Posted on 11-12-2009
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Babies it is Friday, can I get a naked happy dance. I am signing in New Hampshire today so make sure you cum out and say hi to me! I am so excited to be here! It’s freezing though. Holy cow, it’s times like this that I really need a cuddle buddy at night in my bed to keep me warm! Who’s up for that job?? I want to wish a Happy Hanukkah to all of my Jewish babies out there. I hope you all have a wonderful evening tonight! Remember to give many thanks today. It is the time for people to celebrate freedom from oppression. I love the holidays!
Well babies I’m coming at you today to introduce to you another little hottie I know. For my Feature Friday today I will be interviewing Lisa Sparxxx. She is a hottie with a body!! She has some really great breasts so I had to let her know that in the interview. She was like “I’m kind of jealous of your ass, so I don’t know.” She continued, “It just stares at me everyday when in turn my twitter on. Lol… It does huh? Lol. I’m like do you just want to throw your face up in there or what girl? She’s all “I try I try every time I turn on my computer it is just there, and it’s beautiful.” I’m like please girl you’ve got a great booty too, it’s just all about the camera angle…lol.
My first question for Ms. Sparxxx was I wanted to know where she was from. She is from Kentucky. Funny enough my next question was do you have sweet tea there? Lol. I love sweet tea. She’s like “We do.” She said that she’s not much of a tea drinker but her husband likes it. I was like wow, how long have you been married? She said a little over 15 years. I was like wow that’s amazing. She said “yeah we’ve been having a lot of fun” I was wondering if she was in the business before she got married, but she said that she actually got into porn after she had been married for about 7 years. I asked her if it was because she wanted to or he wanted her to do it? She said, it was a mutual decision and they thought it sounded like fun so she decided lets do it. I’m like that’s really cool that you can have a partner like that. She said it gets tedious because they work together all the time, but. I said it’s cool because you get to dress up in costume. I told her she should start dressing him up like yogi the bear. She’s like yeah I should try that. I was curious if she only works with her husband. But she said no, he is the techi man behind the scenes. She said very rarely does he ever shoot anything with her. She said that he doesn’t really like to be on camera.
I always have to find out if these girls are animal lovers. She is an animal lover, she has to cats. She said I’m a cat girl. But they are called rag dogs. They are just like dogs. They play fetch and run around like dogs do. I thought that was so cool. Lisa said they are a little pricey but worth every penny. When they are little she said they look like little polar bears. I was like awe; I’ve really got to look into them. I said so they don’t bark like my dogs bark. And she said no and she also doesn’t have to take them out because they go to the bathroom in a litter box. That is so cool. I asked Lisa how long she had been in porn for. She said 8 years. I asked her how man guys she has done in that time and she said that she has the record with 919. I was like wow 919. And she said yes, 919 fabulous cock insertions. I’m like how. And she said 3 bottles of lube and about 250 guys. She said they were on a batting rotation. Lol. She had 919 insertions with all of the rotation they did. They shot for 7 hours. I was like wow was it only one hole or both and she said they only did it in the pussy. I had to ask if it was swollen like a blowfish…lol. She said not so much the outside but the inside definitely hurt more, and she new it would be tender. She continued to tell me that she didn’t shoot again for a month to heal a bit and when she shot again she said it was still a little tender. I’m like FUCK I can’t even imagine. She said yeah it was a little rougher than she imagined. She was cracking me up. Lisa said people wonder and ask her how her skin stays so soft, and she thinks it’s from all of the protein from the cum shots she takes on her face. She went on to say how good it is for your skin and how people don’t realize…lol. She’s a crack up. I wanted to know why she chose Lisa Sparxxx. She said it was 1 because her name was Lisa and she didn’t want to get used to responding to something else but also her husband thought of it because he said that I have such a sparky personality and they added the xxx for the porn aspect of it. I told her I liked it.
Lisa must be a really lucky girl. I asked her what she thinks about when she masturbates. She said that she doesn’t really masturbate very often. She said “I am well taken care of” But she said if she does, maybe she will turn it on the TV and check out her favorite actors. I told her how I do it to facebook and myspace pictures. Like if it is a group of guys I will fantasies about them taking their turns with me. Oohh, they get so hott! Well babies, that’s the interview with Lisa. Make sure you check her out at Lisa and She is such a sexy piece of ass with some big ole titties. Yummy!

Well babies, I’m going to get going so I can start getting ready. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! And remember bring your foxy asses out to see me this weekend. I love you all lots!



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