Posted on 01-12-2009
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Babababies! It’s Tuesday bitches, are you keeping it trashy for me? I was getting dirty last night and it was so much fun. I’ve got a question for you boys. How do you feel when the woman is the aggressor? Do you like to be pursued by the ladies or do you like to do the pursuing? I have kind of been stepping into a new me. I’ve started taking guys into my own hands instead of waiting for them to do it. I have to be honest; it’s a little weird, but kinda cool at the same time. I hit up a friend of mine the other day. I had been thinking of him and started thinking about him sexually. We have worked together in the past shooting scenes, and I can remember thinking back then that he was a good fuck, and that I’d like to do him off camera as well. So I am in the process of looking for a good booty call and I thought of him. How do you all feel about girls seeking you out for booty calls? I can’t imagine that most guys would mind, but you really never know. But what if you have always been just friends? Do you think it is possible for him to get weirded out by this? He’s been pretty receptive so far. I texted him last night that I had been thinking about his hard cock. He was like wait a minute aren’t we supposed to fuck before you start thinking about my cock? I’m like, well sometimes the fantasy before you really do it is even better that how it goes in reality. Lol. I can’t help it; I guess I’m just a freak! I continued to masturbate to him, hope he doesn’t mind…lol.

My ex actually hit me up the other day telling me he wants to see me. Hmm. Not sure if I want to go there, but I wouldn’t mind to fuck him again. I’m sure he hasn’t been fucked the way I fuck him in a while so he’s in need of a good lay, wink! Wink! What do you all think about banging an ex? I feel like I could do it for the sex, but I don’t want any other added drama. Sometimes exes can’t keep the past in the past, ya know what I’m saying. Oh babies, I wanted to tell you to remember to go out and get tested. It’s really so important.

Today is Aids Awareness Day, and I think it is so important to take care of yourself. I have to be honest; before I got in the business I never got tested. I guess I thought I was above it or that it wouldn’t happen to me. I think most people are scared to go and scared to know. I have such peace of mind knowing that I don’t have HIV, and that is SO much better than wondering what if. It’s not fare to anyone to live and be oblivious to things. If you’re mature enough to have sex people need to be mature enough to do the things that need to be done when sexually active. Especially something as life threatening as HIV and Aids. And most importantly having safe sex. There is nothing you can do once it happens to you. There is no going back and saying oh let me fix it now. There are many things in life that are ABSOLUTE GIFTS. And our bodies are our first one we are given. It’s obvious that many of us should take better care of our bodies than we do, but as long as your doing positive things to impact it, I always hope it will balance it out. Nobody is perfect ya know! Let me know about you babies. Have you ever been tested, how did it make you feel when you took your first test. Even people in monogamous relationships sometimes people cheat. Please protect yourself if you’re going to cheat on your mate. There is nothing worse than when you lie about it to begin with and the other person only finds out because the contract some kind of STD. Who knows maybe that’s what happened to Tiger…lol

I would have beat his ass too if I was his wife. I really don’t blame her. I’m sure he wanted to embarrass him like he has embarrassed her. GUYS-When you have a lot to lose, you don’t just go sticking your dick anywhere. You can’t, you have too much to lose. I know it’s illegal, but you really need to pay for the pussy. Hired girls see this as business. It’s one thing to do business and it’s another to have an emotional affair when you’re in a committed relationship or married. Tiger should have definitely been hiring the pussy instead of secretly fucking some VIP hostess, who is obviously a star fucker anyway. No real difference between hired pussy and her, lets get real. The hired girls just don’t talk as much! Which is KEY! I just heard that they might have video footage of him leaving his house that night. That would seal the deal right there. I feel kind of bad for him though, everyone is all up in his business now and he is usually so under the radar. WHATCHAGONNADO!

Anyway babies, I’ve gotta get up and get moving. I have 4 meetings today. First with my boss man, then with my old publicist, then I am off to talk to this this t-shirt company Tits Clothing. They’ve been wanting me to work with them for some time now, so I’ve got to go check out all that they have to offer. Oh and lastly I’ve got to meet with the people that handle all of the mobile content. My cell phone screensavers are so cool! Ya gotta get you one! ;-) Then I’ve got to go swing by and meet with my roadie to pick up some of my content that he finished editing for me. Busy busy today. I hope your all having a great day. And don’t forget while your hear to leave me your opinions. I really need some help with this whole new aggressive woman thing I’m into. Hot or Not, let me know what you think!

I love you my sexy sweethearts~Have a blessed day!

Muah, xoxo


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