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0059Hey my sexy babies. I am ready to bring in the New Year bitches!!! Out with the old and in with the new. 2010 has been very much anticipated!! I can’t wait to make it an even hotter and nastier year than ’09. There are so many new things that I have going on in ’10 that it’s really exciting. Tell me babies; what are you all getting into tonight? You going to the club, or a house party? Or maybe you’re just doing a low-key dinner and movie? Whatever it is, I hope you all have a safe and blessed holiday! Make sure to have a designated driver or a taxi or something. Shit you could ride the bus if you had too, and that would be the cheapest route. But one thing is for sure; I would be devastated to hear of anything happening to any of you. So please be safe.

One thing I think I am going to have to work on this year is my dating skillz…lol. Seriously ya’ll I am so bad at dating. I decided I need some help from you all on what guys like these days. I am always so wrapped up in what I am doing that I have completely lost touch with how to work as a unit with someone. I have been content being single and I have different men in my life that fill the missing boyfriend voids for me. But I have really been entertained by the idea of being in a committed relationship lately. But I have also come to realize that it’s not so easy to just go out and find a boyfriend. I’ll need to make sure he is the right one.

So guys this is were I need your help. I want many different views too, so please please leave me your thoughts. Even if you never usually comment on these blogs, do it for me. Smile! How long do you guys usually wait to call a girl if you are interested in her? If you’re not interested do you just not call again? What kind of things turns you off on a date? And please tell me this. Do you mind if a girl expresses her interest in you or would you rather her not be so forward? I guess I need some help in this subject because the relationships I have with men are usually sexual. I usually am just looking to be fucked and so I find one whom looks like they could satisfy me. I have decided that I am not going to let my sex drive control of my love life. Just because a guy is a quality fuck doesn’t mean he will be a quality boyfriend.

I am at the point now where I’m not interested in playing games. Guys you say you don’t like games either but then when a girl shows that she’s all about you from the get go sometimes you back off. So I feel like us, as women always need the game to be going on. Do you think you are the kind of guy who wants something just because you can’t have it? Or do you value and appreciate the things you are able to get? Many people are like that and I think guys can definitely be like that with women especially. Once they get them however; they don’t want them anymore. I’m sure there are many girls out there who lost their virginity to a guy like that! Woman can be the same but I find it is usually about other things. We are much more loving and emotional when it comes to men and our relationships with them. But guys aren’t really. So tell me, and be honest. You do like when a girl keeps you chasing her a little bit, right? Who knows maybe I am completely off. That’s why I’m asking you all. Haha!

Is this crazy? Don’t worry; I do know that relationships and love happen when you are least expecting it and when you’re not looking. I am just trying to figure out which signs to not look out for…lol. However if I am going to start going on dates, I need to know what the hell I am doing…haha! I have never been a dater in my life. I have always had long-term relationships, but this was definitely before moving to LA. I have had one long-term boyfriend since being here in Ca. !! guys here are way different than in the rest of the world. Everyone has an agenda! It’s about finding the one with positive intentions that def hard.

Well babies, have a wonderful night! Please please please be safe! But have a hellovagoodtime!! Drink lots of bubbly for me and put your tongue down a hotties throat when the ball drops and then move them into the bedroom to bring in the New Year right!

Keep it nasty for me babies! I love you all and will talk to ya next year…lol. (haha I had too!)



