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Courtney Cummz has a lot going on this week signings, appearances & more!

For Immediate Release: December 9th, 2009

(Hollywood, CA) One of the most sexually exciting performers of the last few years has been Courtney Cummz ( Consistently delivering intense sex scenes Courtney is no stranger to turning on viewers with her alluring ways and hardcore sex. The blonde beauty continues to see her career reach new heights with numerous awards and nominations, well received reviews on her directorial work and recognition in the mainstream press. Courtney is one of the hardest working talents in adult entertainment today. This Saturday, Courtney will be in New York to take part of T.I.T.S. Clothing model search. December 12th fans in NYC cans meet the sexual dynamo at the Michael K on Broadway store. Cummz will host the Saturday event from 11am – 2pm. The store is located at 512 Broadway and will feature would-be models rotating through sessions as live window models on the Broadway storefront vying for their chance to be part of the calendar. The search is for Michael K and TITS Brand Calendar Models. Courtney will be on hand to guarantee sexy fun and excitement will be had.

“It’s going to be a lot of fun!” exclaimed Cummz. “I am very happy to take part of this event. I love T.I.T.S. , the brand is awesome and I hope to be involved with the company’s future events!”

More info can be found on the T.I.T.S. blog:

Courtney is also scheduled to make an in-store appearance at Xxxposed in Windham, New Hampshire. December 11th from 3pm-8pm fans can stop by and meet the sexy star of hit adult movies like Girlvana 5 (Zero Tolerance Ent.), Whack Jobs 5 (Zero Tolerance) and Courtney Cummz’ s Watch Me (Cherry Boxxx Pictures). Cummz will be signing autographs and posing for pictures at the store located at 53 Rockingham Road. For more info about the store or Courtney’s signing, log on to Xxxposed’s website:

The 2010 Adult Video News Award nominations were recently announced, Courtney was once again was found on the list of nominees. Cummz was nominated for Best All-Girl Couples Sex Scene for her work with Roxy Reynolds in Pussycats 3 (Zero Tolerance). The award show takes place in Las Vegas on January 9th at the Palms Casino’s Pearl Theater. More information about the event can be found on the official website

Courtney Cummz is a media maven! With East Coast signings and a West Coast radio show appearance, Courtney is everywhere, and of course there is more to Cummz!

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Hi babies. I’m so thankful to have an opportunity to pour my thoughts out into this blog and get such an awesome response from them. You guys always make me feel so great even when I’m feeling not so great! You all are the best part of my job. Today I have to take some time to tell all of the men out there that you are appreciated. Even if you may not hear it a lot from the people around you, I want you to know that you are! I appreciate the fact that many of you read my blogs on a daily basis. That’s awesome. I am just saying this because through all of the crazy shit that us girls do when we are PMS’ing there is really no way to win. Well there kind of is. When women are PMS’ing we are crazy, we are not working with the normal chemicals that are usually going on up there. I don’t know how to describe it other than a total “other” body experience…lol. Not outer body cuz we all know we are still here. But other body because I’m sure you men look at us and think what the hell happened to my girl? Who the hell is this chick? You look like her but you’re attitude is STANK….lol.. Seriously boys we can’t help it. Mine is always worse right before it comes.
My roomie is so funny, he’ll be like CC are you going to start your period or something. Hey at least he’s figuring it out right. I just hope that you all know that no matter what we say when it’s our time of the month it’s really not you it’s US. I always feel so bad afterwards a couple of days later because I’m just like awe, I hope no one takes me personally. It really just is crazy talk. How do you guys handle women who are a little grouchy around that time? What do you do to balance out the situation? Or cope with the fights that may erupt? I think that PMS stories are hysterical. We really are funny to watch I love that commercial where the girls are flipping out and the guys are all together in their room screaming and yelling like a bunch of girls. It looks hysterical. But hey that’s why you love us right?
I do feel though like men can generally help the situation out a little. We all need a little extra TLC sometimes so when you know your girl has a lot going on and has a little PMS than you’ve got to do something special. Something out of the ordinary and something that says I love and appreciate you. I think we get grouchy because we are always doing so many things at once. When you think about it women really are in charge of keeping a lot of things together. Even the holidays. What a different holiday it would be if a bunch of straight men prepared and ran the show. Lol. I have to say straight men because you know damn well that if a gay man were to be in charge it would be fabulous in every sense of the word. Not to say straight men can’t do it up, but I’m not sure that the majority of them could pull it all together. But even if it is taking her out to her favorite restaurant or picking her up something to drink like a bottle of wine or whatever. Or make her a card or flowers or CHOCOLATE!!!! For a girl on her period you can never go wrong with some chocolate. I am a big fan of Edible Arrangements. They are so delicious and make really great gifts. So for a girl with a most likely sweet tooth, you can never go wrong with some chocolate covered strawberries.
Anyways babies the point I am making is that through out all of the BS we may say or put you through we love the shit out of you. And at that time of the month you can be pretty sure that 90% of what we say we don’t mean. So take it with a grain of salt. And don’t take it personal. It will be over in a day or two…lol. I hope you are feeling me with this blog. But I am really curious as to what you guys think about us girls while we are actin crazy. What is the craziest thing a girl you know has ever done to you? This should be good…lol. I guess I’m hoping that it’s not just me…lol.

I hope you all are having a great day. It’s hump day and I think that’s exactly what I need to do. Get humped…lol. Who’s ready to go-rounds with me??? Take it easy babies. Peace, love, and light babies!



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