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Go away Monday! Babies, craziest Monday ever! Seriously, I went to leave D.C today and everything was going as planned. I boarded the plane and took off as planned until we got close to JFK airport and they wouldn’t let us land. So we literally circled around New York for 2 hours trying to land our plane. Apparently the weather was too bad to have us land so we did circles for hours. Eventually we were getting close to running out of gas so we had to turn around and go back to D.C. I’m thinking to myself, are you kidding me? Take us to Newark or somewhere else, but please drop me in or near New York. Oh and let me tell you I was freaking out, I’ve never been on such a bumpy flight in my life. We were going up and down, and the plane was shaking terribly. The lady sitting in the seat next to me was praying an Indian prayer. I was so scared! We finally landed back in D.C. and they asked if anyone wanted to get off here. I was like GET ME OFF OF THIS PLANE! I didn’t care that we weren’t even at the airport that we had left from; all I knew was that I was putting my two feet back onto the ground…lol. I had to take a shuttle to get back near the other airport and my hotel. All I knew was that my hommies live here and I’d rather be here with them than flying in circles in a shaky plane.
So now I’m here back at my hotel. I’ve had such a blast in D.C. I hung out with the super sexy Roxy Reynolds. We had such a good time just chillin and drinking and catching up with our girly talk. It was cool because we both usually have so many people with us when we do things that we never get to really just chill and talk. So catching up with my girl was nice, I was able to give her her birthday present and she gave me mine, so that was cool, because we both have birthdays in December. Better late than never right? Lol. I’ve done a lot of chillin with my friends since I’ve been here. I got to meet up with my girl Tiff and a couple guy friends I haven’t seen in a while. I love seeing them; they bring back so many good memories. Sad ones too because the two guys were really close with my ex-boyfriend who passed away. So seeing them has been crazy. I don’t think they wanted to see me for a while because I reminded them of my ex. It’s hard for us all! I’m just trying to stay focused on the good times we all had. That helps us all get through it!
My girl and my boys are wanting to chill again tonight since I’ve had a little change in my traveling plans. They are on their way back out this way so we can go out and get some drinks. I really wish they would just come to my hotel and chill with me at my hotel bar, but Tiff isn’t feeling it! She wants to go out and drink so I’m hoping we aren’t going to a bar. I would really just rather chill at a restaurant or something a little more DL. Ya know what I’m saying? I’ve had a wild weekend in clubs and just want to chill a little bit. It’s been a crazy weekend. You know what I love though? Hearing my friends talk, it feels like home. They have such a twang it is so cute and brings me back!

Well babies, say a prayer that I get out of here tomorrow. I booked my next flight to leave around 3 so lets hope the shitty weather in New York has cleared up by then. I guess I should get up and start getting ready before my friend gets here to get me. I am in sweatpants and would really love to just go out in these…lol. Would you guys still think I was sexy if you came to pick me up and I was in my sweats? I’ll bet you though that I could make you sweat in my pants…haha! Well babies, I hope that you guys had a good weekend! And I definitely hope that you had a better Monday than I did. Have you guys ever had any crazy flight experiences? I think this one might top my charts, and I’ve had some crazy experiences. What kinds of things have happened to you guys during your travels? Lets see if you can top mine? Smile! Well babies, that’s all for now. Like I said I’ve really got to get up and start getting ready! Holla at me



