Posted on 04-12-2009
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kellyjeff0006Hey babies! It’s Friday and for those of you who may not know, it’s my BIRTDAY!! Hooray! My day has been so wonderful so far. I flew back home this morning from Arizona. Wow, I had a blast. I got so tipsy last night that I think I was still drunk this morning when I had to get up to go. Uugg, great way to start off the day, aye? I wanted to thank all of you who have contributed in making my day so great! All of the myspace, twitter, and facebook messages are so sweet. I truly appreciate you all and love you deeply.
Well I wanted to write up my Feature Friday for the day because I didn’t get to do it last week. Things got kind of hectic with the holiday. So let me introduce you to Kelly Divine. She really should be called Kelly DiFINE, cuz she’s a hottie…lol. I told her that I loved her twitter pic because it’s a pic of her ass. I love her butt, and I made sure she knew it…lol. My first question for her was what nationality she is. She is such a sexy mix of Italian and Irish. I want to know which of those gives her her booty. She’s been in the business for about 2 years; she said it was 2 years in October. Her favorite thing about the business is all of the crazy people she meets. I was curious if it was the fans or performers she was talking about but she said kind of both…lol. I was really excited to hear what the dirtiest thing she has done while on film? She laughed, and said I don’t know, I’ve done a lot of things….lol.. I asked her what pushes her to her limits. Is it going into domination mode or what? She said that she is super submissive. She likes being beat up and roughed up. She said sometimes she takes it a little too far, because she wont ever say stop that, she ends up bruising. She just did a scene a couple of weeks ago where she was having watermelon shoved up her ass. She’s so cute; she giggled and was like “it was a lot of fun.” So I asked her if she submit to me, she’s like oh yeah. I’m like I could smack you around a little bit. Smack you in the face, then spit in your mouth, and then lick that clit, and then nibble on it, bone you in the butt. She’s like mmm. Keep going…lol. I’m like is your pussy getting wet. She’s like “of course.”
I told her that I never really knew her before twitter. I said that it was a good thing for it because our paths had never crossed otherwise. She was so sweet. She’s like thanks for wanting to talk with me. Many girls in this industry just want to do the online thing but I try to explain that it can help with new fan generation. She agreed but said that some girls just want money now; other things take time to build. She’s right. I started asking her about tweeting Tyreese…lol. I was like wouldn’t you just love to stick his whole face up in there. She’s laughing and was like yeah his whole head…lol. His whole everything. I asked Kelly if she has any animals. She said she loved animals and that she has 2 dogs. One of which just had puppies. She’s like I have 5 screaming puppies now. I told her that one of my dogs had puppies once and I had them all trained to go potty on the potty pads so they were all ready to go to their new owners. She said hopefully she won’t have them long enough to train them, she’s so sweet, she’s like I get to attached to them, and I will want to keep them all. So if anyone wants a puppy, she can help ya out!

Kelly wears an 8 ½ size shoe and doesn’t mind at all if people want to make out with her feet. She actually likes to make out with peoples feet too. I was giving her some pointers to lick the arches, it usually makes them squirm. She’s like; I’ll have to try it. Kelly told me that she is originally from Philly. I asked her if she liked the Eagles and she’s like yep, “I like every thing Philly.” I had to ask if she had ever had any crazy fan experiences. She’s said not really, she loves meeting fans. She really loves being recognized and said that she did just recently in a club. She was excited because they recognized her by her face and not her ass. Lol.

Here is how to get at Kelly

She’s got lots of exciting things coming up and happening, she will be posting on twitter. So make sure to check her out. And that was our interview babies. I hope you go to the site and listen to it live. She’s too cute! I hope you all have a fabulous Friday as well as weekend. You know I will be!



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