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Well babies, the Christmas hoop-la has officially came and gone. It’s so funny all of the build up and excitement people create for one day! It’s kind of like having an O, except hopefully people aren’t waiting all year for it…lol. In my opinion everybody should be having at least one orgasm a day! Start ya day off right; you know what I’m saying. Wink! Wink! I have a friend in town this week. We went to a kinds game last night. It was a blast. The Kings lost, but it was still a really good game. I love the hockey fights. They are always good…lol. It’s a hard game though. They spend all of this time chasing after this little puck….lol. It’s cool though. It was really crowded in there; I was thinking people must have gotten some tickets for Christmas or something. I definitely like the stadiums more when they aren’t so jam-packed with people. All in all my favorite will always be when I go to the Dodgers games, they are the best. They are my favorite.
Did you all have a good time with your families over the holidays? Families are a funny thing. Sometimes the fantasy is a lot better than the reality. My family is really starting to get under my skin with their lack of enthusiasm for the holidays and lack getting together for them. I’m getting to the point of being totally over it all together. My brother royally pissed me off this year. I think his wife has him about as pussy whipped as they come. It’s annoying as a female and sister to watch a man, let alone my brother act like a bitch because of his woman. MEN LET ME SAY SOMETHING! If you’re woman isn’t making you and your relationships better, than she’s not the one for you! Have you ever known a guy to get with a girl and all of his relationships change? Either she doesn’t like his friends or she doesn’t get along with his family, but either way it causes a major rift in his relationships. I’m sure most of you have experienced this either with yourself or someone else. It really sucks to sit back and watch. Those kinds of relationships rarely work out long term. Your partner should make your life better not worse. But in the mean time friends and family suffer. It obviously goes both ways where woman change because of their men too, but we all know that’s a whole other story. Both are equally shitty and bothersome.
Babies tell me, do you guys have any hobbies? I want to know what kinds of things interest my people. I think hobbies are important. We all need something to do to unwind from life and take our minds off of things. Some of my favorites are going to sporting events, going out to eat. Or even just chillin at home watching a movie. Sporting Events are always a good time, but you know they can get expensive. After getting your seats, beer, and food it really adds up. When you go once in a while it’s cool, but I like to go all the time. Whether it’s football, hockey, or whatever I’m all about going. I love going out to dinner. But more importantly I love good conversation while I am there. What do you guys like to do? Smoke weed? Lol. A lot of my friends would probably say that was their hobby…lol. But really though. Hobbies help you go with our flow. I think we all need to find more things that help us do that. And do them! Things that just make us happy, ya know?

I’m going to see if my friend wants to go get his tattoo touched up. I’ve got some serious ink fever these days. I don’t know if he will or not, so if not I’m thinking maybe we will take a little drive out to Malibu. I’m definitely going to take him to this little French restaurant that I love. It’s kind of like a little secret jewel of a restaurant. So I can’t wait for him to try it. He leaves Wednesday so today is our last day to really do a lot of stuff. What are you all doing for the New Year? How will you say goodbye to 2009? Are you looking forward to this year being over? I hope that 2010 is better for a lot of people out there.

It’s kind of nice because I have a couple of days off. I’m not working until AVN. Not that that isn’t a lot of work to prepare for AVN because it really is. I have to make sure to get my hair done, my nails done, get my tan skin on, and pick out the hottest outfit that I can find. Yeah it’s a lot right. But you know what babies, it is all worth it. Not only do I love to run around in jeans in a tank top but I also love to get all prettied up. So it is always a good time when I can get dolled up and go out. And we all know that Vegas is off the chain. So that is going to be awesome and I am really looking forward to it.

Oh babies let me remind you to please please please go and vote for me at . It only takes two seconds to do it so make sure you do. I’m up for best female performer and best director. I would really love to win both so make sure to ask your friends to do it too! This would mean so much for real! So go now babes. Click here



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Here comes Santa Clause, Here comes Santa Clause right down Santa Clause Lane! Hey babies, Merry Christmas Eve! I hope you’re all having a wonderful day! I have a little Christmas present for you all! My fan picture signs are finally finished. I am going to post them up and be thankful that no one can take them down here. I’m so over being deleted from social sites for being “too nasty” it’s who I am…lol. That’s why I love my blog. I can say whatever and I am the effin mediator…lol. So I hope that you enjoy them! Smile!
I have started my Christmas feast. I decided to make our meal tonight and then eat the leftovers tomorrow. I’ve got a chicken and ham in the oven and I am going to start my potatoes soon. What is your favorite food at Christmas? Do any of you think about your childhood a lot around the holidays? I totally do. I think about how much I miss going to my grandma’s house with a ton of my family there. I had a lot of aunts and uncles on my dad’s side of the family and they had a lot of kids between all of them. So I can remember how much fun I had when we all got together and played all night. What are some of your favorite memories from your childhood? I laugh still when I think about the gifts that my stepfather gets us. They have always been gifts from a pawnshop. He would always get my mom her jewelry from them as well as my gifts. I will never forget when he got me a pair of ice skates. It didn’t even get very cold where I lived. And there were sure as hell no ponds or ice-skating rinks around. Lol. Oh boy. It makes me laugh even harder to think about how people always thought my family had so much money. We really didn’t but I guess we put on a good show.

