Posted on 12-01-2010
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Hey babies! I’m baaaack! I have missed ya, and I’m sorry I’ve been MIA from the bloggin’. You know I have been crazy busy. I started back up with my classes today! Yay! I’m so excited to get school done with. Did I tell you guys that 180 of my credits from my other college transferred? That is so exciting. I should only have about a year and a half left before I graduate. That will be a good day! What was I thinking taking this bio class though? OMG. Yesterday was ridiculous, it surely will be interesting. Haha, speaking of interesting you guys will get a kick out of this.
So I have decided to go on a diet since being home. I’m eating healthy, taking protein shakes, and working out with a trainer. Well today was my first day with the trainer. I threw on my outfit and ran out the door. I get there and she starts working me out. The next thing you know I am on my back, with my legs in the air spread, and my trainer says to me, wow, you have a rip in your pants. Are you serious, I thought to myself, I’m like no way? I sat up and looked and sure enough, I had a huge whole in the crotch of my pants….lol. I was dying. Thank God I was wearing panties. Seriously babies, it would only happen to me….lol. What a first day right? I can’t believe that happened. My friend bought me even more sessions with my trainer. I’m so thankful. I have the best people in my life who do so many wonderful things for me; I am seriously so blessed in life!
Babies, you amaze me too! I can’t believe how many of you brought me so many gifts. I love them all so much. Some of you were so sweet and thoughtful in your choices. I got things like gift cards, hats, a Dodgers jacket, Dodgers baseball cards; I could go on and on. I appreciate you all coming out to see me at Avn but bringing me all of the gifts is beyond. I really love you all and am thankful that you’re in my world. I had such a great time at my signings. I hope you all did too! If you’ve never gotten out to Vegas for Avn, you’ve got to plan on doing it one year. It is a blast. I went to so many great parties. Partied with some awesome people and got to hang out with my home girl from back in the day! It really doesn’t get any better. Oh wait it does, we laughed and ate a lot of room service too. Lol. What is it about 2 girls and some room service? We love to be pampered.
The award show was cool. It was awesome seeing all of my girls dressed up and looking sexy. The actual awards however to be totally honest are really are snooze fest. I’m just being honest! It is the same people every single year who are winning and it is lame. Who wants to participate in a fixed show? Not me, it’s always the same people or the same companies. I wish they would start looking at the starlet’s that bring the most people out to these events. I’m pretty sure that’s all that matters anyways. You all ‘the people who keep the porn industry going’ are the only thing that matter in our biz. So to me it is lame to go for the award shows but the overall weekend is fun. I love the interaction with all of the fans. Most of the parties we went to were at the Palms but the one time we went to a different party we took a cab to Planet Hollywood. Well we were supposed to go to Planet Hollywood but he took us to some crazy Hawaiian place because we said we were going to the Hawaiian Tropic party there. Omg we ended up in the ghetto…lol. That was an adventure.

This is my new TITS Brand shirt that I was selling at the convention.
All in all the trip was fabulous. It was awesome spending time with my girl because we hadn’t seen each other in so long. I am going to miss her ass again, and I hope we don’t wait so long to see each other next time! I feel great though babies, and hope that you do too! I am just very happy. I’m happy that I’m eating well, and working out. OOOhh, I am happy that I’m going to The Bahamas with my friend for Valentines Day. It’s going to be such a great couple of months. I haven’t been on a relaxing vacation in such a long time; I don’t even know what I will do!
Well boos enjoy this Trashy Tuesday and go get nasty for me! I have juar diniahws my homwork,then it will be time for me to get nasty, smile! So I’m going to go and get to it, I hope you all have an awesome night!



