Posted on 18-12-2009
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What’s up Sexies! It Feature Friday, are you ready to meet the next little hottie I have to introduce to you? She is a girl that I love to hear talk. She has such a sexy ass accent. Her name is McKenzie Lee and she has been in the business for 8 years. It’s actually really cool, McKenzie got into the biz over in Europe. She is British and started doing porn in England. She did some porn and then some cable TV shows, and then she got contracted to Playboy TV and then moved to the states to do the Night Calls 911. I thought she had been with Club Jenna first before Playboy, but she was actually with Playboy before she got contracted to Club Jenna. It was a coincidence that Playboy ended up buying Jenna’s company. She said they were sort of following her I thought that was really awesome.
I asked her how it was going working for Digital Playrground. She said it’s going….lol. She said that she is still kind of new there so she is still feeling her way around because every company is different. She said she has only been there for 2 months so, so far so good. She was saying that she just shot her first film that I am in. I’m like “yes, and we get to have sex, and I thought you were like the hottest girl ever, and you have big ol fake titties and I love it!” She laughed and said, “I think you are the hottest girl ever, but it was cut short huh?” I told her that I totally agreed and while we were shooting we were just starting to really get into it and I felt like I had to let her go. I was like “man that’s it. That’s not fare….lol.” I think because we were having so much fun and so into it that the time just flew. She’s like I know I felt like it was over in like 30 seconds. I was like yeah it did. She has a new agency that she is opening up. And she is going to be representing girls in the business. I think that’s totally awesome. You can go to
She will be your girl if you want to get into the business. So if you are looking for some representation than look no further. She’s got ya covered. She takes all girls no matter what shape, size, or ethnicity. She said that they spread the love in her agency! I love it! Smile! McKenzie told me that she is really getting back into it now. She took a little break to have her kids. Man she looks good for having kids. But she has a website that she is starting to build up more. She is looking to shoot new content with people and ready to make it her own personal site. I told her how much everyone loves her. I know of a lot of my fans that are fans of hers too. They love watching her videos and it doesn’t matter what she’s doing. She could be doing the laundry and they would love to watch it. She’s so hot! I asked McKenzie if there were anyone in the business that she hadn’t met or worked with that she would want to. She said Belladonna. We both agreed that she was totally hot. McKenzie said that she thinks she just oozes sexuality and that what she likes about her, but she said I don’t know other than that. She said, “I’d like to work with you again” lol. I told her that we could arrange for that anytime she wanted.
I asked McKenzie if she ever had any crazy fan experiences. She said once at AVN she was doing a signing and this lady came up and just started crying. She was like oh my gosh what did I do. I asked what was wrong with her and she said she didn’t know she thinks that she was just overwhelmed. I think it’s cool because she could really help people and in turn have people look up to her. Maybe she helped a couple stay married longer or something. I think it’s cool. McKenzie’s birthday is in May, which makes her a stubborn bull…lol. She said so herself that she could be a little stubborn sometimes. Her shoe size is a 7 in US and a 4 in England. She is such a hottie I told her that we have to get together and shoot some more videos. I told her maybe we will go bike riding, she can sit on my lap and I can peddle…lol.. We’ll post it up for you to see of course. I can’t wait to bang her again! Nasty status babies!
Well my loves. I am going to get going. I’ve got to rest up a little bit before I go do my show tonight. If you didn’t cum out to see me last night than you need to get at me tonight. Bring your foxy ass up to the Spearmint Rhino 2020 East Olympic Blvd downtown LA. Give yourself the best gift ever this year. The memory of me grinding on your dick all night. I swear. Material things come and go, buy memories last forever. I want you to be one of my memories too so cum by and say hi!!

I hope you all are having an awesome holiday season. Stay warm babies especially my east coasters. Tell me who has a snuggie and how do you like them…lol.?



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