Posted on 17-12-2009
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2w3ql93Hey my sexy sweethearts. I am finally back in LA! I have been so busy GRINDING! I can’t even tell you what an awesome time I had in Tampa. I even had to reschedule my flight to leave today instead of last night! We seriously rage there! Tampa girls are so crazy and DFW (Down Fo Whateva!!) I love it! We had a blast at the shoots we did while we were there. I love my boys from Black Ice. We look out for one and other and it’s awesome. They’re really cool and awesome travel buddies! I had so much fun introducing them to everyone at the Nudist Resort. I’m pretty sure they had a good time! Wink! Wink! Make sure to check out my twitter for lots of pics from the trip!
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So I have a lot of people asking me so just to let you all know I can help you get into the porn biz. I just helped a guy from Myspace join us for our swingers shoot and it went really well! He was super sweet. And he was a really great performer too. So if you are serious than I can seriously help you! But please don’t waste my time if you’re not. I don’t have much of it to waste! Smile! So what’s on your minds today? I want to keep doing a Q&A with you so if you have questions for me make sure you leave them. You can ask me anything. Wink! So tell me babies have any of you checked out the girls that I have interviewed for Feature Fridays? If not make sure you do, they are some hotties! Also let me know if you have a favorite porn princess that you would like me to interview. I will see what I can do as far as getting one with them. Anything for my babies! <3
I love working with new girls. They are so much fun. I really love directing our shoots though! I feel like I have the best time when I am directing. Our sets are usually so chill and fun. I love working with people who get along well with each other! There is nothing better than working in a positive environment! Dontcha think?
Oh babies I just heard the best quote and wanted to pass it along. I don’t necessarily think it’s the right way to be, but it seems to be how we all are naturally! “Why do we ignore those who want us, want those who ignore us; Love those who hurt us, and hurt those that love us?” It’s really a great question right? I can think back into my life about how many time this has been true. Hmm. What do you all think about that quote? For some reason it really resonates within me. I think everyone has been there right? Either you haven’t given the time of day to someone who would have really appreciated it, or we wanted too badly to be with someone who treats us like shit. Then, we for sure have all loved those who have hurt us and hurt those who loved us. I can think of family situations where this is true, relationship situations where this is true. It’s so crazy. Life is so interesting. It’s a lot more interesting when you dig deeper into it though you know??

So I want to know, what are you all asking Santa for this year? Have you been good girls and boys? I bet playing Santa for kids is one of the best jobs out there. No babies, I’m not talking about playing the mall Santa, but like being Santa who goes to a hospital and gives presents or something. That might be one of the only things that a woman couldn’t pull of as well as a man can…lol.. How disappointing because I wish I could do it. I love giving presents! That’s the good girl Santa! What would you ask me for if I was your Naughty Santa Clause and could give you anything you wanted? Oh what a Christmas it would be! He!He!

Thanks to those of you who have sent me Christmas cards and gifts. You all so are so sweet. I love the Christmas presents I get from my babies. You guys are so good to me! And so creative I absolutely love it! Well babies you better be getting ready to come and visit me tonight when I’m dancing. At least pop in and say hi and get 1 lap dance. When I see you let me know that you read my blog tonight and I’ll make it extra special for you! Wink!!! I want to see all of my babies this holiday season. So let me be your Christmas present to yourself. You know we all buy ourselves something while we are out shopping for everyone! Let me be your present!! Smile!

I’m going to get up and go babies. I’ve got to nap before tonight! Ooohh, some sleepy sounds so good in my bed! I will definitely be getting Nasty Status tonight so you won’t want to miss me! I’ll be nice and refreshed! So cum say hi! And if you’re not near LA to come see me than say hi to me here!



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