Posted on 02-12-2009
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IMG_0959Hey babies, it’s hump day! Get your freak on! I have been all day. I had such an awesome time shooting today. Even though I was there ALL day. It was cool. It was awesome because I got a call to go shoot; it was kind of last minute. I guess one of the girls canceled and I was happy about it. I love when girls don’t want to work, because that’s just more money for me! ;) Who doesn’t like that right? Everyday I’m hustlin, everyday I’m hustlin! So today was my first time getting married…lol. (On set of course) I was shooting a weeding scene for Brazzers. It was awesome. We were getting married in Vegas by Elvis. The guy I was shooting with was a great sport. The story line was that we were supposed to be getting married but at the last minute I backed out because he didn’t satisfy me sexually the way I needed him to. His cock was a little too small for me; he wasn’t able to hit my spots like I need him too. It was hysterical, one of the girls we were shooting with was all like, “his dick is smaller than a worm on a hook” oh too funny. Also he wanted me to give up porn. It was crazy how real to life this whole story line was. It was kind of striking some old cords with me from my personal life…lol. Like so many other guys I have encountered he started in on the come on baby, I can take care of you, get out of the biz. I’m not even into pretending like I would quit this for a guy…lol. But, we exchanged our vows, which went something like this. I promise to such your dick everyday…lol etc. it was so fun! If only these were the vows people were taking in real life, there may be a couple more happy married couples out there. Lol. Anyways, I told him I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t marry him, and then I ended up leaving him for Elvis. Lol. Elvis was the king baby, you know he can do anything…lol.
It was an absolute blast. I’ll tell ya what though, when I do get married, I will be rethinking that whole vale thing. It was so annoying; I didn’t even like it at all. I will be finding a plan b for that…lol. Luckily I have some time to figure it out…lol. How about you guys. Have any of you ever found yourself at the alter only to sit there and think, should I really do this? I’m sure it’s kind of normal to wonder should I or shouldn’t I. Have you ever thought there is something just missing from this relationship? Maybe many parts of it are great, but you just feel like it’s missing something. Is it possible to find the whole complete package? Hmm. I’m really not sure. Did you guys go through with the wedding? Guys if you’ve been divorced before tell me something. Did you question marrying that person before you did it? Did an inner voice inside tell you not too? Did you listen to the inner voice? Well obviously not if your divorced…lol. Anyways, I’m just really curious about this. Do people ever find the total package? I feel like maybe when it’s the right one the things I don’t find perfect will be insignificant because I will be so in love with everything else that it doesn’t bother me. Perfect is a pretty relative way to put it. I just want perfect for me. If they are perfect in other peoples eyes or not doesn’t really matter to me. I just wonder if there are people out there who feel like they have the total package they would want or if people are just settling for whatever.
Married or people in long-term relationships, help me out with this one. I really want your opinions. Oh and also tell me what you think about this. A girlfriend of mine called and was telling me some of the family drama she had over Thankgiving. She was telling me that her mother in law was complaining about how her husband wears speedo type underwear and lays out in their back yard. They recently moved and don’t have a privacy fence or anything. They have been married for years but sleep in different rooms, don’t have sex, and really don’t act very much like a couple. I don’t know many men without a sex drive at all. Well she came home to him in his Speedo undies again and now says that she didn’t even see his dick when she looked at him. She said it was a flat triangle like a girls would look. WTF guys? Is he tucking? Why? Is he gay ya think? Do you straight guys do these kinds of things? He shaves his legs and can also dress very well. I didn’t know what to say. I just assume he is gay. He’s older like in his 50’s he’s got grown kids, I was just like, I have no idea…lol. What do you guys think? I think it’s totally one thing to be messing and playing around and showing a mangyna. But would you really tuck and do all of that with your speedo? Oh boys leave me your thoughts please. I’d love all opinions I can get on this subject. I love reading your comments. I’m glad you all like my blogs, I’m glad we can talk about everything under the sun! You guys rock, and I love love love you all! Keep it nasty for me today babes, I know you will! Go visit my site, I can help ;0)

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