this up to all of you! You all pretty much represent most of the men in the world because I have fans from all over. So please help my girl and me out and give us some answers. Let us into the wonderful, mysterious mind of a man! I really appreciate your advice on this one!!

Have a fantastic day babies. Make it as great as you can and try to keep a smile on that face today, it’s Hump Day after all!

Love you boo’s


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