Being at my grandma’s is my most favorite missed memory of my childhood. Growing up in the ‘80’s was awesome, I feel like people were more about family back then. Being at her house is seriously like being at Big Mama’s House. We were like the white version of the movie. Haha, for real. She was on welfare and everything. It breaks my heart though that now that she died no one gets together anymore. Everyone just goes off and does their own thing and I think it totally sucks. I don’t even bother asking anymore because I know what they will say. And it’s weird my immediate family hasn’t ever been real big on celebrating so I don’t even think about going there. I really wish I could get us all back together. I used to try but I feel like it’s useless. Have you guys ever experienced that were your grandparents pass away and the family falls apart? It is so sad. It makes it even worse when there are money problems involved. Money can tear apart a family as well. All I know is that my family has completely lost sight of what Christmas is really about. I hope you all are more fortunate!

Make sure you all really say thank you to your family for giving such a wonderful Christmas each year. It really is a lot of work and some people might not always feel so appreciated. Even try to just say Merry Christmas to someone walking past you or hold the door for someone with their hands full. Can you imagine what a nice place the world would be if we all walked around all day networking and speaking to each other? We all get so self absorbed in our own worlds and what we are doing that we don’t even acknowledge other people. I visualize a place where we walk the streets greeting everyone you come in contact. I read a book once that said anyone who you lock eyes with has a message for you. It’s just a matter if you’re open to receiving it or not. Think about how many messages we have missed out on just because we are too proud to say hi or hello to someone you come in contact with. It would be a great leap for our country to become nicer as a whole. We have a little bit to go. Did you know that Florida is one of the top 3 happiest places in the United States? Yay for Florida! That’s why I love it. California was 46th. That’s really sad. We need to step it up Cali!! There are only 50 states. I wonder though, who is the very dead last? Let’s look that up…lol. I wouldn’t want to live there. Lol.

Oooohhh, babies I picked up my little outfits that I had made. My Randy Moss Jersey outfit. It is so hot, and it turned out so good!! Love love love it!!! I should take a picture of myself in it and send it to Randy. Do you guys think he would like it? Well babies, I am going to get up and start making my taters. MMMmm, I am going to meal this food. And then go on a major diet after the holidays. All of this good food makes my booty even juicier! Lol. Do you guys like my booty with a lot of juice or a little? Let me know, smile!

Well be so thankful for your days babies. Merry Christmas to all. I think about all of the sick kids who are spending Christmas in the hospital and it breaks my heart. If you have health babies you really have all you need. And don’t take today for granted that’s why it is called “The Present”. Thank you all for being a part of my extended family. I love and appreciate you all!!

Be sure to check out my dirty blog from all my fan signs!!



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Jingle balls babies! How are you? Yay for hump day today! What’s everyone doing for Christmas Eve tomorrow? I hope you all are done with your shopping seriously. It is crazy out in the world right now. I watched the news earlier and heard that there was a Santa in Tennessee robbing banks. What!?! Can you imagine what a little kid would think standing in line at the bank and seeing Santa come in and rob it? Wow, what is this world coming to seriously? I also heard that 4 people have been found dead and there was a standoff with the police and some guy today. WTF is going on? People are crazy!!
We need to remember what the holidays are about and bring it back to that. Some people get way to wrapped up in the presents and stress out about “keeping up with the Jones’s” Everyone would be a lot better off it they took their ego out of it and just got people a little something they could afford. That is the best way to go. Either some people spend too much money and then make themselves feel bad about it, or they spend a little and feel bad about it. You should never feel bad about giving. Anything you give is such a wonderful gift. And you will never go without when you are a giving person. I understand that times are tough right now for some people and that people are living on a lot less than they were. However, I don’t always think that it’s a bad thing. So just keep that in mind babies. One small thoughtful gift is worth way more than a great extravagant thoughtless gift. Like I said before even if it is showing up with a carton of milk or ice cream or even a card. Anything to show you are thinking of them!
White Doorway-005870
Oh babies, I really need you to do me a favor. Will you pretty please with my pussy on top go to and vote for me for best director and best female performer. It would mean a lot if you showed me your support in the polls. YOUR VOTES COUNT! So help your favorite nasty girl out! I would so appreciate it! You have to do it often because there are like 4 rounds of voting. Have you’re friends vote for me too babies; it would be the best Christmas present ever! Smile! Big hugs, kisses, and thank you’s in advance.

