Posted on 23-12-2009
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Jingle balls babies! How are you? Yay for hump day today! What’s everyone doing for Christmas Eve tomorrow? I hope you all are done with your shopping seriously. It is crazy out in the world right now. I watched the news earlier and heard that there was a Santa in Tennessee robbing banks. What!?! Can you imagine what a little kid would think standing in line at the bank and seeing Santa come in and rob it? Wow, what is this world coming to seriously? I also heard that 4 people have been found dead and there was a standoff with the police and some guy today. WTF is going on? People are crazy!!
We need to remember what the holidays are about and bring it back to that. Some people get way to wrapped up in the presents and stress out about “keeping up with the Jones’s” Everyone would be a lot better off it they took their ego out of it and just got people a little something they could afford. That is the best way to go. Either some people spend too much money and then make themselves feel bad about it, or they spend a little and feel bad about it. You should never feel bad about giving. Anything you give is such a wonderful gift. And you will never go without when you are a giving person. I understand that times are tough right now for some people and that people are living on a lot less than they were. However, I don’t always think that it’s a bad thing. So just keep that in mind babies. One small thoughtful gift is worth way more than a great extravagant thoughtless gift. Like I said before even if it is showing up with a carton of milk or ice cream or even a card. Anything to show you are thinking of them!
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So I’m getting over feeling sick. Uggh, this always happens when I travel a lot. I think I run myself so hard that my body says yo, slow down. So I’m uppin the vitamin C and getting extra rest! Have you guys heard that dogs can get get the swine flu? That’s crazy. I heard that on the news too. Have you all noticed how negative the news is usually? There are so many more negative stories than there are positive ones that it could make anyone a paranoid freak! Haha! I think that may be what’s wrong with old people. A whole lifetime of the news and then when they retire they sit on the couch and watch the news tell them about the big scary world outside of their house. No wonder why older people are a little out of the loop and out of touch with the way the young world is, all they hear are the negative stories. Speaking of the h1n1 vaccine, did any of you get it? I also heard that they had to recall somewhere around 800,000 of them. WHAT?? That’s crazy. The new tells everyone to run out and get them and then they recall them for adverse effects. I am so glad I didn’t get one. What is even scarier to me is that they were making kids and the elderly priorities for them. It’s so wrong. I’m really not too sure how I feel about the whole vaccine thing. I think like the jury is still out on if they are really that beneficial, and so far I’m not convinced. So remember to wash your hands a lot this season to try to keep yourself healthy.

Well I am so looking forward to relaxing at my home with my doggies. They are my family here, well and my roomy too! It’ll be nice to be home with them and just chillin. Maybe some good wine too! What will you all be doing the next couple of days? Do you enjoy giving the gifts or getting them the most? Which one are you?

Well babies, I’m going to get going but please please please go vote for me at remember, best director and best female performer. And try to vote for all 4 of the rounds. If you have any questions hit me up here or on twitter Thank you my loves.

Have a blessed day and night,


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