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002Good day babies! How are you today? I wanted to give big thank you’s out to everyone who came to see me yesterday. Your support means the world to me! I also appreciate that people came out in the nasty weather we were having. You guys mean the world to me! The weather has been totally crazy, and it’s getting cold as hell. Who wants to keep me warm? But on a serious note babies, I really hope that you all dig deep and help out the people of Haiti, they can use anything. Sending a dollar is better than doing nothing, and I know if you all have enough money to get to a computer and read this blog, you all have at least a dollar to donate to the Haitians. It’s times like these that we need to think about how lucky we are to live such comfortable lives and have the abilities to help people in other countries even by just sitting on your couch and picking up the phone. I know they are having the Hope for Haiti Marathon and I really hope you all support it! I know I will keep giving all I can to them.
Well babies it’s Feature Friday! I want to introduce you all to Kaylani Lei. I asked her to pronounce it for me because I didn’t want to mess it up, so she told me it was pronounced Lay but spelled Lei. I love it! She says it so sexy too, lol. I asked her how long she had been in the business for? She told me that she is going on 7 years. I asked her if she did anal? She said that she just did her first anal a month ago. She said that it’s on the Never Say Never DVD; it just came out recently and is her first anal film. I was curious how long she had been a Wicked contract girl for? She said she’s been with them for about 7 years. Her first 7 months in the industry she was working independently doing gonzo and stuff like that with all kinds of different companies. She went to AVN and then shot a film for Wicked and shortly after signed her contract with them. I wondered what type of Wicked girls were there when she first started? She was like “oh my gosh, then it was an amazing team it was a group of women, they were ladies! Sydney Steel, Stephanie Swift, Devon Lane, Stormy and Jessica Drake. She and Jessica signed at the same time. I told her that she is the first from Wicked to do an interview with me and I wanted to thank her for taking the time to do it. She’s like no thank you. And I told her it’s cool that she took me seriously, she’s like why wouldn’t I. And I told her that some girls have flaked, but I like to promote my friends. I know they get a lot of publicity from Wicked, but I can tell my fans hey check out this girl. So, off that I’m like what’s your favorite beverage? I threw her off guard lol, she’s like uhh, lemonade..haha. It was cute. I’m like do you like fresh squeezed or what. She said her favorite kind is the simply lemonade. She said that was the best line of juices. Mmm…makes me want to try it.
Kaylani is so hot; I was curious what nationality she is? She is Philippeno and Chinese. I asked her if she spoke either language, but she said no, just English. She’s so cute! I had to ask her if she has a lot of guys that love her pussy because it’s so small? I know that I’ve had guys tell me that they love my pussy because it’s like an Asian pussy. She and I were laughing. She said yeah, she’s been told how small, tight, and wet my pussy. She’s so funny, she wants to fuck herself. She’s proud of herself so she would like to be a guy and be able to fuck herself….lol. I had to tell her that I thought I was the only one to think outside the box like that. I’ve thought the same thing. I told her we were truly some seriously sick perverts. Lol. Next, I said who are your favorite people to work with babe? She said back in the day she worked with Manuel Ferraro a lot. I was like but your so tiny, how did it fit? It’s like as big as my forearm. She said she was always just so excited she’d be so wet it’d fit just right. She said lately she’s been trying out new people like Roco Reed and new guys to the business. I asked her if she likes it when they just stick the tip of their dick into it? And she said yes, she loves it; she said that’s like the initial feeling to get past. She loves anal, even though she just started doing it on film. I asked her if she had ever done DP? She said no she didn’t think she could do it. I told her just wait, if you think you cum hard when it’s just in your ass wait until it’s in both holes. She’s like I don’t know if I could do it. I told her about my first time getting it, and I had like 6 orgasms in like 10 minutes. I told her you just explode it its so great. I told her to try it. She said oh my maybe I’ll try it tonight…lol. I was like, you should, try it on your toys first and you’ll be like what? Lol… She’s like I never even thought of that. I told her to fantasize about he down there licking your clit at the same time I’m moving both of the toys in and out one on the pussy and one on the ass hole, just a little bit slowly not too aggressive just enough to get you going. She’s like oh my god, yes, that’s totally going to do it for me for sure.
Kaylani is so sweet she’s like oh by the way, I love your tweets. I’m like oh thanks, I love yours. Her twitter account for those of you who Tweet with us is Twitter.com/Kaylani_Lei so check her out! I asked her if she had any weird fan experiences and she told me that once she had a guy come to a signing and ask if she would sign his chest with a sharpie. She’s like are you sure, it’s hard to come off and it is going to be all over you? She signed her name really big and he said thank you. She said he left and came back later and had gone and gotten her name tattooed their. Then a guy got a big cut out of me and put it on his door so when he came home I would be the first thing he saw, and he could say hey honey I’m home. I asked her what’s her favorite part about her job? She said it is meeting the fans. They are who made her what she is today so it is very important to her. She is such a little tiny sweet thing. She told me she’s in like a zero/xsmall everything. Her boobies are a beautiful natural 32 or 34 a/b you will love her little ass! So go check her out babies. www.ClubKaylaniLei.com , Wicked.com or Twitter.com/Kaylani_Lei

Check her out babies, you will love her!



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Interview with http://www.modelsobserver.com/sex/

1. Courtney, how are you? What was it like at the AEE?
I’m lovely. Thank your for asking baby!
AEE was alot of fun! All of my babies from myspace , Twitter , my website Courtneycummz.com and dozens of members from other adult websites was there showing me & my girlfriends support! I saw alot of familiar faces which is always a blast! I love chatting with my babies about their lives! I had a fabulos weekend in Vegas!

2. So how did you start in porn?
I was a broke college student in Tampa bay… I began working at a nudist resort And realized I wasn’t making much money considering there were like 7 hurricanes that went trhougj our city and tourists weren’t visiting due to weather conditions… I then started speaking with my neighbor who had done several films.. She talked me into it then I decided fuck it… Why not I love sex so why not get paid for it!!