So I’m getting over feeling sick. Uggh, this always happens when I travel a lot. I think I run myself so hard that my body says yo, slow down. So I’m uppin the vitamin C and getting extra rest! Have you guys heard that dogs can get get the swine flu? That’s crazy. I heard that on the news too. Have you all noticed how negative the news is usually? There are so many more negative stories than there are positive ones that it could make anyone a paranoid freak! Haha! I think that may be what’s wrong with old people. A whole lifetime of the news and then when they retire they sit on the couch and watch the news tell them about the big scary world outside of their house. No wonder why older people are a little out of the loop and out of touch with the way the young world is, all they hear are the negative stories. Speaking of the h1n1 vaccine, did any of you get it? I also heard that they had to recall somewhere around 800,000 of them. WHAT?? That’s crazy. The new tells everyone to run out and get them and then they recall them for adverse effects. I am so glad I didn’t get one. What is even scarier to me is that they were making kids and the elderly priorities for them. It’s so wrong. I’m really not too sure how I feel about the whole vaccine thing. I think like the jury is still out on if they are really that beneficial, and so far I’m not convinced. So remember to wash your hands a lot this season to try to keep yourself healthy.

Well I am so looking forward to relaxing at my home with my doggies. They are my family here, well and my roomy too! It’ll be nice to be home with them and just chillin. Maybe some good wine too! What will you all be doing the next couple of days? Do you enjoy giving the gifts or getting them the most? Which one are you?

Well babies, I’m going to get going but please please please go vote for me at remember, best director and best female performer. And try to vote for all 4 of the rounds. If you have any questions hit me up here or on twitter Thank you my loves.

Have a blessed day and night,


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Hey my little love bugs! It’s your favorite nasty girl coming at you on this Motivational Monday! How are you all feeling today? I’m awesome! I had an awesome time dancing over the weekend. If you guys have never seen me dance you really are missing out! I love when I get to go dance. I am totally that girl that gets ALL up in your shit! Lol. I can’t even help myself. Ha ha funny enough I jumped on top of this one guy and we totally flew backwards and ended up on the floor. It was hysterical. We both just looked at each other with me straddling him and were like holy shit…lol. I jumped up and was like my bad! Ahhaa!! It was so funny! Do you think he enjoyed it? Would you? I just can’t help myself when I’m dancing; I love to be all up in everyone’s face
Oh babies did you see on my new tat! Well it’s really just an add on to what I already had. I have always loved my infinity sign but I have always felt like it was just missing something. So I went in to get it touched up and walked out with it looking perfect! It reads faith, hope, love. It is from Corinthians 13:13 “And now these three remain Faith, Hope, and Love. But the greatest of these is Love.” I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. I loved when I posted it on twitter that all of my tweethearts started tweeting me on what their favorite bible verse is. That was really cool! Do you have a favorite quote, bible verse, or other mantra you live your life by? What is it? I love sayings of all kinds! I found out something really cool when deciding on my new tat. I have an arrow on my leg as you all probably know that is a representation of me being a Sagittarius. But I also just found out that the arrow is also a good luck symbol. I never knew that! I thought it was really cool! And when I think back to how my life has been since I’ve gotten it, it has been awesome! So that’s always cool! What kind of symbolic tattoos do you all have, if any? What was your first tattoo?
Ughh, babies I do not want to go back out on the road! The traffic has been mad crazy all day today! I guess everyone is out on a mission trying to get their Christmas shopping done! Have you all finished you shopping? Do you have a significant other to shop for? If so what are you getting them? I’m glad that I have all of mine done. Been done since December 1st. Pats on the back for me…lol. I can’t even imagine being at the mall the next couple of days. What a nightmare. People are crazy around the holidays too! Like every year, there are crazy stories about people killing people over toys for their kids and shit. It’s insane! I can’t wait until I have my own little babies to buy for, I might be one of those crazy people too…lol. Ya never know..haha! I guess that’s why I like my online shopping too though! It will keep me out of trouble. Wink!

