Posted on 21-12-2009
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Hey my little love bugs! It’s your favorite nasty girl coming at you on this Motivational Monday! How are you all feeling today? I’m awesome! I had an awesome time dancing over the weekend. If you guys have never seen me dance you really are missing out! I love when I get to go dance. I am totally that girl that gets ALL up in your shit! Lol. I can’t even help myself. Ha ha funny enough I jumped on top of this one guy and we totally flew backwards and ended up on the floor. It was hysterical. We both just looked at each other with me straddling him and were like holy shit…lol. I jumped up and was like my bad! Ahhaa!! It was so funny! Do you think he enjoyed it? Would you? I just can’t help myself when I’m dancing; I love to be all up in everyone’s face
Oh babies did you see on my new tat! Well it’s really just an add on to what I already had. I have always loved my infinity sign but I have always felt like it was just missing something. So I went in to get it touched up and walked out with it looking perfect! It reads faith, hope, love. It is from Corinthians 13:13 “And now these three remain Faith, Hope, and Love. But the greatest of these is Love.” I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. I loved when I posted it on twitter that all of my tweethearts started tweeting me on what their favorite bible verse is. That was really cool! Do you have a favorite quote, bible verse, or other mantra you live your life by? What is it? I love sayings of all kinds! I found out something really cool when deciding on my new tat. I have an arrow on my leg as you all probably know that is a representation of me being a Sagittarius. But I also just found out that the arrow is also a good luck symbol. I never knew that! I thought it was really cool! And when I think back to how my life has been since I’ve gotten it, it has been awesome! So that’s always cool! What kind of symbolic tattoos do you all have, if any? What was your first tattoo?
Ughh, babies I do not want to go back out on the road! The traffic has been mad crazy all day today! I guess everyone is out on a mission trying to get their Christmas shopping done! Have you all finished you shopping? Do you have a significant other to shop for? If so what are you getting them? I’m glad that I have all of mine done. Been done since December 1st. Pats on the back for me…lol. I can’t even imagine being at the mall the next couple of days. What a nightmare. People are crazy around the holidays too! Like every year, there are crazy stories about people killing people over toys for their kids and shit. It’s insane! I can’t wait until I have my own little babies to buy for, I might be one of those crazy people too…lol. Ya never know..haha! I guess that’s why I like my online shopping too though! It will keep me out of trouble. Wink!

So babies, tell me what Christmas means to you? Do you guys have any Christmas traditions with your family that you have been doing for years?? Christmas is so fun and exciting for kids! Oh if any of you have kids there is the cutest thing that my niece has. It’s called The elf on the shelf. Have you heard of it? He is a little elf that comes with a book and he watches over the kids during the day. When they go to sleep the elf flies back to the North Pole (Wink!) and reports to Santa if the child was naughty or nice that day. He’s Santa’s watchful eye! Kids usually want to be on their best behavior when they know their elf is watching. But every morning my niece has to go find her elf again because he’s never in the same spot he was in the day before. When he comes back from the North Pole he hides somewhere else. So it’s a really fun activity for the whole family to participate in and make a tradition. I wanted to pass that on to any of you with kids or if you have kids your close too! The parents all love it! You can pick them up at Barnes & Noble or any other bookstore if you’re interested.
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So does everyone have a short workweek, this week? Well I guess not everyone would have one, because some places are still open on Christmas. Does anyone have to work on Christmas? I will be the first to give you a big thank you for working on the holiday! If the world didn’t have people who were willing to work on holiday’s than everyone would be stuck at home! We wouldn’t even be able to drive places if gas stations weren’t open. So I know some people are upset when they work, and it is rightfully so, but at least your work isn’t going unappreciated. I totally appreciate you.

I hope you all have a cheerful week. And please remember to count your blessings each and everyday. If you are even able to read this blog you are much more advanced than other people who have never even seen a computer, so be thankful for that! Smile! If you’re not cooking a big meal, no worries, go grab you a hungry man meal and it will be just as good! And no hassle! I’m not even cooking a turkey this Christmas, I am seriously turkied out from Thanksgiving still. We are doing chicken! So that will be good! I hope you’re all having a good start to your week on this Monday. People have never been so motivated on a Monday in a while I bet, but everyone is hustling getting ready for the big day! I can’t wait, and I hope you all get some good food, rest, and fun with your loved ones. Don’t forget to bless your food before you eat it! Smile!



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