Was there any hesitation on your part to make the move?
Yes. Family was my biggest issue. My parents are amazing individuals! We don’t speak of my career but they know every biz adventure I do. They are my mentors & my best freinds!

3. At what age did you lost your virginity and what was the experience like for you?
I lost my virginity when I was 13 years old. It was in a cave on the dirty ground. It was really weird because there was bats, spider webs and stuff in there.

4. You’ve won so many awards for your talent. Are you competitive by nature? Where does that level of excellence come from?
No, I am not competitive at all. I truly enjoy my job and sometimes I don’t think it comes across on camera. My babies know my personality and I am really enjoying it.
5. In your first few months, you were doing at least thirty scenes a month and almost all of those scenes involved anal sex ! How did you decide to break into the industry by focusing on anal sex? Do you feel your decision was the most appropriate one? Why or why not?
I did whatever my agent told me. It’s jjust something that happened. I do regret doing anal sometimes, but I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t do it.
6. Do you prefer shooting videos with guys you know from your previous common work, or maybe you prefer to explore new dicks every movie? Why?
I like to have new ones, but sometimes the old ones get boring.
7. Which sex position do you prefer most time and do you prefer being on top or on bottom?
It varies. I love the passion of missionary. It depends on my mood.
8. How much concentration does a blowjob take? And what can drown out your ability to do an unforgettable blowjob?
I think a blowjob scene is a walk in the park. It’s one of my favorite things to do. I don’t enjoy sex unless I am down there for five minutes. The key is coordination, using hands and using enough salava.
9. Tell me about working with Zero Tolerance.
They take good care of me. They give me oppotunities to direct. They gave me my first contract. The company believes and me and trusts me. I represent the company positively. My boss is one of my best friends and a mentor.
10. What steered you into directing?
Showing a woman’s point of view on camera. I think the girls are more comfortable when I direct them than when a guy directs them.
11. What are the challenges you were presented with?
People assuming that I have nothing to do with setting up location, setting the camera shot, choosing talent. They think my name is just on the box. It’s just the opposite because me and my team do all of these things.
12. How big is your sexual appetite?
Very big. I like to get off five times in ten minutes with my Hitachi. I even burn my pussy because it feels so good!
13. ABC’s sex survey has discovered that women are much more likely to prefer to have sex with the lights off (51 percent of women, 27 percent of men).


You are definitely not one of them…
Why aren’t women unselfconscious about their bodies, and can’t stand the sight of those they are bedding?
Most women are insecure about the way they look. I am comfortable with my body. I love women with curves. They don’t look like they will break like pixie sticks.
14. In recent years the demand for mobile porn has risen noticeably. How would you explain it? I mean, mobility is a great advantage but the mobile phone’s screen is so small ! Do you adapt your business/website to this segment of the market?
I haven’t done that yet. I use my iphone for everything. I can do everything on the road for myself.
15. What are your hobbies?

I love twitter, watching chick flicks and sex.
16. Any new projects you would like to share?
I am directing a new title for Diabolic The theme of this series is what a woman wants. I don’t want to sound feminist, but I think I know what a woman wants. Not enough men care what a woman wants.
Interview with GtExtreme