So babies, tell me what Christmas means to you? Do you guys have any Christmas traditions with your family that you have been doing for years?? Christmas is so fun and exciting for kids! Oh if any of you have kids there is the cutest thing that my niece has. It’s called The elf on the shelf. Have you heard of it? He is a little elf that comes with a book and he watches over the kids during the day. When they go to sleep the elf flies back to the North Pole (Wink!) and reports to Santa if the child was naughty or nice that day. He’s Santa’s watchful eye! Kids usually want to be on their best behavior when they know their elf is watching. But every morning my niece has to go find her elf again because he’s never in the same spot he was in the day before. When he comes back from the North Pole he hides somewhere else. So it’s a really fun activity for the whole family to participate in and make a tradition. I wanted to pass that on to any of you with kids or if you have kids your close too! The parents all love it! You can pick them up at Barnes & Noble or any other bookstore if you’re interested.
living room-006411
So does everyone have a short workweek, this week? Well I guess not everyone would have one, because some places are still open on Christmas. Does anyone have to work on Christmas? I will be the first to give you a big thank you for working on the holiday! If the world didn’t have people who were willing to work on holiday’s than everyone would be stuck at home! We wouldn’t even be able to drive places if gas stations weren’t open. So I know some people are upset when they work, and it is rightfully so, but at least your work isn’t going unappreciated. I totally appreciate you.

I hope you all have a cheerful week. And please remember to count your blessings each and everyday. If you are even able to read this blog you are much more advanced than other people who have never even seen a computer, so be thankful for that! Smile! If you’re not cooking a big meal, no worries, go grab you a hungry man meal and it will be just as good! And no hassle! I’m not even cooking a turkey this Christmas, I am seriously turkied out from Thanksgiving still. We are doing chicken! So that will be good! I hope you’re all having a good start to your week on this Monday. People have never been so motivated on a Monday in a while I bet, but everyone is hustling getting ready for the big day! I can’t wait, and I hope you all get some good food, rest, and fun with your loved ones. Don’t forget to bless your food before you eat it! Smile!



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Please vote for me to win at Rog Reviews and vote for me here too, Fan Picks

What’s up Sexies! It Feature Friday, are you ready to meet the next little hottie I have to introduce to you? She is a girl that I love to hear talk. She has such a sexy ass accent. Her name is McKenzie Lee and she has been in the business for 8 years. It’s actually really cool, McKenzie got into the biz over in Europe. She is British and started doing porn in England. She did some porn and then some cable TV shows, and then she got contracted to Playboy TV and then moved to the states to do the Night Calls 911. I thought she had been with Club Jenna first before Playboy, but she was actually with Playboy before she got contracted to Club Jenna. It was a coincidence that Playboy ended up buying Jenna’s company. She said they were sort of following her I thought that was really awesome.
I asked her how it was going working for Digital Playrground. She said it’s going….lol. She said that she is still kind of new there so she is still feeling her way around because every company is different. She said she has only been there for 2 months so, so far so good. She was saying that she just shot her first film that I am in. I’m like “yes, and we get to have sex, and I thought you were like the hottest girl ever, and you have big ol fake titties and I love it!” She laughed and said, “I think you are the hottest girl ever, but it was cut short huh?” I told her that I totally agreed and while we were shooting we were just starting to really get into it and I felt like I had to let her go. I was like “man that’s it. That’s not fare….lol.” I think because we were having so much fun and so into it that the time just flew. She’s like I know I felt like it was over in like 30 seconds. I was like yeah it did. She has a new agency that she is opening up. And she is going to be representing girls in the business. I think that’s totally awesome. You can go to
She will be your girl if you want to get into the business. So if you are looking for some representation than look no further. She’s got ya covered. She takes all girls no matter what shape, size, or ethnicity. She said that they spread the love in her agency! I love it! Smile! McKenzie told me that she is really getting back into it now. She took a little break to have her kids. Man she looks good for having kids. But she has a website that she is starting to build up more. She is looking to shoot new content with people and ready to make it her own personal site. I told her how much everyone loves her. I know of a lot of my fans that are fans of hers too. They love watching her videos and it doesn’t matter what she’s doing. She could be doing the laundry and they would love to watch it. She’s so hot! I asked McKenzie if there were anyone in the business that she hadn’t met or worked with that she would want to. She said Belladonna. We both agreed that she was totally hot. McKenzie said that she thinks she just oozes sexuality and that what she likes about her, but she said I don’t know other than that. She said, “I’d like to work with you again” lol. I told her that we could arrange for that anytime she wanted.
I asked McKenzie if she ever had any crazy fan experiences. She said once at AVN she was doing a signing and this lady came up and just started crying. She was like oh my gosh what did I do. I asked what was wrong with her and she said she didn’t know she thinks that she was just overwhelmed. I think it’s cool because she could really help people and in turn have people look up to her. Maybe she helped a couple stay married longer or something. I think it’s cool. McKenzie’s birthday is in May, which makes her a stubborn bull…lol. She said so herself that she could be a little stubborn sometimes. Her shoe size is a 7 in US and a 4 in England. She is such a hottie I told her that we have to get together and shoot some more videos. I told her maybe we will go bike riding, she can sit on my lap and I can peddle…lol.. We’ll post it up for you to see of course. I can’t wait to bang her again! Nasty status babies!
Well my loves. I am going to get going. I’ve got to rest up a little bit before I go do my show tonight. If you didn’t cum out to see me last night than you need to get at me tonight. Bring your foxy ass up to the Spearmint Rhino 2020 East Olympic Blvd downtown LA. Give yourself the best gift ever this year. The memory of me grinding on your dick all night. I swear. Material things come and go, buy memories last forever. I want you to be one of my memories too so cum by and say hi!!

