Posted on 09-02-2010
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Hey my SEX-E babies! Today might as well be Botox Beauty Tuesday because the botox I got yesterday has effed my face up! Big time! Oh my goodness let me tell you! Boys we as girls always like to keep up our appearances. Whether it is by highlighting or coloring our hair, using make-up, or some people getting botox, lip injections, or face-lifts. Whatever the case may be we do this to keep up our appearances. We are always trying to hold on to our youthful look especially us women. So a couple of years ago I decided to give botox a try. I basically to it so that I can keep my face from making more wrinkles. What it does is numbs my muscles in my face so that it can’t be as expressive. I am trying to keep from more wrinkles appearing, so this is basically preventative. Well this time I got majorly bruised all over my eye. It seriously looks like I got hit in the face. I did it to look better for work, and it’s ended up keeping me from working. How do you all feel about Botox? Is it something you would ever try? How would you feel if your girl came to you and said that she wanted to get some work done? Would you be ok with a little botox here and there? Would you be ok with getting other facial work done? What about if she wanted to get a boob job? I always love hearing guy’s opinions on these kinds of things. It’s funny because I think sometimes that if we wouldn’t even bring it up that most guys wouldn’t even notice a little botox here and there.
I don’t know why I have been having so many crazy travel stories lately. But today I went to leave to go to Vegas to shoot. I tried to show them how my face looked before I left so I could know if they wanted to continue on with the shoot. Well I never heard back so I figured it was business as usual. I was up at 5 am, got ready and headed to the airport. I checked my bag, and went through the security check all to sit down and find out that they wanted to cancel my shoot. OMG. I was like for real? I couldn’t believe it, I had to go to the front desk, explain that I wasn’t getting on the plane and then wait for them to locate and give me my bag back! Wow! All because I was trying to look extra good for my shoots. Now Zero Tolerance is coming by to see if I will look ok to shoot tomorrow. I better be ok by then, I was really looking forward to taking a big cock in my ass! I’m so muther effin horny babies I really need some good dick! So needless to say I’m a little annoyed at these bruises. I don’t have anytime to kill because I am leaving tomorrow night again for a couple of days. I have been so busy lately, but it is all good. I just wish I didn’t have set backs like this!

Babies make sure you come out and see me in Hollywood on February 27th! I’ll be at the Busy B in Hollywood. Please please please cum and show me your support. The Busy B is one of my favorite stores owned by my girl Beatrice. She designs and makes so many of my hot ass outfits that I wear. She’s really cool and I love and appreciate her. So me and my girl Sophie D will be there signing our videos/posters and taking pictures, make sure you bring your cocks up there to say hello! If ya’ll aren’t familiar with Sophie she has a body kind of like mine but she has red hair. She’s bangin and super sexy, I know you all will like her.
Babies you would be so proud of me. I have been working out like 4 days a week, and I’ve really been watching what I’ve been eating. I love working out and eating right, it really makes my body feel good. I wish I could be this motivated even without a personal trainer. I’ve gotta keep this body tight and looking right ya know what I’m saying. Have any of you made working out or eating better New Years Resolutions for yourselves? How is it going? Have you made any progress toward your goal and if so what kinds of progress have you made thus far?

Babies, Valentines Day is right around the corner do any of you have plans? I will be getting back home from my trip on Vday but I’m really excited because my boo is coming to town to see me! Yay! We are going to have so much fun while he is here! He’s so cute and silly always sending me cute little videos of himself. I love it! I like when guys are sweet and thoughtful and romantic! Seriously the way to a girl’s heart!
Well my love bugs, I’m going to get going. If I’m going to make it to the gym and get everything that I need to get done, done, than I’ve got to get this rump in gear! I love you all thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read up about me! Have a fabulous day babes!



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