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Posted on 07-01-2010
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It’s VEGAS BABY!!! Hey babies! I’m here in Vegas having such a blast! We’ve been partying it up and having such a nasty time! Sorry I’m just getting at you. I’ve been so busy. I love coming to AVN. Yesterday after I got all set up at my hotel, we went out for drinks with some of our distributors and storeowners. I’m enjoying the Palms a lot. It’s so much better than the Venetian. Vegas has such an energy about it, don’t you think?
Ha funny enough while I have been here I have gotten my school stuff taken care of. What a time right? Lol. But I had to get that done and out of the way so I could enjoy the rest of my time here without it hanging over my head. I really am thankful because 180 of my credits transferred over. I was a little nervous about it because I went to a fashion and art school, but wow 180 I’ll take it. That’s like a year and a half. So that’s cool. I’ll be taking Biology and intro to psychology. Woohoo, it’s time to get it started. I’m really excited about it. So now it’s time to party before school starts back up, luckily I’m in Vegas, it’s GO time!
I haven’t done a whole lot today. I should be sleeping but every time I try someone calls me or needs me for something. I can’t wait for my girl to get here. She should be arriving around 10 tonight. It’s going to be so much fun. We’ve got to go out to a dinner tonight and then go for some more drinks. I have had some delicious crab legs last night they were so yummy. I had so many Corona’s and I woke up feeling totally fine. That’s why I love them. I have to call down to the desk and request a humidifier be brought up here. I think it will help me sleep better. It’s so dry here. WOW! I like the humidity so much more than the dry air. It hurts my nose.
I have to say something to the guys. You men crack me up. Well I don’t want to generalize but every guy we have seen so far has stared at us for so long it looked like they wanted to eat us. OMG. Lol. Guys at least say hello or something. Smile, do something. You can’t just sit there and lick your lips and stare the creep of the week stare. Ya know. I can’t tell if these guys are fans or have just never seen hot chicks before. But babies, if you’re in Vegas make sure you come and check me out at my signing. We will have the hottest booth there!
I’ve been thinking about something babies. There were so many deaths in 2009, it was really sad. And it seemed to be so much because of drugs. I can’t stand drugs babies, if I’m somewhere around them I usually leave, they make me feel uncomfortable. Besides weed. I mean I don’t smoke it, but I know so many people who do; I think weed and alcohol go hand in hand. Both are not that bad for you as long as you use them in moderation. The problem is when people go in excess. With the pills, coke, whatever it is. It becomes such a negative spiral that it’s scary. There is a fine line of pulling someone out of it or not. Have any of you ever had experiences with friends who have gotten too deep with drugs? It’s absolutely heartbreaking. What’s really sad is how by partying and drugging out at clubs helps you climb the “social” ladder. People get jobs etc because they go out and get fucked up with the “right” people. What is wrong with this picture? It seems like men especially have their hard-core party days until they hit there 50’s. Once fifty kicks in guys seem to straighten up with the things in life that are really important. I always wonder why people learn so late in life about the ways to be in life that are usually more productive. I guess that’s why they say you live you learn. Speaking of which we were jamming out to some Alanis on our way here yesterday. It was great!

Well babies, I am going to get going. I’ve got to get some rest before tonight. My girl just texted me to let me know she’s getting closer. Yay, it’s about to be poppin’. I know Vegas is hott, but it’s about to get a whole lot hotter. So I hope to see you all here! Make sure you let me know you’re one of my blog reading babies!! I love love love you guys!!



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Posted on 04-01-2010
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It’s Motivation Monday babies, but where did my motivation go? I am so blah today! Don’t feel like doing much! How are you all today? I’ve got AVN this weekend and I’m really excited for it. I don’t know why the hell I haven’t been working my ass out the past 3 weeks. Instead I’ve been eating all of the holiday goodies…lol. Will you still love me? I can’t even begin to tell you how much prep work goes into this. It takes a lot to look good all of the time. I don’t know when I’m going to find the time to do everything. I need to get my nails and toes done, and my hair did! I was wanting to get my legs waxed if I have time, we shall see. I don’t even have my outfit yet. FUCK MY LIFE!! I don’t even just have to look good for me; I also have to look good for Zero. I represent them, so even when I’m running around everyday I am always representing them as a company and not just myself.
Who’s going to be in Vegas for AVN with me? I’m so excited that my home girl Tiffany is going to be going with me. She is awesome you all will love her so much. I do!! We have been friends for like 13 years. I met her through one of my ex’s, she was his sister and became like my big sister. Can’t wait to party it up with her VegNasty style!! I’ve been parting with her since I was illegal. Lol. She got me my first fake Id and everything. I love her and can’t wait to have a trip with her and hang! So babies, I am usually done with everything weeks before my trip, but I really got messed up because of the holidays! Call me Stella, because I need to get my groove back! Lol.
So babies, none of you have told me your resolutions for the year. I was laughing when I read @Chris’s comment. I actually have 2 new years resolutions. The first one being that I need to get my booty into the gym more often. That should be easy, this next one will be the tough one….lol. I have decided that if I am going to start dating more than I need to establish some rules for myself. So that being said my #1 rule and my 2nd resolution for the year is to never have sex on the first date. I have blown this in the past, because I am such a horny freak, but this time around I am really going to work at it. No matter how hot he is or how great of a time we had, I’m not doing it!! So wish me luck babies because I know I will need it. Wink! Wink! So @Chris I am with you, fuckin on the first date really doesn’t work out well. I appreciate your good advice! Thank you! Do the rest of you agree with the no booty rule, on date number 1? I think for me personally it is a good choice.
Oh wait; I also decided that I want to travel more for leisure. I am always flying around the country/world for work and it’s totally time I start enjoying this beautiful world and take some time to relax in it. I think my first trip will be to Aruba in February. Maybe a little Valentines Day trip or something. I don’t know, we shall see! I would love some travel ideas too! Where do you guys think I should go? Leave me your opinion. Where are some of your favorite places to go on vacation, and what do you enjoy about traveling there? I bet some of you have been to some really great places! I look forward to hearing about them!

