Posted on 24-12-2009
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Here comes Santa Clause, Here comes Santa Clause right down Santa Clause Lane! Hey babies, Merry Christmas Eve! I hope you’re all having a wonderful day! I have a little Christmas present for you all! My fan picture signs are finally finished. I am going to post them up and be thankful that no one can take them down here. I’m so over being deleted from social sites for being “too nasty” it’s who I am…lol. That’s why I love my blog. I can say whatever and I am the effin mediator…lol. So I hope that you enjoy them! Smile!
I have started my Christmas feast. I decided to make our meal tonight and then eat the leftovers tomorrow. I’ve got a chicken and ham in the oven and I am going to start my potatoes soon. What is your favorite food at Christmas? Do any of you think about your childhood a lot around the holidays? I totally do. I think about how much I miss going to my grandma’s house with a ton of my family there. I had a lot of aunts and uncles on my dad’s side of the family and they had a lot of kids between all of them. So I can remember how much fun I had when we all got together and played all night. What are some of your favorite memories from your childhood? I laugh still when I think about the gifts that my stepfather gets us. They have always been gifts from a pawnshop. He would always get my mom her jewelry from them as well as my gifts. I will never forget when he got me a pair of ice skates. It didn’t even get very cold where I lived. And there were sure as hell no ponds or ice-skating rinks around. Lol. Oh boy. It makes me laugh even harder to think about how people always thought my family had so much money. We really didn’t but I guess we put on a good show.

Being at my grandma’s is my most favorite missed memory of my childhood. Growing up in the ‘80’s was awesome, I feel like people were more about family back then. Being at her house is seriously like being at Big Mama’s House. We were like the white version of the movie. Haha, for real. She was on welfare and everything. It breaks my heart though that now that she died no one gets together anymore. Everyone just goes off and does their own thing and I think it totally sucks. I don’t even bother asking anymore because I know what they will say. And it’s weird my immediate family hasn’t ever been real big on celebrating so I don’t even think about going there. I really wish I could get us all back together. I used to try but I feel like it’s useless. Have you guys ever experienced that were your grandparents pass away and the family falls apart? It is so sad. It makes it even worse when there are money problems involved. Money can tear apart a family as well. All I know is that my family has completely lost sight of what Christmas is really about. I hope you all are more fortunate!

Make sure you all really say thank you to your family for giving such a wonderful Christmas each year. It really is a lot of work and some people might not always feel so appreciated. Even try to just say Merry Christmas to someone walking past you or hold the door for someone with their hands full. Can you imagine what a nice place the world would be if we all walked around all day networking and speaking to each other? We all get so self absorbed in our own worlds and what we are doing that we don’t even acknowledge other people. I visualize a place where we walk the streets greeting everyone you come in contact. I read a book once that said anyone who you lock eyes with has a message for you. It’s just a matter if you’re open to receiving it or not. Think about how many messages we have missed out on just because we are too proud to say hi or hello to someone you come in contact with. It would be a great leap for our country to become nicer as a whole. We have a little bit to go. Did you know that Florida is one of the top 3 happiest places in the United States? Yay for Florida! That’s why I love it. California was 46th. That’s really sad. We need to step it up Cali!! There are only 50 states. I wonder though, who is the very dead last? Let’s look that up…lol. I wouldn’t want to live there. Lol.

Oooohhh, babies I picked up my little outfits that I had made. My Randy Moss Jersey outfit. It is so hot, and it turned out so good!! Love love love it!!! I should take a picture of myself in it and send it to Randy. Do you guys think he would like it? Well babies, I am going to get up and start making my taters. MMMmm, I am going to meal this food. And then go on a major diet after the holidays. All of this good food makes my booty even juicier! Lol. Do you guys like my booty with a lot of juice or a little? Let me know, smile!

Well be so thankful for your days babies. Merry Christmas to all. I think about all of the sick kids who are spending Christmas in the hospital and it breaks my heart. If you have health babies you really have all you need. And don’t take today for granted that’s why it is called “The Present”. Thank you all for being a part of my extended family. I love and appreciate you all!!

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