Posted on 07-12-2009
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x2_5876062lsa0s92uqloj9Hey my sexy blog reading babies. Who’s got a case of the Mondays? Lol. I am still kind of pumped up about my birthday. It has really been an all weekend celebration. I went out to a wonderful and delicious b-day dinner with some friends at Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion. I drank almost 2 bottles of wine and ended up getting absolutely wasted. That was the beginning of a wonderful night. I decided that I wanted to dance. I was HOT that night and absolutely ready to par-tay! So we went to my friend’s bar. But it was dead. There was no one on the dance floor and everyone was a little stuffy. So you know me, I started getting out there and then went up and talked some shit to the dj. He was kind of a dick. He didn’t seem to care that it was my birthday. I was like whatever; he sucked anyway hence the empty ass dance floor. But you know I wasn’t about to let that stop me from having a good time. I ended up so drunk, that I was like, I’ve really got to get home. Then I proceeded to pee outside of the car in the parking lot, and then, Oh boys get ready for this. I was the girl who was throwing up outside the window while driving. OMG! That is never me, but hey, it was my birthday….lol. Oh boy! I was a mess….lol. And I was so hung over the next day. Let me tell you it was seriously NO BUENO!

I slept forever. Ate some pizza and then had to get up to work. I had to do a photo shoot, soooo hung over. It was all good though, it went really well. I have added a new partner to my team. And they are a company called Tits (Two In The Shirt). I love them! It’s totally crazy because I met them years ago, but have just recently sat down to do business with them. We are doing a t-shirt together. I’m so so so excited about it. I will be doing two signings this week. Sat I will be signing for Tits. But first I will be flying into Boston, but actually signing in New Hampshire. I will be there Friday from 3-8 so make sure if you’re on the East Coast that you cummzee me. Then I will be going New York. I’m so excited about this signing because I will be right in the city. On Saturday from 11-2 I will be at Michael K in Soho. This is my first signing downtown in the heart of New York. So cum in rep for Tits with me, we will be having so much nasty fun, what a great Christmas present for you a nasty pic for you! I’ll make it memorable, that’s for sure! Wink! Wink! It’s going to be such a great trip. A little work then when I’m done working I can hang with my friends. I love cities at Christmas time. And NY never disappoints. It’s going to be so cold though. My nipples will be so It’s actually been cold and rainy here today.
I’ve had a great day today. I got up and shot a scene with the AMAZING Manuel Ferrara. He is so much fun to work with. He has such a huge cock; I was like happy birthday to me…hehe! I worked with him before like 4 years ago for Evil Angel he is so sweet, I didn’t know that he followed me on twitter, but he ended up bringing me a cake with the trick candles on them today for my birthday. It was so super sweet and a fun little surprise. To follow me on twitter click here We work so well together that we were able to bust out our scene in like 4 hours. I was done working at 1 and it was great. Usually I’m there from like 9-5 or sometimes 6. So that was really cool. I have another friend Joey Salvera who works for Evil Angel. He’s a director and really old school. He’s been directing since the ‘70’s, and is actually the one who brought out the inner Dom in me. He created the Dom I became and I fucking love him for that. I’ll never forget when I shot Cum Fart Cocktails and he directed it. Oh it was so much fun.
Manuel and I had such a good time. When the set is chill I am really chill and things work out really well. But when sets are all crazy and negative, I get stressed out and nervous and I feel like I don’t perform as well. So I love shooting days like today, he was so chill and we fucked each other well. I hope I have many many more days like today. How has your day been today babies? Did any of you do anything exciting over the weekend? If your answer is No, than this coming weekend you need to change that. Grab a friend and make a road trip to cum out and see me. That will give you something to look forward too! ;0) Let me know if you’re thinking about cuming out! I’ll be excited to see you all! I hope you all have a fabulous rest of your Monday! Put a smile on those faces today babies.



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