Posted on 12-01-2010
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Hey babies! I’m baaaack! I have missed ya, and I’m sorry I’ve been MIA from the bloggin’. You know I have been crazy busy. I started back up with my classes today! Yay! I’m so excited to get school done with. Did I tell you guys that 180 of my credits from my other college transferred? That is so exciting. I should only have about a year and a half left before I graduate. That will be a good day! What was I thinking taking this bio class though? OMG. Yesterday was ridiculous, it surely will be interesting. Haha, speaking of interesting you guys will get a kick out of this.
So I have decided to go on a diet since being home. I’m eating healthy, taking protein shakes, and working out with a trainer. Well today was my first day with the trainer. I threw on my outfit and ran out the door. I get there and she starts working me out. The next thing you know I am on my back, with my legs in the air spread, and my trainer says to me, wow, you have a rip in your pants. Are you serious, I thought to myself, I’m like no way? I sat up and looked and sure enough, I had a huge whole in the crotch of my pants….lol. I was dying. Thank God I was wearing panties. Seriously babies, it would only happen to me….lol. What a first day right? I can’t believe that happened. My friend bought me even more sessions with my trainer. I’m so thankful. I have the best people in my life who do so many wonderful things for me; I am seriously so blessed in life!
Babies, you amaze me too! I can’t believe how many of you brought me so many gifts. I love them all so much. Some of you were so sweet and thoughtful in your choices. I got things like gift cards, hats, a Dodgers jacket, Dodgers baseball cards; I could go on and on. I appreciate you all coming out to see me at Avn but bringing me all of the gifts is beyond. I really love you all and am thankful that you’re in my world. I had such a great time at my signings. I hope you all did too! If you’ve never gotten out to Vegas for Avn, you’ve got to plan on doing it one year. It is a blast. I went to so many great parties. Partied with some awesome people and got to hang out with my home girl from back in the day! It really doesn’t get any better. Oh wait it does, we laughed and ate a lot of room service too. Lol. What is it about 2 girls and some room service? We love to be pampered.
The award show was cool. It was awesome seeing all of my girls dressed up and looking sexy. The actual awards however to be totally honest are really are snooze fest. I’m just being honest! It is the same people every single year who are winning and it is lame. Who wants to participate in a fixed show? Not me, it’s always the same people or the same companies. I wish they would start looking at the starlet’s that bring the most people out to these events. I’m pretty sure that’s all that matters anyways. You all ‘the people who keep the porn industry going’ are the only thing that matter in our biz. So to me it is lame to go for the award shows but the overall weekend is fun. I love the interaction with all of the fans. Most of the parties we went to were at the Palms but the one time we went to a different party we took a cab to Planet Hollywood. Well we were supposed to go to Planet Hollywood but he took us to some crazy Hawaiian place because we said we were going to the Hawaiian Tropic party there. Omg we ended up in the ghetto…lol. That was an adventure.

This is my new TITS Brand shirt that I was selling at the convention.
All in all the trip was fabulous. It was awesome spending time with my girl because we hadn’t seen each other in so long. I am going to miss her ass again, and I hope we don’t wait so long to see each other next time! I feel great though babies, and hope that you do too! I am just very happy. I’m happy that I’m eating well, and working out. OOOhh, I am happy that I’m going to The Bahamas with my friend for Valentines Day. It’s going to be such a great couple of months. I haven’t been on a relaxing vacation in such a long time; I don’t even know what I will do!
Well boos enjoy this Trashy Tuesday and go get nasty for me! I have juar diniahws my homwork,then it will be time for me to get nasty, smile! So I’m going to go and get to it, I hope you all have an awesome night!



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