Posted on 19-01-2010
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photo17Hey my sexy loves! Its Trashy Tuesday babies, are you keeping it nasty with me? You know I am, I’ve been shooting a couple of hotties all day! I just absolutely love my job. I get to shoot sex for a living! Does it really get much hotter than that? Can you imagine getting wet while doing something for your job? Lol. Sometimes while I’m in Director mode, I just want to jump in there and start banging the talent I’m directing. I use all the self-control I have! Lol. You know I’m a nymphomaniac. So today I got to watch Tara Lynn Fox and her sexy juicy ass get banged by Dane Cross, I was so wet it was unbelievable. She has such an amazing booty on her; I just wanted to bite it! She has a very natural girl next-door look to her. She’s blonde with blue eyes and is pretty petite, about 5’4. She’s got beautiful natural a/b cup boobies! In the scene Tara plays a girl named Regina who is moving her dresser into her upstairs bedroom. She calls her neighbor Billy to ask for his help. He comes over and sees that he may need some help. But she promises to help. Billy loses grip and is lying on the stairs holding the dresser. Tara notices how huge his cock is while looking at his shorts. She goes to call for help and sits in the chair thinking of Billy lying on the steps with his huge cock. She rubs herself and starts daydreaming. She walks over to Billy and asks what she can do to help. He asks her how long until the help arrives. She says 30 minutes. Billy says fuck that come over here and suck my cock while I hold this furniture up. She’s like are you serious? He said yeah and it better be the best blowjob I’ve ever had. Tara pulls his pants down lusting after his cock. They continue to go at it; he bangs her in her juicy ass. His legs are shaking and he begins to let the dresser go, Regina hears the doorbell and she realizes she’s been fantasizing. So hot babies, you will love to watch this one!
Ashli Orion shot for me today also; her scene was wicked hot too! Ashli’s scene was awesome it was a hypnotist scene. It turned out really well also. We really had such a great time shooting today. Even though everyone in LA is so grouchy because of the rain, we aren’t letting it get us down. We are in the greatest mood, getting shit done! I actually heard thunder today. This is the first time ever since living in LA. Pure craziness I swear. Babies do I really look like that much of a stuck up bitch? I have to ask you guys because I know you will be honest with me. I can’t even begin to count how many times I have heard that it is surprising that I am as nice and sweet as I am. Babies, what’s the deal? What does that even mean? Are girls usually that bitchy to you? I’ve been told this so many times it is making me wonder what other girls act like? Do I seem unapproachable? And if so, why? I want to know. I feel like I am a nice person, or at least I try to be. I am quick to flash a smile at someone especially if they look like they are having a bad day! So for those reasons I don’t understand why people are so surprised that I am for the most part a nice person.
I got a lot of my running around done this morning before I started shooting, so that was helpful. I am going to San Diego tomorrow to shoot with Naughty America, so that should be a good time. It’s going to be an awesome day because after I shoot with NA, I’m going over to Déjà vu with Evan Stone to do a signing. This should be interesting; it’s my first time ever doing a signing with a guy. So babies, if you’re near San Diego cum out and see me! I’ll be there for 2 days; I’m totally pumped about it! I went and picked up all of my posters and pics for my signing so I should have plenty for those of you who cum out and get one! Call in sick or take a personal day, whatever you’ve gotta do to get your foxy asses out there, I’ll be waiting for you! Smile!
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So boos, keep sending in your questions that you have for me, remember NOTHING is off limits. You can ask me whatever; some of the questions you’ve sent in already are awesome. You can find the answers on my weekly recap blog and at www.Genesisonline.com they are going to be featuring my weekly recap blog on their website, so that’s pretty cool. There are so many great things going on in my life right now! I’m so excited for all that 2010 has brought me so far, I know it is just going to get better and better. Ask yourselves that real quick babies. Is 2010 going to get better and better for me? If you answer isn’t yes, I can tell you that you probably won’t be in much different of a spot at the end of 2010. Life is going to be what you think and make it. You have the power in you to create it what you want it to be. So when asked how 2010 is for you if you don’t like your answer it is up to you to change what you think about it now! It might feel weird to say it’s great when it hasn’t been, but the sooner you say great, the sooner you will have something great coming into it. But if you never say great than more than likely you may be waiting for a while to see something good! So start declaring it now, tell me what kind of year it is going to be for you guys. I want to know what kinds of things you want and plan on making happen for you this year. Lets get going babies, make your life the way you want it, no one else will do it for you!

Be sure to check out my new scene today on brazzers.com called “Plumbers Cleavage.”
Make it a fabulous day babies, I love love love you all!

About to sit down and do my homework on my computer boos!!


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