I hope you all are having an awesome holiday season. Stay warm babies especially my east coasters. Tell me who has a snuggie and how do you like them…lol.?



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2w3ql93Hey my sexy sweethearts. I am finally back in LA! I have been so busy GRINDING! I can’t even tell you what an awesome time I had in Tampa. I even had to reschedule my flight to leave today instead of last night! We seriously rage there! Tampa girls are so crazy and DFW (Down Fo Whateva!!) I love it! We had a blast at the shoots we did while we were there. I love my boys from Black Ice. We look out for one and other and it’s awesome. They’re really cool and awesome travel buddies! I had so much fun introducing them to everyone at the Nudist Resort. I’m pretty sure they had a good time! Wink! Wink! Make sure to check out my twitter for lots of pics from the trip!
cc001cc002 2n6yg5y
So I have a lot of people asking me so just to let you all know I can help you get into the porn biz. I just helped a guy from Myspace join us for our swingers shoot and it went really well! He was super sweet. And he was a really great performer too. So if you are serious than I can seriously help you! But please don’t waste my time if you’re not. I don’t have much of it to waste! Smile! So what’s on your minds today? I want to keep doing a Q&A with you so if you have questions for me make sure you leave them. You can ask me anything. Wink! So tell me babies have any of you checked out the girls that I have interviewed for Feature Fridays? If not make sure you do, they are some hotties! Also let me know if you have a favorite porn princess that you would like me to interview. I will see what I can do as far as getting one with them. Anything for my babies! <3
I love working with new girls. They are so much fun. I really love directing our shoots though! I feel like I have the best time when I am directing. Our sets are usually so chill and fun. I love working with people who get along well with each other! There is nothing better than working in a positive environment! Dontcha think?
Oh babies I just heard the best quote and wanted to pass it along. I don’t necessarily think it’s the right way to be, but it seems to be how we all are naturally! “Why do we ignore those who want us, want those who ignore us; Love those who hurt us, and hurt those that love us?” It’s really a great question right? I can think back into my life about how many time this has been true. Hmm. What do you all think about that quote? For some reason it really resonates within me. I think everyone has been there right? Either you haven’t given the time of day to someone who would have really appreciated it, or we wanted too badly to be with someone who treats us like shit. Then, we for sure have all loved those who have hurt us and hurt those who loved us. I can think of family situations where this is true, relationship situations where this is true. It’s so crazy. Life is so interesting. It’s a lot more interesting when you dig deeper into it though you know??

So I want to know, what are you all asking Santa for this year? Have you been good girls and boys? I bet playing Santa for kids is one of the best jobs out there. No babies, I’m not talking about playing the mall Santa, but like being Santa who goes to a hospital and gives presents or something. That might be one of the only things that a woman couldn’t pull of as well as a man can…lol.. How disappointing because I wish I could do it. I love giving presents! That’s the good girl Santa! What would you ask me for if I was your Naughty Santa Clause and could give you anything you wanted? Oh what a Christmas it would be! He!He!

Thanks to those of you who have sent me Christmas cards and gifts. You all so are so sweet. I love the Christmas presents I get from my babies. You guys are so good to me! And so creative I absolutely love it! Well babies you better be getting ready to come and visit me tonight when I’m dancing. At least pop in and say hi and get 1 lap dance. When I see you let me know that you read my blog tonight and I’ll make it extra special for you! Wink!!! I want to see all of my babies this holiday season. So let me be your Christmas present to yourself. You know we all buy ourselves something while we are out shopping for everyone! Let me be your present!! Smile!

