Posted on 15-01-2010
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Hey my babies, how are we today? Hooray for Friday! I love Fridays, everyone starts to get in relax mode and that’s a good thing! Smile! So today being Friday, I’m going to introduce you a veteran in the Industry and she is still as hot as ever! Her name is Lisa Ann and she played Sarah Palin. She looked so hot dressed up like her too! Our interview was kind of shorter than usual because she was at a bar. She told me that she was sitting there staring at the ocean; she said it was so beautiful. She had just gotten done getting her hair did! Lol. I was wondering if she had extensions, but she said that her hair was all-real, she just got some color and a trim. I was curious how long she has been in the business for, because she is very established in our industry. She said 17 years. I think that’s really awesome. I asked her if she had any pointers for me. She said the one pointer she gives everyone is to stay consistent. Keep how you look consistent, how you shop, and take care of yourself. If you stay consistent with everything you do it will get you everywhere.
I was curious how Lisa got into the Talent Agency side of the business so I asked her how she got started? She said that she started working as an agent in another office and really enjoyed it. However she wanted to start something different but still wanted to be an agent. So she decided to start up her own agency. I told her that I love having her as my agent (because she is) because I am so pro women that I love to have an agency that is run by a woman who is actually in the business too. She has a level of understanding that other agents will never have because they have never walked in our shoes. I was curious what a day in the life of Lisa Ann the agent consists of so I asked her what a typical day for her is like. She said that she usually spends some time looking online for new talent, and then she helps her new existing talent with their PR. Explaining who to meet with and go to that will help advance their careers and take care of everything. Make sure that AIM test are checked daily and then there is the babysitting shooting info work like checking Id’s. I asked her if she ever considered helping girls out by teaching them and helping them set up IRA’s for themselves? She said that she has had certain people that have come to her and expressed their interest in money management and their thoughts on it. She said that she usually waits for the talent to come to her instead of trying to figure out who is serious about it and who isn’t. She told me a story of a guy in the business that she has helped show how to buy a house as well as put away some money to take care of his future. I think that’s awesome!
I had to ask her if she would ever consider dying her hair blonde? Lol. She said no, what she has is all natural and even has a gray streak going through it. My last question for Lisa Ann was how she liked playing Sarah Palin? She told me that she loved it. She is really glad that she made such a big come back, she had a lot of fun with it. I bet she did, all the men loved them some Sarah Palin. Lol. You can see more of Lisa Ann at her website www.LisaAnn.com or on twitter at Twitter.com/thereallisaAnn. Make sure you all check her out, she’s awesome.
I love the Feature Friday segment of my blog and website. It really gives me an opportunity to get to know the girls in the business a little better on a more personal level. I hope you all enjoy it as well. What are you all getting into this weekend? I’m off to Vegas again today! Grinding babies! I am always on that hustle can you keep up with me? Lets go babies its Friday finish out the week with a BANG!!! Or a BUST you know I love when you BUST too…hehe! I hope the week has treated you well! Enjoy the weekend!



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