Posted on 03-02-2010
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Hey babies! It’s my Freaky Week Rewind coming at you a little late…lol. I hope you’re all having an awesome week. Mine life has been crazy busy. Can you say frequent flier miles? Let me tell you how the beginning of my trip started. I went to D.C. for a couple of days. Omg when I went to leave we had a crazy bumpy flight only to get to New York and not be able to land. Our pilot flew us around the city for 2 hours before deciding to bring us back to D.C. I was like are you kidding me? How could they not land us somewhere closer to New York? There was a Hindu woman sitting in the seat next to me who was praying so much it was actually making me more nervous. And that never happens. Usually praying makes me feel so much better, and while I was talking to myself I was. But watching this woman pray was seriously freaking me out. I just wanted to tell her; “Lady chill out it’s not my time to go yet” I couldn’t get off that plane
fast enough.
Bizzy B
Being in D.C. was awesome. I have a few friends from my childhood that I still talk to from that area so it was awesome catching up with them. I have even started talking and kicking it with a guy from my past/childhood. It has been such a breath of fresh air for me. He doesn’t even really know the porn star side of me because he knew me way before I ever got into porn. We already have a history so that’s cool. Obviously he knows that I do porn, but it’s not at all the first topic of our conversation, which I love! Reconnecting with him has really made me realize how much I enjoy and missed having a close intimate relationship/partner. It’s been awesome catching back up with him and it just feels so comfortable. So that’s really cool. Keep your fingers crossed that it works out K…lol.

Anyways babies, do any of you have a hard time sticking to your diet when you’re traveling? Forget working out I never do it at a hotel. And oh my goodness, I ate like crap while I was gone, drank so much soda, etc. I can’t even tell you how many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches I ate while in New York…. lol. Instead of ordering room service all the time like I usually do, I decided to order off of delivery.com for my food/snacks. It was cool and way less expensive than what I usually spend eating room service all the time…lol. Imagine that! Smile! Not to mention I love online shopping and I really think that anything that can cut some time off of my day is a great thing for me. Or is this how I justify my love for online shopping? By saying how it helps with my time management..lol. Whatever. This week I did at least get back into the gym. I just went for 2 hours and it felt so good. I did the treadmill for 30 minutes and then the
elliptical for another 20. It was great, I got all hot and sweaty and really felt like I got a good workout in. Normally I never sweat so when I work out I don’t feel like I got a good work out unless I sweat, so basically I was like yes, mission accomplished. You know what else? It really helps knowing that I can’t flake on my trainer or I will have to pay her ass anyways, so it’s really a great motivator for me!
Oooh babies did I tell you that I was getting some of my iphone app business taken care of in New York? I’m really excited about it because for 1. It’s really hard to get an app in the adult entertainment industry but 2. I know there are some girls who have them already, but mine are going to be totally different than what they have, which I’m really pumped about. I am always trying to figure out different ways to diversify myself in this business. I’ve gotta be able to make that money even without being in front of a camera all of the time. You know what I’m saying? I’ve gotta stay GRINDING! I am all about being smart with my money right now. I am watching where all of my pennies and dollars are going and it is really making a difference. You know it will never matter how much money someone makes in a year, what really matters is how much of that money they keep. Why is it that some people feel like money will solve their problems
but people don’t end up keeping it when they get it? They get some and try to figure out what they can go buy with it? I don’t get it. So not that I’m not smart with my money, but I can always get smarter or just watch where it’s going a little bit better. It will all be so worth the effort I’m putting into it now! I hope your all being smart with your money these days. Make sure you are taking care of you and yours! Ya know? Pay yourself first before you pay your bills any little bit will help.

Well I hope you all have a dirty nasty week filled with lots of fun and cum! Make your favorite dirty girl proud! Wink! Wink!



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