1. First off, thank you for taking the time off your schedule to answer a few questions for your fans. For those newcomers to the world of the adult film entertainment, tell us a little about the gorgeous hazel eyed Courtney. How did you come to enter the world of porn?
I was a broke college student working at a five star nudist resort called Caliente in Land O’ Lakes, Florida. This was the year where the hurricanes came through Tampa Bay which jep\opardized tourism at our resort. In other words, naked people cannot spend days in rain storms. LOL I wasn’t making any money and I was a hot ass. So why not have sex on film for money and enjoy it and get high quality dicks.
2. If you did not get into porn, what other type of career would you be doing?
I would probably be in the fashion industry. I went to school to be a fashion designer.
3. Your name has got to be one of if not the best name for a porn star! How did you come up with it?
My friends call me CC. I wanted to my friends in porn to call me CC. I came up with Courtney because it is cute. I came up with Cummz because it is one of my favorite naughty habits. Instead of using a regular last name, I wanted to use a verb to describe myself.
4. Tattoos is a definite in my book and you sport a very nice one on your lower back. Are tattoos a turn on for you?
Yes. Tattoos are a definite turn on. Especially when it comes to men that have sleeves. A lot of people do not understand the concept of ink. To me, there is a story behind every tattoo, from color to the size of the needle to the location on the body. In other words, our bodies are the canvas to express our inner self.
5. Any plans on getting more ink done?
As a matter of fact, I got a new tattoo the other day. And the location is on my inner wrist. It says, “Faith, Hope and Love.” This is a scripture from the Bible, 1 Corinthians: 13:13 “Faith, Hope and Love, the storngest of these is Love.”
6. So, bi-sexual huh? Which do you prefer more, male or female?
Depends on my mood. I always like to have a big hard cock. Sometimes I love having soft sensual glossy lips on my coochie.
7. You’ve won tons of awards in the past and are up for best Porn Star Website of the year! I bet you are thrilled! How does it make you feel to know that people love what you do?
I feel flattered. I appreciate those individuals that support me. I think it’s very important to have loyal fans and to be loyal to those fans. I also enjoy sharing my thoughts with my babies and asking for their advice.
8. Let’s get to know a little about any hobbies you might have. Besides making wonderful hump time with men and women, what type of hobbies do you have?
I love reading, twitter, movies (chick flicks).
9. If you were abandoned on a deserted island and all you had was a portable DVD player that had enough charge time for one movie to play, what movie would that be and why?
Not so much a movie, but I would love to watch United States of Terror because you never know what personality you are going to get, like my life. :)
10. What are you listening to on your MP3 player?
Jay Z, Alanis Morisette, Tom Petty, Alabama, Kid Rock, Beyonce, John Cougar Mellencamp
11. With whom did you have the best sex/orgasm with while filming? And which film was it in?
Johnny Sins in the Brazzers.com scene Sweating To The Boobies
12. What was your worse sex experience during filming?
My first anal scene with Peter North. It was my first day in the business and they tried to shoot anal on my first day at a smaller rate, They sent me to the bus station in the cab and the station was closed. He turned his phone off, so he had no resolution. I called Bang Brothers and they picked me up and helped me out.
13. Is there any male performer and starlet that you haven’t worked with that you’re dying to fuck?
It used to be Janine, but now it’s Jessie James, Kaylani Lei and Stormy Daniels.
14. How about positions? I understand that anal is possibly one of your favorite sexual positions. How do you like it given and what is is about anal that you love so much?
I like missionary because it’s more pasiionate when I submit. It changes and depends on my mood. I love anal because of the intense orgasms.
15. For your old and new fans, what’s your website, do you have a Twitter, MySpace or Facebook yatta yatta yah so that they can follow your adventures in life?

16. What do you see happening in your future in this business?
I am directing more which is a lot of fun. More cam shows. I want to do my own sex toy.
17. I’ve seen you a few times now at different cons and the first thing I notice is how you interact with your fans! It’s amazing! Your personality is wonderful and they truly love you. What would you like to say to your fans right now who are reading this?
I love your guys. You are amazing. I think we have developed a unique bond. I am happy to have an impact on their lives. I think we have a 50/50 relationship.
18. Last but not least, how about leaving us with one of your hottest and dirtiest lines?
I love it when you shoot your jizz in my mouth so I can swallow my daily recommended amount of protein.

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IMG_47792gslwdgcourtney cummz_aee 2010_ppd_emmreport_10281Hey babies, what’s poppin? I have had quite the time here in San Diego the past couple of days! I wasn’t able to blog yesterday, sorry! The day for me was for shit! I had so many annoyances and BS to deal with that I just wanted to go home put the covers over my head and start over! Haha! Do you guys ever have days like these? Ridiculous! But I’m feeling better today. I came out here to get some work done, but I had to cancel one of my shoots yesterday! It sucks but what are ya going to do! I just shot for a website and did a cougar video though. It’s funny because they didn’t want “real cougars” like 40+ they wanted girls in their later 20’s. It was cool. It was hot playing a cougar…lol.
IMG_6416Tony pics 1611
I’m having so much fun directing these movies. I can’t wait until you all can see them. I didn’t really tell you about the one I did with Ashli Orion the other day. It was so hot! She played a girl who was having a party and invites a hypnotist over to entertain her guests. He is a professional hypnotist and magician. She invites him to her home to discuss the expectations of the party. She wants him to hypnotize her best friend at the party to find out juicy details of her sex life. Lol. She tells him thanks for coming over, I’m excited to have you meet my friends and entertain them at my party. She realizes she thinks that the hypnotist is an attractive man and she is attracted to him spiritually. He tells her that he’s looking forward to the party and asks if there is anything special she has in mind? She tells him she has a friend whom she wants to hypnotize to find out her sex secrets. She has always wondered if her friend had slept with her boss. He is startled by the request but fascinated by her curiosity.
She asks the hypnotist to show her how he would hypnotize her friend. So he pulls out an old watch from his pocket and asks her to relax and focus on the watch. She zones out and her fantasies begin. She hears a voice asking her to wake up. She apologizes and says she must have dozed off. She says, did I tell you how handsome you are? He has a shit-eating grin on his face. He tells her that he will need her to focus on an object so he can hypnotize her. Winking! She tells him why don’t you take out your cock and focus on that. She starts to suck his dick and they begin to fuck. He puts it in her ass and then gives her a pop shot on her tits. After her cum on her she hears fingers snap and wakes up. Her heart is pounding a million beats a second but she’s puzzled. He says, that’s how I would hypnotize your friend and have her talk about her sex life at the party while winking. She sits and wonders if what she imagined was real or not. It was awesome. We had such a good time shooting it, and I hope you all love to cum to it! Wink! Wink!

