Posted on 21-01-2010
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IMG_47792gslwdgcourtney cummz_aee 2010_ppd_emmreport_10281Hey babies, what’s poppin? I have had quite the time here in San Diego the past couple of days! I wasn’t able to blog yesterday, sorry! The day for me was for shit! I had so many annoyances and BS to deal with that I just wanted to go home put the covers over my head and start over! Haha! Do you guys ever have days like these? Ridiculous! But I’m feeling better today. I came out here to get some work done, but I had to cancel one of my shoots yesterday! It sucks but what are ya going to do! I just shot for a website and did a cougar video though. It’s funny because they didn’t want “real cougars” like 40+ they wanted girls in their later 20’s. It was cool. It was hot playing a cougar…lol.
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I’m having so much fun directing these movies. I can’t wait until you all can see them. I didn’t really tell you about the one I did with Ashli Orion the other day. It was so hot! She played a girl who was having a party and invites a hypnotist over to entertain her guests. He is a professional hypnotist and magician. She invites him to her home to discuss the expectations of the party. She wants him to hypnotize her best friend at the party to find out juicy details of her sex life. Lol. She tells him thanks for coming over, I’m excited to have you meet my friends and entertain them at my party. She realizes she thinks that the hypnotist is an attractive man and she is attracted to him spiritually. He tells her that he’s looking forward to the party and asks if there is anything special she has in mind? She tells him she has a friend whom she wants to hypnotize to find out her sex secrets. She has always wondered if her friend had slept with her boss. He is startled by the request but fascinated by her curiosity.
She asks the hypnotist to show her how he would hypnotize her friend. So he pulls out an old watch from his pocket and asks her to relax and focus on the watch. She zones out and her fantasies begin. She hears a voice asking her to wake up. She apologizes and says she must have dozed off. She says, did I tell you how handsome you are? He has a shit-eating grin on his face. He tells her that he will need her to focus on an object so he can hypnotize her. Winking! She tells him why don’t you take out your cock and focus on that. She starts to suck his dick and they begin to fuck. He puts it in her ass and then gives her a pop shot on her tits. After her cum on her she hears fingers snap and wakes up. Her heart is pounding a million beats a second but she’s puzzled. He says, that’s how I would hypnotize your friend and have her talk about her sex life at the party while winking. She sits and wonders if what she imagined was real or not. It was awesome. We had such a good time shooting it, and I hope you all love to cum to it! Wink! Wink!

Well my Cali babies, you better bring your foxy asses up to Déjà vu Love Boutique tonight. Here’s the addy, 2130 Industrial Ct. Vista, Ca 92081. Cum give me some lovin’ seriously I could use it after the past couple of days! I’m leaving tonight to go back home, I’ve got to get myself ready for D.C tomorrow. Everyday I’m hustling everyday I’m hustling, everyday I’m everyday I’m everyday I’m hustling!! Oh babies, did I tell you that I am creating an iphone app? Do you guys have any ideas as to what I should call it? I have had a couple of ideas for names, but all of them are taken. So I’ve got to get the creative juices flowing to get something else. Ideas are greatly appreciated! Would you guys download it? What kinds of things would you like to see? I love your feedback on this kind of stuff, so make sure you leave it! Also don’t forget to send your questions to CourtneyCummz4u@gmail.com and I will answer them on my weekly recap blog.

Well babies, I’ve got to get up and start getting ready to see your foxy asses! I hope you’re all having a good day! If your not, go rub one out, that should help a little! And remember to smile!



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