Posted on 15-12-2009
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SpearmintRhinoLAHey babies. Wow, what a weekend/week it has been so far. I have had such a fabulous time in all of the different cities I have been in. It was so crazy cold up north I was seriously frozen. My signings were fabulous. We had a really great turn out; it was so cool to be signing in the city. New York is so beautiful at Christmas time. I went to see the nutcracker with my friend. I totally fell asleep during the first half of it…lol. I was so tired. I felt bad but was totally ready to rock during the second half. Oh you gotta love me, I can’t help it. Seriously with my travel schedule it is hard for me to get good sleep. It especially doesn’t help that I got my new bangin ass temperpedic bed. Do you know how much more comfortable it is than the beds that I sleep on when I travel? I’m sure you can imagine. It’s hard to be spoiled to a good bed when you travel a lot and have to sleep on whatever. It makes me that much more grateful to be home in my bed.
So I am finally in Florida, my home away from home. And I have been having such an awesome time. I loved the swinger’s film that we shot. We all had so much fun and had a really great group of people. It was really cool because I was able to meet and work with one of my fans from myspace. He was really cute; I think we broke him in well. Wink! Wink! He hit me up when I was looking for people and it was really cool that he followed through with it. It’s funny how many people talk a big game until it’s time to get to it…lol. We shot some new hotties you may not know, so you’ll have to check it out. I love meeting new girls. They are usually so sweet and I have such a busy schedule while I am here that I don’t get much playtime. Lucky for me I get to play while I work! Smile!

I was able to go visit my little niece and my girl when I first got in. I was so excited to watch my little niece open up her Christmas gifts. She was ecstatic! She loved all of them so much. She was so happy to see me and it was so adorable. I speak with her almost daily but it is still different to be able to see her and hangout. We had fun and went to breakfast together. She had to wear the little dress and shoes that I bought her. It was too cute! I felt so badly though when it came time to say goodbye to her. She was so sad to see me go and it broke my heart. Her mom even had to let her call me when they were in the car so she could say another goodbye because she was crying. Omg, I was like awe!! She’s so sweet and loves me so much! I love her.
I have one more day her and that’s tomorrow. I don’t leave until late tomorrow evening and won’t be back in LA until Thursday morning. I am hoping I can get some sleep on the place, because I have to dance Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights when I get back. I’m telling you babies I am GRINDING! I wanted to send a big hug and kiss out to all of you who came out to see me. I have so much love for all of you who take the time out of your day to cum hang with your favorite cummer…lol. You guys are so good to me. I am seriously convinced that I have some of the best fans in the world. I will be at the Spearmint Rhino in LA so if you guys are on the West Coast cum bring it to me! Bring me a mistletoe for me to give you a big ole smooch under. Smile!

So someone please tell me how much longer we are going to have to hear about Tiger freaking Woods for…lol. You absolutely cannot turn on the news and not hear something new about him. Even his endorsers are sick of talking about Tiger Woods…lol. They are like; let me just back off a bit. You know there are many more girls out there that could come out about being with him. Lets just all understand he is a billion dollar man! If he wants some pussy other than his wife’s, guess what he will get it. Over and over again! Tell me something; if you are in a relationship, has this Tiger scandal affected you and your partner? Has your girlfriend questioned you and your loyalty? I just wonder if he isn’t fucking things up for guys everywhere by making all the ladies out there start second guessing their men? What do you think?

I’m going to get going babies, I have got to get get some rest! It’s been such a long day! I hope you all had a good day too!


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