Well my Cali babies, you better bring your foxy asses up to Déjà vu Love Boutique tonight. Here’s the addy, 2130 Industrial Ct. Vista, Ca 92081. Cum give me some lovin’ seriously I could use it after the past couple of days! I’m leaving tonight to go back home, I’ve got to get myself ready for D.C tomorrow. Everyday I’m hustling everyday I’m hustling, everyday I’m everyday I’m everyday I’m hustling!! Oh babies, did I tell you that I am creating an iphone app? Do you guys have any ideas as to what I should call it? I have had a couple of ideas for names, but all of them are taken. So I’ve got to get the creative juices flowing to get something else. Ideas are greatly appreciated! Would you guys download it? What kinds of things would you like to see? I love your feedback on this kind of stuff, so make sure you leave it! Also don’t forget to send your questions to CourtneyCummz4u@gmail.com and I will answer them on my weekly recap blog.

Well babies, I’ve got to get up and start getting ready to see your foxy asses! I hope you’re all having a good day! If your not, go rub one out, that should help a little! And remember to smile!



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photo17Hey my sexy loves! Its Trashy Tuesday babies, are you keeping it nasty with me? You know I am, I’ve been shooting a couple of hotties all day! I just absolutely love my job. I get to shoot sex for a living! Does it really get much hotter than that? Can you imagine getting wet while doing something for your job? Lol. Sometimes while I’m in Director mode, I just want to jump in there and start banging the talent I’m directing. I use all the self-control I have! Lol. You know I’m a nymphomaniac. So today I got to watch Tara Lynn Fox and her sexy juicy ass get banged by Dane Cross, I was so wet it was unbelievable. She has such an amazing booty on her; I just wanted to bite it! She has a very natural girl next-door look to her. She’s blonde with blue eyes and is pretty petite, about 5’4. She’s got beautiful natural a/b cup boobies! In the scene Tara plays a girl named Regina who is moving her dresser into her upstairs bedroom. She calls her neighbor Billy to ask for his help. He comes over and sees that he may need some help. But she promises to help. Billy loses grip and is lying on the stairs holding the dresser. Tara notices how huge his cock is while looking at his shorts. She goes to call for help and sits in the chair thinking of Billy lying on the steps with his huge cock. She rubs herself and starts daydreaming. She walks over to Billy and asks what she can do to help. He asks her how long until the help arrives. She says 30 minutes. Billy says fuck that come over here and suck my cock while I hold this furniture up. She’s like are you serious? He said yeah and it better be the best blowjob I’ve ever had. Tara pulls his pants down lusting after his cock. They continue to go at it; he bangs her in her juicy ass. His legs are shaking and he begins to let the dresser go, Regina hears the doorbell and she realizes she’s been fantasizing. So hot babies, you will love to watch this one!
Ashli Orion shot for me today also; her scene was wicked hot too! Ashli’s scene was awesome it was a hypnotist scene. It turned out really well also. We really had such a great time shooting today. Even though everyone in LA is so grouchy because of the rain, we aren’t letting it get us down. We are in the greatest mood, getting shit done! I actually heard thunder today. This is the first time ever since living in LA. Pure craziness I swear. Babies do I really look like that much of a stuck up bitch? I have to ask you guys because I know you will be honest with me. I can’t even begin to count how many times I have heard that it is surprising that I am as nice and sweet as I am. Babies, what’s the deal? What does that even mean? Are girls usually that bitchy to you? I’ve been told this so many times it is making me wonder what other girls act like? Do I seem unapproachable? And if so, why? I want to know. I feel like I am a nice person, or at least I try to be. I am quick to flash a smile at someone especially if they look like they are having a bad day! So for those reasons I don’t understand why people are so surprised that I am for the most part a nice person.
I got a lot of my running around done this morning before I started shooting, so that was helpful. I am going to San Diego tomorrow to shoot with Naughty America, so that should be a good time. It’s going to be an awesome day because after I shoot with NA, I’m going over to Déjà vu with Evan Stone to do a signing. This should be interesting; it’s my first time ever doing a signing with a guy. So babies, if you’re near San Diego cum out and see me! I’ll be there for 2 days; I’m totally pumped about it! I went and picked up all of my posters and pics for my signing so I should have plenty for those of you who cum out and get one! Call in sick or take a personal day, whatever you’ve gotta do to get your foxy asses out there, I’ll be waiting for you! Smile!
photo13 photo15photo16
So boos, keep sending in your questions that you have for me, remember NOTHING is off limits. You can ask me whatever; some of the questions you’ve sent in already are awesome. You can find the answers on my weekly recap blog and at www.Genesisonline.com they are going to be featuring my weekly recap blog on their website, so that’s pretty cool. There are so many great things going on in my life right now! I’m so excited for all that 2010 has brought me so far, I know it is just going to get better and better. Ask yourselves that real quick babies. Is 2010 going to get better and better for me? If you answer isn’t yes, I can tell you that you probably won’t be in much different of a spot at the end of 2010. Life is going to be what you think and make it. You have the power in you to create it what you want it to be. So when asked how 2010 is for you if you don’t like your answer it is up to you to change what you think about it now! It might feel weird to say it’s great when it hasn’t been, but the sooner you say great, the sooner you will have something great coming into it. But if you never say great than more than likely you may be waiting for a while to see something good! So start declaring it now, tell me what kind of year it is going to be for you guys. I want to know what kinds of things you want and plan on making happen for you this year. Lets get going babies, make your life the way you want it, no one else will do it for you!

