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Happy New Year babies. I hope that you all had a wonderful night last night bringing in Twenty Ten! I know I did! We were poppin bottles and having a nasty blasty!! Hehe!! I wanted to send big shout outs to my ride or die babies who have been leaving me their words of wisdom. I LOVE YOU @Subaru WRX Sti @Berto_99 @MrMikeyXXX @GwestDallas @Gio @Eli Hernandez @Eric @John Cox @vfazz21 @Christian @ElectronicTicket @big_mike82 and @einefur. You all are the best! I know all guys are different which was why I wanted different opinions. But all around it is awesome hearing your points of view and I truly value and appreciate them.
I am so ready to turn 2010 upside down. I am going to start by introducing you to a blonde haired, blue eyed, big tittied hottie named Angel Vain for Feature Friday. She’s brand new to the business so make sure to give her lots of love!! She’s 27 and has been in the biz for about a year. I asked her where she was from and she said Texas, Austin, TX. I asked her if she lived in California now and she said yes that she lived in Huntington Beach. I was curious as to where Austin was and if she was close to a beach. I was wondering if she had turned into a surfing girl now that she’s living in Cali. She said that she actually grew up in Central America because she was an Army brat. She spent 7 years in Panama while she was in elementary and middle school. She later moved back to Texas when she got into high school. I was curious if she had become bi-lingual while living there and she said a little. She said she sounds very white when she tries to speak it…lol. I thought that it was so cool that she grew up in Panama. I bet it was hard for her though. I was curious what her favorite dish was there. She said their food was kind of comparable to Puerto Rican food. But they use a lot of Saffron in their dishes. We started talking about our love for Plantains and all the different ways we would eat them. We both agree that we could never live without rice and plantains in our life.
I was curious about her website and she said that she’s in the process of getting it set up right now. She is getting it all ready to go. She wants girl/girl scenes, boy/girl scenes, or girl/girl/boy. I asked her which she likes better boys or girls? She said it’s tough to say, she likes boys but there is something about a sexy ass girl. I totally know what she’s saying. There is just something about a sweet sensual girl and when we’re on set and their lip-gloss and it’s so sensual. And with guys they are so masculine. It’s funny because I will be on set hitting on a girl and the male talent will be like Courtney what about me, do you like me? But I’m like yeah but you will come later, right now I’m into this girl…lol. I asked her if she knew what I meant? But I also wanted to know how she felt? She said that with boys she has more raw sex but with girls it’s so much more sensual. But I still have been with some girls that are pretty Dom. Haha. I was curious who her favorites to bang in the business. She said that she hasn’t been in long enough to really have a favorite but she has worked with a lot of people from Zero Tolerance. She hasn’t worked with anyone that she doesn’t like yet.
I wanted to know why she chose her name? She said it’s because she’s extremely vain. She will always look in the mirror at herself while driving, which she said she knows is terribly reckless…lol. But she loves things she can see her reflection in. And Angel because she is blonde haired and blue eyed and people tell me I look sweet and angelic. I was curious as to when her birthday was? She said January 26, so she’s an Aquarius. Her shoes size is 6 ½, small underwear, and 34 DD bra. She likes how small tops look on big ass boobs…lol. I asked her if she had any crazy fan experiences. Her best was at AdultCon and she was brought presents by her fans all 3 days. I asked her how she liked it, and she said that she loved it. She’s been going out and getting recognized by fans and taking pics with them and having a blast. Her myspace is Myspace//Angel_Vain twitter/AngelVain and her website will be AngelVain.com So make sure you guys go and check her out babies. And go to www.CourtneyCummz.com to listen to this interview with Angel.

I hope you’re all having a fabulous Friday! Tell me babies; did any of you make up New Years Resolutions for yourself this year? What are they? I hope you all had an amazing New Years day and a great start to a wonderful decade! Live happy, healthy, wealthy, and wise babies!!



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