I’m going to get up and go babies. I’ve got to nap before tonight! Ooohh, some sleepy sounds so good in my bed! I will definitely be getting Nasty Status tonight so you won’t want to miss me! I’ll be nice and refreshed! So cum say hi! And if you’re not near LA to come see me than say hi to me here!



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Posted on 15-12-2009
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SpearmintRhinoLAHey babies. Wow, what a weekend/week it has been so far. I have had such a fabulous time in all of the different cities I have been in. It was so crazy cold up north I was seriously frozen. My signings were fabulous. We had a really great turn out; it was so cool to be signing in the city. New York is so beautiful at Christmas time. I went to see the nutcracker with my friend. I totally fell asleep during the first half of it…lol. I was so tired. I felt bad but was totally ready to rock during the second half. Oh you gotta love me, I can’t help it. Seriously with my travel schedule it is hard for me to get good sleep. It especially doesn’t help that I got my new bangin ass temperpedic bed. Do you know how much more comfortable it is than the beds that I sleep on when I travel? I’m sure you can imagine. It’s hard to be spoiled to a good bed when you travel a lot and have to sleep on whatever. It makes me that much more grateful to be home in my bed.
So I am finally in Florida, my home away from home. And I have been having such an awesome time. I loved the swinger’s film that we shot. We all had so much fun and had a really great group of people. It was really cool because I was able to meet and work with one of my fans from myspace. He was really cute; I think we broke him in well. Wink! Wink! He hit me up when I was looking for people and it was really cool that he followed through with it. It’s funny how many people talk a big game until it’s time to get to it…lol. We shot some new hotties you may not know, so you’ll have to check it out. I love meeting new girls. They are usually so sweet and I have such a busy schedule while I am here that I don’t get much playtime. Lucky for me I get to play while I work! Smile!

I was able to go visit my little niece and my girl when I first got in. I was so excited to watch my little niece open up her Christmas gifts. She was ecstatic! She loved all of them so much. She was so happy to see me and it was so adorable. I speak with her almost daily but it is still different to be able to see her and hangout. We had fun and went to breakfast together. She had to wear the little dress and shoes that I bought her. It was too cute! I felt so badly though when it came time to say goodbye to her. She was so sad to see me go and it broke my heart. Her mom even had to let her call me when they were in the car so she could say another goodbye because she was crying. Omg, I was like awe!! She’s so sweet and loves me so much! I love her.
I have one more day her and that’s tomorrow. I don’t leave until late tomorrow evening and won’t be back in LA until Thursday morning. I am hoping I can get some sleep on the place, because I have to dance Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights when I get back. I’m telling you babies I am GRINDING! I wanted to send a big hug and kiss out to all of you who came out to see me. I have so much love for all of you who take the time out of your day to cum hang with your favorite cummer…lol. You guys are so good to me. I am seriously convinced that I have some of the best fans in the world. I will be at the Spearmint Rhino in LA so if you guys are on the West Coast cum bring it to me! Bring me a mistletoe for me to give you a big ole smooch under. Smile!

So someone please tell me how much longer we are going to have to hear about Tiger freaking Woods for…lol. You absolutely cannot turn on the news and not hear something new about him. Even his endorsers are sick of talking about Tiger Woods…lol. They are like; let me just back off a bit. You know there are many more girls out there that could come out about being with him. Lets just all understand he is a billion dollar man! If he wants some pussy other than his wife’s, guess what he will get it. Over and over again! Tell me something; if you are in a relationship, has this Tiger scandal affected you and your partner? Has your girlfriend questioned you and your loyalty? I just wonder if he isn’t fucking things up for guys everywhere by making all the ladies out there start second guessing their men? What do you think?

I’m going to get going babies, I have got to get get some rest! It’s been such a long day! I hope you all had a good day too!


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Posted on 13-12-2009
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Hey babies! A special weekend blog for you cumming live from freakin’ cold NYC!! I had a blast at Michael K’s yesterday signing for T.i.T.S. Here are pictures from the signing!!