Be sure to check out my new scene today on brazzers.com called “Plumbers Cleavage.”
Make it a fabulous day babies, I love love love you all!

About to sit down and do my homework on my computer boos!!


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image25image1 What’s up Bitch-es! How are we today? I’m fabulous! It’s Motivation Monday and I’m getting shit done! Not only is it Motivation Monday, it’s Martin Luther King day! I appreciate him and the principals he laid out. I hope you all are taking some time to reflect on why today is so important. This day is used to encourage equal rights for all Americans regardless of their back round. I love and appreciate this day so much because I have absolutely no tolerance for racism of any kind. People are people, color or back round should never matter. I could never in my wildest dreams imagine having segregated busses. The thought of that is so ridiculous to me, are we really employing people to enforce things like that? Wow. There are definitely better ways to spend an employee’s time. Thank God for MLK. It is people who aren’t afraid to stand up for what they believe in who really make an impact. You really can’t lose anything when you act on things you believe in. You never regret what you do, you regret what you don’t do, and could you imagine if MLK and Rosa Parks just kept their mouths shut another day? I don’t care what color you are, if you have a problem with the way you’re being treated stand up for yourself and let it be known. It’s like “the people’s” way of getting their points across, we have no other way but to just do it and see what happens.

So I started the video I am directing for Diabolic today. It was like a what a girl wants video with a girl named Phoenix Marie. She is every guy’s fantasy! Blonde hair, blue eyes, and a big juicy booty! I love her ass, it is bangin! It was an awesome shoot because she banged these 2 Mormon guys. It was so hot; she was such a freak that she didn’t even need any lube for her anal scene! She had such a great personality that it was an absolute dream to work with her. I did a Feature Friday with her after she had gotten ready so that I can feature her on my website! She was so awesome; you guys will love her so make sure you check her out!

Well babies I wanted to give you some inspiring quotes for the day from Martin Luther King to remind you of what an inspiring, brilliant, innovative man he was.
~If a man hasn’t discovered something that he will die for, he isn’t fit to live.
~Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase.
~Let no man pull you low enough to hate him
~Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter
~We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools
~When you are right, you cannot be too radical. When you are wrong, you cannot be too conservative
~Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere
~Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity
~The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy

Well babies, here are some of the favorite quotes of mine that I could find. I hope you take some time to appreciate MLK, not just be glad that you got the day off! Ya know! Smile! Enjoy your day, especially if you have the day off.



