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21e3uxgOh my gosh babies, I have been sleeping forever. I can’t even begin to tell you how good it felt though. I came home today and turned on the heater. I decided that it was time to stop using my stove to heat up my house. Lol. People clown on me and tell me that I’m ghetto because I use my stove. Do you guys think that’s ghetto? I just do what my granny teaches me. When there is frost outside the heater needs to be on. I wish some of you could join me in my bed to keep me warm. Wink! How are you all handling the cold this year? Were you ready for it? I think its cool around the holidays but then I’m over it. Cold weather and the holidays bring me back to when I was little. I even made some chili last night. It was so yummy. My roomie tried saying that he didn’t like chili. I told him that we would make it anyways and see. Wouldn’t you know he’s eating it right now as we speak….lol. He loves it. Chili is soul food, how can you deny it! I think that’s what helped me sleep so well earlier. I had a nice full belly and snuggly warm house. It was really nice. I totally screwed myself though because I missed my nail appointment and needed to go to the bank. Now I am going to have so much running around to do tomorrow.
Do you guys like having down days? When your body says to chill do you usually listen? I guess its better that I sleep now because I probably won’t be getting much sleep this weekend. I was so disappointed this morning. I got up and got all pretty to do a cam show only to find out that my wireless keyboard wasn’t working. Ughh it was so annoying. My roomie and I had gotten it all set up last night but then this morning when I needed it it wasn’t working. He had gone to work so couldn’t fix it for me so I was S.O.L. All dolled up at 9am with nothing to do. *Frown*
Babies, I am so excited to start traveling. New Hampshire and New York here I cum. I am ready to rip it up too so you all better be ready. If anyone wants to come and get interview or pictures with me that’s cool too. I am really the most excited to see all of you though my babies. I have never been to New Hampshire to sign so I’m excited to see if they can bring it like New York does. That song by Jay-Z is so inspiring. I love it! I’m having a really great week. I am excited for tomorrow I am going to be doing a radio show. I will be on LA Talk Radio at 8pm West Coast time. So tune in babies and listen to my interview, I’ll be letting you in on some dirty details about me!
And finally, what do you all think about the big ole mess Tiger has gotten himself into? He should really stop putting his wood in the wrong holes…lol. I personally think that most of those girls would have kept quiet, but once a couple of them came out they all started poring out of the woodwork. They all probably thought they were the only one he was fucking. Once they found out that Tiger had a different girl in each city, I bet they just started seeing dollar signs. Cha ching! Some of these girls have already received millions just to keep their mouths shut. I really feel bad for his kids and his wife. I wonder if she was already aware of his cheating or if this all came as a big surprise to her? There are always those women who just turn the other cheek when it comes to their husband’s infidelity. As long as their lives aren’t changed, they don’t really seem to care. If any of those girls he was sleeping with were smart, one of them would have kept their mouth so he had a booty call to fall back on when all the rest of them went off for their 15 minutes of fame. Tiger you can take all of your anger and aggression out on me, and I promise not to rat you out baby! Lol… What do you all think of this? Shit who am I kidding, are you all wishing you were Tiger right about now. He’s got the kind of money that he can just say fuck you to everyone and get everything he wants. Have any of you ever had sex on Ambien? I never knew that so many people used it to have better sex. It’s like married couples ecstasy. Shit who knew…lol? All of these soccer moms poppin Ambien at night and getting freaky in the sheets with their men. What’s even funnier is that a lot of times they don’t even remember what they did…lol. Maybe Tiger should have shared an Ambien with his wifey and they might not be where they are today!

Some people think that he will lose his endorsements and some people don’t. What do you all think? Should he lose them or should he keep them? I’m excited to hear your opinions about it. So make sure you leave them while you’re here!

Have a good day babies and try to stay warm out there!



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Posted on 08-12-2009
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(December 8th, 2009 Los Angeles)
A really great night is planned for this Wednesday on “Inside The Industry”, as sexy starlets Courtney Cummz, Eva Ellington, and male star Jack Vegas joins James Bartholet on the program. The group will be taking your calls live.

Inside The Industry is created and hosted by James Bartholet and co-hosted by the lovely Michelle Maylene, star of Cinemax’s “Co Ed Confidential” and the host of AVN Live, and guest co hosts; adult film starlets Kristina Rose and Ruby Rayes, and is heard Wednesday nights from 8:00pm to 9:00pm PST and rebroadcast daily, on LA Talk Radio The program is already a very popular Internet radio show with the industry and the fans alike.

There’s also a great contest this week on the program. Listeners can win a signed picture of Courtney and Eva by calling in during the show at:
323-203-0815 or by emailing

Production companies who would like to send information to be talked about on the air, or performers who want to be booked as guests on the program, or companies that wish to advertise on the program, can email the Inside the Industry production office at;

The Inside the Industry television program is still on the air, and can be seen locally on cable television, and online 24/7 at:

About Inside The Industry
Inside The Industry, hosted and created by James Bartholet is a unique entertainment news program about the adult film and Internet industries. The program is co hosted by the lovely and talented actress and internet and TV host Michelle Maylene.
The program that began in 2006, on cable television and the Internet, is now a weekly radio version, heard Wednesday nights from 8:00pm to 9:00pm PST, on LA Talk Radio and covers information on the adult and mainstream industries.

For more information on the Inside The Industry Radio Program, please contact the Galaxy Publicity office: 310 652 0770 or


Best Wishes,
Galaxy Publicity Staff
310 652 0770

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