Well babies, this blog may be shorter than usual. I really need to get out of here and start doing some of my errands. I have to make sure that I am looking good for all of you! You are my VIP’s! Do you all like the Vegas Experience? I’m not as big of a fan of Vegas as others, I always wonder if it is because I’ve never been there when I wasn’t working. So to be there chillin’ may be more fun. What do you all like to do in Vegas? People’s trips to Vegas can get so crazy, I love hearing about them…haha!!

Well babes send some lovin my way today; I’m a little down. Maybe it’s PMS or something, I don’t know. Have a good day!



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Posted on 01-01-2010
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Happy New Year babies. I hope that you all had a wonderful night last night bringing in Twenty Ten! I know I did! We were poppin bottles and having a nasty blasty!! Hehe!! I wanted to send big shout outs to my ride or die babies who have been leaving me their words of wisdom. I LOVE YOU @Subaru WRX Sti @Berto_99 @MrMikeyXXX @GwestDallas @Gio @Eli Hernandez @Eric @John Cox @vfazz21 @Christian @ElectronicTicket @big_mike82 and @einefur. You all are the best! I know all guys are different which was why I wanted different opinions. But all around it is awesome hearing your points of view and I truly value and appreciate them.
I am so ready to turn 2010 upside down. I am going to start by introducing you to a blonde haired, blue eyed, big tittied hottie named Angel Vain for Feature Friday. She’s brand new to the business so make sure to give her lots of love!! She’s 27 and has been in the biz for about a year. I asked her where she was from and she said Texas, Austin, TX. I asked her if she lived in California now and she said yes that she lived in Huntington Beach. I was curious as to where Austin was and if she was close to a beach. I was wondering if she had turned into a surfing girl now that she’s living in Cali. She said that she actually grew up in Central America because she was an Army brat. She spent 7 years in Panama while she was in elementary and middle school. She later moved back to Texas when she got into high school. I was curious if she had become bi-lingual while living there and she said a little. She said she sounds very white when she tries to speak it…lol. I thought that it was so cool that she grew up in Panama. I bet it was hard for her though. I was curious what her favorite dish was there. She said their food was kind of comparable to Puerto Rican food. But they use a lot of Saffron in their dishes. We started talking about our love for Plantains and all the different ways we would eat them. We both agree that we could never live without rice and plantains in our life.
I was curious about her website and she said that she’s in the process of getting it set up right now. She is getting it all ready to go. She wants girl/girl scenes, boy/girl scenes, or girl/girl/boy. I asked her which she likes better boys or girls? She said it’s tough to say, she likes boys but there is something about a sexy ass girl. I totally know what she’s saying. There is just something about a sweet sensual girl and when we’re on set and their lip-gloss and it’s so sensual. And with guys they are so masculine. It’s funny because I will be on set hitting on a girl and the male talent will be like Courtney what about me, do you like me? But I’m like yeah but you will come later, right now I’m into this girl…lol. I asked her if she knew what I meant? But I also wanted to know how she felt? She said that with boys she has more raw sex but with girls it’s so much more sensual. But I still have been with some girls that are pretty Dom. Haha. I was curious who her favorites to bang in the business. She said that she hasn’t been in long enough to really have a favorite but she has worked with a lot of people from Zero Tolerance. She hasn’t worked with anyone that she doesn’t like yet.
I wanted to know why she chose her name? She said it’s because she’s extremely vain. She will always look in the mirror at herself while driving, which she said she knows is terribly reckless…lol. But she loves things she can see her reflection in. And Angel because she is blonde haired and blue eyed and people tell me I look sweet and angelic. I was curious as to when her birthday was? She said January 26, so she’s an Aquarius. Her shoes size is 6 ½, small underwear, and 34 DD bra. She likes how small tops look on big ass boobs…lol. I asked her if she had any crazy fan experiences. Her best was at AdultCon and she was brought presents by her fans all 3 days. I asked her how she liked it, and she said that she loved it. She’s been going out and getting recognized by fans and taking pics with them and having a blast. Her myspace is Myspace//Angel_Vain twitter/AngelVain and her website will be AngelVain.com So make sure you guys go and check her out babies. And go to www.CourtneyCummz.com to listen to this interview with Angel.

I hope you’re all having a fabulous Friday! Tell me babies; did any of you make up New Years Resolutions for yourself this year? What are they? I hope you all had an amazing New Years day and a great start to a wonderful decade! Live happy, healthy, wealthy, and wise babies!!



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