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Posted on 17-01-2010
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Hey my sexy babies, how are you? It’s your favorite dirty girl and I hope you’ve all had a nasty week. If not you better make up for it in the weekend! That’s what the weekends are for lots of fun and cum! I have been grinding all week! AVN was absolutely awesome! One of my homegirls from back in the day came out to be there with me, it was perfect! We all know how I feel about the actual awards show, it is always a bore. I’m happy for those who win, I guess, but I think they should switch the winners up sometimes if they don’t want it to look like it’s completely set up. When you already know who’s going to be winning, there isn’t really any fun in watching. Whateves though, I still love seeing everyone all dressed up looking sexy! That’s definitely the best part. There is nothing better than a hot girl looking and smelling all good for a night out! You know what I’m saying? I got some of the most bangin gifts from my babies. I love love love my pink Dodgers jacket, it is super cute! All of my babies are so good to me, I really appreciate it! I had to take another trip over to Vegas yesterday! It was cool, just popped in for the day to shoot! It was effin freezing though! My nipples were hard the whole time I was there. Lol.
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This week has really just been about me getting my juicy booty back into school. I’m taking a bio class that is going to officially wear me out! I don’t know what I was thinking when I decided to take it. Where are all of my Biology boys at? Lol. I need a little private tutor lesson, who’s up for the challenge? I have spent a lot of my week doing homework, and I still have so much left to do. And now that class is back in session it is going to be like that a lot! It’s all-good though; I only have about a year and a half left. So if I can just keep my eye on the prize, than I will be good to go.
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I have a trip to the Bahamas planned for Valentines with a boy toy of mine. We are going to have so much fun. I haven’t been on a relaxing non-work related vacay in a while. So to kick back in the Bahamas will be absolutely perfect. How many of you have been to the Bahamas? What do you suggest doing while there? I haven’t been there since I was a little girl, so the adult experience will be great I’m sure…haha! I wonder if they have a nudist resort we can go to while I’m there. I hate wearing clothes, especially when the sun is out! Why can’t clothing be an option in life?
Earlier this week, I met with my editor for the swinger’s movie that I directed in Tampa. We had such a blast filming and the editor said it really showed through onto the film. So that is awesome. I love directing, however, I understand that I can always learn from others and grow to be better. So I did want him to give me some constructive criticism because I am such a perfectionist. I just like to know where and how I can become a stronger director. I have never edited, so I don’t always know what they need. His suggestion to me was to get more camera angles. That is totally understandable, and do-able. I had an awesome team to work with though, so it wouldn’t have been possible without my boys!! I hope you all checked out my Feature Friday with Lisa Ann, she is a bad ass in the business and I love that about her! She’s the hottie who played Sarah Palin, and she’s 10’s hotter too. She runs her own agency in the biz and is really great at what she does. She’s a boss bitch like me, that’s why I dig her!

I hope you all take the time to watch the Know Your Rights video I posted on my blog. I think that knowledge really is power and we should ALL know our rights. Too many of my homies have been harassed by the po po’s and if they knew the rights that they had some of it wouldn’t have happened. Babies, never ever ever rat yourself out, never ever ever let the cops go through your house or car if they don’t have probable cause without a search warrant! And if you’re going to be ridin dirty put that shit in the glove box on lock or the trunk in the back, Jay-Z said “My glove compartment is locked so is the trunk in the back, and I know my rights so you gonna need a warrant for that!” “I ain’t passed the bar, but I know a little bit, enough that you want to illegally search my shit!” I love that song, so I had to add it in, haha! But for real babies, go watch the video, I promise you will learn a little something that can really make you feel empowered! And what? Lol, Knowledge is Power!! Let’s get smart!!

Well babies I want this weekly recap of what’s been going on to also be about you! I’m nothing without you all! What are you guys thinking about? Do you have a question you’ve been wanting to ask? Your questions can be about anything. Please don’t have to hold back, and lets keep it real, the dirtier the better. We can talk tips, tricks, chains, whips whatever you want, I’m down for it all! Wink! Wink! So start sending in your questions and I’ll cum back with your answers next week! Make em juicy babies! I’ll look forward to reading them! Send them to CourtneyCummz4U@gmail.com

Have a great weekend babies!



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Posted on 15-01-2010
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Hey my babies, how are we today? Hooray for Friday! I love Fridays, everyone starts to get in relax mode and that’s a good thing! Smile! So today being Friday, I’m going to introduce you a veteran in the Industry and she is still as hot as ever! Her name is Lisa Ann and she played Sarah Palin. She looked so hot dressed up like her too! Our interview was kind of shorter than usual because she was at a bar. She told me that she was sitting there staring at the ocean; she said it was so beautiful. She had just gotten done getting her hair did! Lol. I was wondering if she had extensions, but she said that her hair was all-real, she just got some color and a trim. I was curious how long she has been in the business for, because she is very established in our industry. She said 17 years. I think that’s really awesome. I asked her if she had any pointers for me. She said the one pointer she gives everyone is to stay consistent. Keep how you look consistent, how you shop, and take care of yourself. If you stay consistent with everything you do it will get you everywhere.
I was curious how Lisa got into the Talent Agency side of the business so I asked her how she got started? She said that she started working as an agent in another office and really enjoyed it. However she wanted to start something different but still wanted to be an agent. So she decided to start up her own agency. I told her that I love having her as my agent (because she is) because I am so pro women that I love to have an agency that is run by a woman who is actually in the business too. She has a level of understanding that other agents will never have because they have never walked in our shoes. I was curious what a day in the life of Lisa Ann the agent consists of so I asked her what a typical day for her is like. She said that she usually spends some time looking online for new talent, and then she helps her new existing talent with their PR. Explaining who to meet with and go to that will help advance their careers and take care of everything. Make sure that AIM test are checked daily and then there is the babysitting shooting info work like checking Id’s. I asked her if she ever considered helping girls out by teaching them and helping them set up IRA’s for themselves? She said that she has had certain people that have come to her and expressed their interest in money management and their thoughts on it. She said that she usually waits for the talent to come to her instead of trying to figure out who is serious about it and who isn’t. She told me a story of a guy in the business that she has helped show how to buy a house as well as put away some money to take care of his future. I think that’s awesome!
I had to ask her if she would ever consider dying her hair blonde? Lol. She said no, what she has is all natural and even has a gray streak going through it. My last question for Lisa Ann was how she liked playing Sarah Palin? She told me that she loved it. She is really glad that she made such a big come back, she had a lot of fun with it. I bet she did, all the men loved them some Sarah Palin. Lol. You can see more of Lisa Ann at her website www.LisaAnn.com or on twitter at Twitter.com/thereallisaAnn. Make sure you all check her out, she’s awesome.
I love the Feature Friday segment of my blog and website. It really gives me an opportunity to get to know the girls in the business a little better on a more personal level. I hope you all enjoy it as well. What are you all getting into this weekend? I’m off to Vegas again today! Grinding babies! I am always on that hustle can you keep up with me? Lets go babies its Friday finish out the week with a BANG!!! Or a BUST you know I love when you BUST too…hehe! I hope the week has treated you well! Enjoy the weekend!



