Posted on 25-01-2010
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Go away Monday! Babies, craziest Monday ever! Seriously, I went to leave D.C today and everything was going as planned. I boarded the plane and took off as planned until we got close to JFK airport and they wouldn’t let us land. So we literally circled around New York for 2 hours trying to land our plane. Apparently the weather was too bad to have us land so we did circles for hours. Eventually we were getting close to running out of gas so we had to turn around and go back to D.C. I’m thinking to myself, are you kidding me? Take us to Newark or somewhere else, but please drop me in or near New York. Oh and let me tell you I was freaking out, I’ve never been on such a bumpy flight in my life. We were going up and down, and the plane was shaking terribly. The lady sitting in the seat next to me was praying an Indian prayer. I was so scared! We finally landed back in D.C. and they asked if anyone wanted to get off here. I was like GET ME OFF OF THIS PLANE! I didn’t care that we weren’t even at the airport that we had left from; all I knew was that I was putting my two feet back onto the ground…lol. I had to take a shuttle to get back near the other airport and my hotel. All I knew was that my hommies live here and I’d rather be here with them than flying in circles in a shaky plane.
So now I’m here back at my hotel. I’ve had such a blast in D.C. I hung out with the super sexy Roxy Reynolds. We had such a good time just chillin and drinking and catching up with our girly talk. It was cool because we both usually have so many people with us when we do things that we never get to really just chill and talk. So catching up with my girl was nice, I was able to give her her birthday present and she gave me mine, so that was cool, because we both have birthdays in December. Better late than never right? Lol. I’ve done a lot of chillin with my friends since I’ve been here. I got to meet up with my girl Tiff and a couple guy friends I haven’t seen in a while. I love seeing them; they bring back so many good memories. Sad ones too because the two guys were really close with my ex-boyfriend who passed away. So seeing them has been crazy. I don’t think they wanted to see me for a while because I reminded them of my ex. It’s hard for us all! I’m just trying to stay focused on the good times we all had. That helps us all get through it!
My girl and my boys are wanting to chill again tonight since I’ve had a little change in my traveling plans. They are on their way back out this way so we can go out and get some drinks. I really wish they would just come to my hotel and chill with me at my hotel bar, but Tiff isn’t feeling it! She wants to go out and drink so I’m hoping we aren’t going to a bar. I would really just rather chill at a restaurant or something a little more DL. Ya know what I’m saying? I’ve had a wild weekend in clubs and just want to chill a little bit. It’s been a crazy weekend. You know what I love though? Hearing my friends talk, it feels like home. They have such a twang it is so cute and brings me back!

Well babies, say a prayer that I get out of here tomorrow. I booked my next flight to leave around 3 so lets hope the shitty weather in New York has cleared up by then. I guess I should get up and start getting ready before my friend gets here to get me. I am in sweatpants and would really love to just go out in these…lol. Would you guys still think I was sexy if you came to pick me up and I was in my sweats? I’ll bet you though that I could make you sweat in my pants…haha! Well babies, I hope that you guys had a good weekend! And I definitely hope that you had a better Monday than I did. Have you guys ever had any crazy flight experiences? I think this one might top my charts, and I’ve had some crazy experiences. What kinds of things have happened to you guys during your travels? Lets see if you can top mine? Smile! Well babies, that’s all for now. Like I said I’ve really got to get up and start getting ready! Holla at me



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