Posted on 10-12-2009
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Courtney-CummzNHHey hey my little boo boo’s. It’s give thanks Thursday and I’m and so thankful for having a smooth trip so far. Actually it has been perfect. I slept on my flight the whole way here, and then the guy who came to pick me up at the airport was super cool. We talked business and stocks. He was really smart. He was funny too; he said to me that he thought that I would be a bitch. I said why? He said because you are beautiful. He was so sweet. He said, beautiful girls are usually bitches. But you’re not you’re really sweet. What a sad stereotype. What a way to make a pretty girl ugly but with a badass attitude. It’s a waste of some good looks. Glad he caught me on a good day…lol. But anyway, he was so great, he checked me into my hotel and everything before I even got there so I was able to just go put my key in the door and relax. I just ordered some boneless wings and fries..mmm. Hotel I can’t wait to eat them, I am starving.
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So I’ve been chatting with this guy lately and it’s really serendipitous how we keep running into each other. The beginning of it started with a really funny story about me, a girl, and my panties. A friend of mine told me that she had a friend that was a huge fan of mine. She asked if I would please send her a pair of my panties so that she could give them to him for his birthday. You know how busy I am babies so I never got around to sending them to her, but I did manage to run into her one day. Of course I remembered and apologized about the panties. I told her here. I’ve been wearing these all day and they may not be the freshest but take the ones I’m wearing and give them to him. Well she did and she said that he loved them. Well I end up running into this guy at a gas station. He approaches me and says thanks for the panties I love them. I was like holy shit. I never thought that I would actually meet this guy…lol. I was like good. We talked a bit and then were on our way. So when I went to Arizona I ended up seeing him at this party that I was at. It was so insane. I was like wow. Well for 2 reasons really. 1 because I was running into him again, but 2 because he was looking so damn fine that night. He was wearing a suit and he looked so hot in it. I just kind of looked at him and was fantasizing about all of the dirty things that I wanted to do to him. I really just wanted to bite his fine ass at that very moment. Funny enough he’s not my usual type. He’s blonde with light eyes. His body is my type though…lol, and he’s got tattoos. It’s cool because we are at the same events a lot.

It is really a breath of fresh air to meet a guy without any baggage. I’ve met some guys with more baggage than Delta. But he’s really cool. I enjoy talking to him. I have had some really dirty fantasies about him lately too. I don’t know if it’s because I am so horny all of the time but him in that suit is such a good time in my mind. I really think that guys should get dressed up more often than they do. Men don’t underestimate how good you look when you’re dressed up. I can’t even tell you how often I want to tear off guys clothes when I see them looking all good in there work suits. What a tasty treat you would be to your woman.

I want to know who is planning on Cumming out to see me while I’m on the East Coast this weekend. All of my New Yorkers better get on out here and represent because it’s my first time signing in the city and I want to celebrate! All of my New Hampshire babies I’m hoping you don’t disappoint either. Cum on out babies and show me some love. It’s the holiday season so bring me mistletoe and I will give you a kiss you’ll never forget under it!!

Finally babies remember something. You need to do you! Always, make sure you’re happy and you are set up. It is so sad how many older people really don’t have a whole lot because they didn’t set themselves up financially. It is really important to invest in yourselves babies. Pay yourself first. But by paying yourself I mean paying into your savings account not buying yourself the latest gadgets…lol. It’s really important to have multiple sources of income. Importantly diversified sources of income. There is no reason that we should all work as hard as we do and not be able to save any of our money for ourselves. So think about it babies. You want to work smarter not harder ya know! Well babies my room service should be here soon, and It’s a good thing because I am even hungrier now. So I hope you all have a fantastic evening. Get your sexy asses out here and see me if your close by. You will be glad you did!



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