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Posted on 13-01-2010
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twitter2Hey my horny hunnies it’s hump me Wednesday, where you at? Lol. I should call it website Wednesday because I have been doing so much damn work on my website today! I have decided that it’s time to redesign my shizzz! I love new and fresh, it’s always exciting. I have to tell you babies, I have spent most of my day in offices. Well at least 5 hrs of my day has been spent in an office between going to my website designers office and then going to see my editor for my swingers flick. I don’t know how office workers do it. I would go absolutely crazy. I am way to go go go to sit in an office. I have so much respect for the office employees, because I could never. I’m like a car going 60 and I feel like sitting in an office is like going on cruise control. I went stir crazy just being in between both offices today!
But on the flip side to that I got a lot accomplished. I was really excited to meet with my editor today to see what he thought about my swinger’s film. He said that it was really good. He said that it looked like a lot of fun and that I did a really good job. That was great to hear, but I also wanted some constructive criticism also. I said give it to me, because it will make me a better director. I have never done editing so I don’t really know what they need. So he told me one thing I need is more cameras so I can get more angles. Totally understandable, and do able. I thought he would give me something meaner than that….lol. But he didn’t so I was like cool. Job well done as far as I’m concerned. I can’t wait for you guys to be able to see it! You will love, and I can bet you’ll want to be there when we do it again!! Wink! Wink!

So like I said babies I worked all day in the office. I have pretty much just taking care of business today ya know! I had to run some errands also and pick up some doggie food for my babies. They are hungry. I felt so bad I didn’t have much dog food left this morning so I just mixed some bread up with the food I had left…lol. I felt like a bad mommy. I’m usually really good about keeping them stocked up. Speaking of stocking up, I have to stock up on snacks for my diet. My trainer has me eating like a million times a day, I’m not used to it at all. All I can really eat is like fruits, veggies, and my protein shakes. I hope it will all be worth it in the end. I can see my washboard abs already. Nothing ever tastes as good as being thin feels. I love that saying! Lol.

So babies, I might be doing a web cam show tonight for Streammate.com . It’s awesome because it’s all in hd and high res so it’s really high quality. I think that it makes it well more worth your money to watch me, when it looks like your there with me. Don’t you think? So I’ll let ya know on Twitter if I do decide to do it tonight otherwise look out for it, you’ll love it!

Oh one very important thing I wanted to talk to you all about today was knowing your rights. Almost daily we hear stories of police harassing people or searching cars/houses without warrents, and basically just harassing people because we don’t know our rights. So a friend of mine passed this email over to me and I thought it would be great to share with you all. What sucks is that we learn about our civil rights in high school when we don’t really care about them. Basically they don’t apply to us until we are 18 and treated like an adult and run into situations that require us to protect ourselves. So I really urge you to watch this video that I have attached. It’s about 45 minutes long but well worth your time. It is a very empowering feeling to know your rights and exercise them. Too many people run around afraid of the police because they had an encounter with one on a power trip. I think we have all ran into a cop on a power trip at
some point of our lives. So take a look at the video and then let me know what you all thought of it. I hope you get out of it as much as I have! Here ya go….

And don’t forget to watch out for my tweets tonight about my cam show. If you’re not following me on Twitter yet click here to start www.Twitter.com/CourtneyCummz

Have a fabulous day babes!


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