Posted on 07-01-2010
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It’s VEGAS BABY!!! Hey babies! I’m here in Vegas having such a blast! We’ve been partying it up and having such a nasty time! Sorry I’m just getting at you. I’ve been so busy. I love coming to AVN. Yesterday after I got all set up at my hotel, we went out for drinks with some of our distributors and storeowners. I’m enjoying the Palms a lot. It’s so much better than the Venetian. Vegas has such an energy about it, don’t you think?
Ha funny enough while I have been here I have gotten my school stuff taken care of. What a time right? Lol. But I had to get that done and out of the way so I could enjoy the rest of my time here without it hanging over my head. I really am thankful because 180 of my credits transferred over. I was a little nervous about it because I went to a fashion and art school, but wow 180 I’ll take it. That’s like a year and a half. So that’s cool. I’ll be taking Biology and intro to psychology. Woohoo, it’s time to get it started. I’m really excited about it. So now it’s time to party before school starts back up, luckily I’m in Vegas, it’s GO time!
I haven’t done a whole lot today. I should be sleeping but every time I try someone calls me or needs me for something. I can’t wait for my girl to get here. She should be arriving around 10 tonight. It’s going to be so much fun. We’ve got to go out to a dinner tonight and then go for some more drinks. I have had some delicious crab legs last night they were so yummy. I had so many Corona’s and I woke up feeling totally fine. That’s why I love them. I have to call down to the desk and request a humidifier be brought up here. I think it will help me sleep better. It’s so dry here. WOW! I like the humidity so much more than the dry air. It hurts my nose.
I have to say something to the guys. You men crack me up. Well I don’t want to generalize but every guy we have seen so far has stared at us for so long it looked like they wanted to eat us. OMG. Lol. Guys at least say hello or something. Smile, do something. You can’t just sit there and lick your lips and stare the creep of the week stare. Ya know. I can’t tell if these guys are fans or have just never seen hot chicks before. But babies, if you’re in Vegas make sure you come and check me out at my signing. We will have the hottest booth there!
I’ve been thinking about something babies. There were so many deaths in 2009, it was really sad. And it seemed to be so much because of drugs. I can’t stand drugs babies, if I’m somewhere around them I usually leave, they make me feel uncomfortable. Besides weed. I mean I don’t smoke it, but I know so many people who do; I think weed and alcohol go hand in hand. Both are not that bad for you as long as you use them in moderation. The problem is when people go in excess. With the pills, coke, whatever it is. It becomes such a negative spiral that it’s scary. There is a fine line of pulling someone out of it or not. Have any of you ever had experiences with friends who have gotten too deep with drugs? It’s absolutely heartbreaking. What’s really sad is how by partying and drugging out at clubs helps you climb the “social” ladder. People get jobs etc because they go out and get fucked up with the “right” people. What is wrong with this picture? It seems like men especially have their hard-core party days until they hit there 50’s. Once fifty kicks in guys seem to straighten up with the things in life that are really important. I always wonder why people learn so late in life about the ways to be in life that are usually more productive. I guess that’s why they say you live you learn. Speaking of which we were jamming out to some Alanis on our way here yesterday. It was great!

Well babies, I am going to get going. I’ve got to get some rest before tonight. My girl just texted me to let me know she’s getting closer. Yay, it’s about to be poppin’. I know Vegas is hott, but it’s about to get a whole lot hotter. So I hope to see you all here! Make sure you let me know you’re one of my blog reading babies!! I love love love you guys!!



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