Posted on 11-12-2009
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Babies it is Friday, can I get a naked happy dance. I am signing in New Hampshire today so make sure you cum out and say hi to me! I am so excited to be here! It’s freezing though. Holy cow, it’s times like this that I really need a cuddle buddy at night in my bed to keep me warm! Who’s up for that job?? I want to wish a Happy Hanukkah to all of my Jewish babies out there. I hope you all have a wonderful evening tonight! Remember to give many thanks today. It is the time for people to celebrate freedom from oppression. I love the holidays!
Well babies I’m coming at you today to introduce to you another little hottie I know. For my Feature Friday today I will be interviewing Lisa Sparxxx. She is a hottie with a body!! She has some really great breasts so I had to let her know that in the interview. She was like “I’m kind of jealous of your ass, so I don’t know.” She continued, “It just stares at me everyday when in turn my twitter on. Lol… It does huh? Lol. I’m like do you just want to throw your face up in there or what girl? She’s all “I try I try every time I turn on my computer it is just there, and it’s beautiful.” I’m like please girl you’ve got a great booty too, it’s just all about the camera angle…lol.
My first question for Ms. Sparxxx was I wanted to know where she was from. She is from Kentucky. Funny enough my next question was do you have sweet tea there? Lol. I love sweet tea. She’s like “We do.” She said that she’s not much of a tea drinker but her husband likes it. I was like wow, how long have you been married? She said a little over 15 years. I was like wow that’s amazing. She said “yeah we’ve been having a lot of fun” I was wondering if she was in the business before she got married, but she said that she actually got into porn after she had been married for about 7 years. I asked her if it was because she wanted to or he wanted her to do it? She said, it was a mutual decision and they thought it sounded like fun so she decided lets do it. I’m like that’s really cool that you can have a partner like that. She said it gets tedious because they work together all the time, but. I said it’s cool because you get to dress up in costume. I told her she should start dressing him up like yogi the bear. She’s like yeah I should try that. I was curious if she only works with her husband. But she said no, he is the techi man behind the scenes. She said very rarely does he ever shoot anything with her. She said that he doesn’t really like to be on camera.
I always have to find out if these girls are animal lovers. She is an animal lover, she has to cats. She said I’m a cat girl. But they are called rag dogs. They are just like dogs. They play fetch and run around like dogs do. I thought that was so cool. Lisa said they are a little pricey but worth every penny. When they are little she said they look like little polar bears. I was like awe; I’ve really got to look into them. I said so they don’t bark like my dogs bark. And she said no and she also doesn’t have to take them out because they go to the bathroom in a litter box. That is so cool. I asked Lisa how long she had been in porn for. She said 8 years. I asked her how man guys she has done in that time and she said that she has the record with 919. I was like wow 919. And she said yes, 919 fabulous cock insertions. I’m like how. And she said 3 bottles of lube and about 250 guys. She said they were on a batting rotation. Lol. She had 919 insertions with all of the rotation they did. They shot for 7 hours. I was like wow was it only one hole or both and she said they only did it in the pussy. I had to ask if it was swollen like a blowfish…lol. She said not so much the outside but the inside definitely hurt more, and she new it would be tender. She continued to tell me that she didn’t shoot again for a month to heal a bit and when she shot again she said it was still a little tender. I’m like FUCK I can’t even imagine. She said yeah it was a little rougher than she imagined. She was cracking me up. Lisa said people wonder and ask her how her skin stays so soft, and she thinks it’s from all of the protein from the cum shots she takes on her face. She went on to say how good it is for your skin and how people don’t realize…lol. She’s a crack up. I wanted to know why she chose Lisa Sparxxx. She said it was 1 because her name was Lisa and she didn’t want to get used to responding to something else but also her husband thought of it because he said that I have such a sparky personality and they added the xxx for the porn aspect of it. I told her I liked it.
Lisa must be a really lucky girl. I asked her what she thinks about when she masturbates. She said that she doesn’t really masturbate very often. She said “I am well taken care of” But she said if she does, maybe she will turn it on the TV and check out her favorite actors. I told her how I do it to facebook and myspace pictures. Like if it is a group of guys I will fantasies about them taking their turns with me. Oohh, they get so hott! Well babies, that’s the interview with Lisa. Make sure you check her out at Lisa and She is such a sexy piece of ass with some big ole titties. Yummy!

Well babies, I’m going to get going so I can start getting ready. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! And remember bring your foxy asses out to see me this weekend. I love you all lots!



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