Posted on 23-11-2009
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Oh my babies, how are we today? It’s Motivational Monday, are you getting stuff done today or what? I have had such a productive weekend and Monday, I am loving it! Over the weekend I went out and got a new closet organizer. It is bad to the bone. I love it. I have so many dresses, shoes, bras, and panties that it gets hard for me to keep it all organized. I feel so good about my house when it is free of clutter and organized. I am really into Feng Shui. For those of you how might not know what Feng Shui is, it is the art of placement in your home. The flow of the energy of your house. Think about how different you feel when walking into a beautiful clean house versus walking into a dirty cluttered messy house. There is a huge difference in how you feel when walking in.

Feng Shui is really cool because it represents all of your areas of importance. There are 9 areas it covers which are called Bagua (bahg-wa). Wealth & Prosperity, Fame & Reputation, Love & Marriage, Health & Family, Children & Creativity, Knowledge & Self-Cultivation, Career, and Helpful People & Travel. So like I said, all of the areas that you would want to enhance in your life could be enhanced just through a little Feng Shui. I have come to realize that when you’re going through things in life, whether it is a break-up, or job loss it is better to rearrange things around your house than do something drastic like chop off your hair…lol. Ladies no more chopping off your hair because your ready for some change. Oh boy we can be so dramatic. Changing your living space really does do the trick. Saging is also very important. Sage for the home is very cleansing. It will cleanse out any negative energy and bring in the positive. I think it
is important to sage the new things that have been brought into your home. You never know what kind of energy it can be holding in it. I guess I am very mindful of these kinds of things because I am so energy sensitive. In Feng Shui energy is known as Chi (pronounced chee) Like cheese but with out the We all learned in science class that we are all made up of matter which is really just energy when completely broken down. So everything has “chi” in it, moving it just helps put it in the most beneficial spot.

I found a clip about it on the net; I thought I would share it with you so you understand a little better

1. Prosperity.
This area relates to wealth: having money for the good things in life (not for the crappy necessities in life like food, rent, and phone bills). This gua is considered a power corner by many because money is seen as power, and power can get you what you want. Think Bill Gates, Donald Trump, and the person who invented Velcro. If big money is what you are looking for, work on the prosperity corner.

2. Fame and Reputation.
This is the area in the home that supports you as a person out in the big world. It deals with how you are perceived by others, which makes a big difference with concerns like how and where money and relationships come to you. It also has to do with your own integrity and honesty, which can also make a difference in things like marriage and relationships. So, if you are a jerk, or at least people think you are, don’t despair. The fame and reputation area can help you out.

3. Relationships and Love.
If you are looking for a relationship, looking to make an existing one better, or simply looking for a shagedelic good time, look no further. It is vital that this part of your home is balanced so there is harmony in relationships of all kinds. So before you give up and choose to join a cloistered convent or a group of chanting monks, check out this area.

4. Creativity and Children.
This section of the home relates to thinking creatively. You might consider beginning with this area so you can come up with creative cures for the rest of your home. This locale is also associated with children, since children usually think creatively (like when they figure out how to put a Poptart in the disk drive of the computer). Anything to do with kids – yours, not yours, your siblings, or your future kids – this is the spot to work with them.

5. Helpful People and Travel.
This part of the home is set aside for calling upon people who make your life easier (easy teachers, sympathetic IRS agents, efficient waiters, the cleaning lady, truthful car dealers and networking peers). Maybe it’s someone you know, or perhaps it’s help that appears out of the blue. And, of course, sometimes it’s an angel from the “other side” who helps. It’s also about being treated fairly and honestly. Also, if you would like to do more or less traveling, or have a move coming up, this section applies to making these situations flow more smoothly as well.

6. Career and Life Path.
This area of the home is linked to what you are supposed to be doing in life, whatever that is. Whether it’s hardcore business, traversing a more spiritual path, or creatively mooching off others, this area of the home is dedicated to getting you on the right track in life.

7. Skills and Knowledge.
This part of your home affects how you learn, store, and use knowledge. Although the energy in each gua will affect the other eight, this one is especially worthy of attention. For example, if you don’t have the smarts to manage the money you make, it may erroneously appear that your prosperity section is not working for you. If you are in school, this is the area to enhance, especially if you think serious studying is when you calculate the bartender’s tip on the last pitcher of Michelob.

8. Family.
This section is associated with family issues. Montel, Jerry, Rikki, and Jenny would be out of business if everyone paid attention to this area. It also holds the energy for everyday coinage paying for rent, food, and other necessities in life (chocolate, Chapstick, bamboo steamers). So, if you don’t have this area juiced up, your prosperity (major coinage) area may never reach its potential.

9. Health and Other.
The center of the bagua contains all other life situations not mentioned above. It impacts health as well. Since this area lies in the middle of the home, it touches all other areas geographically, and can literally and figuratively affect all other areas by association. Like they say, if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything (except doctor bills and a lot of medication that is obviously not working).

There are many ways to enhance these areas if you’d like to. Lighting, sounds, flowers, colors, objects, etc. can all help to do this. When done correctly walking into a home can be such a wonderful experience where everyone feels comfortable and good while they are there. What do you all think about this? Have you ever heard of it? Would it be something you would ever try out? I’d love to know your opinions about it, so please leave them while you’re here. I’ve gotta go babies, I am going to keep on keeping on while I have all of this motivation to get it done.

I love you all and home your having a great Monday. Be excited it’s almost like it is Wednesday because of our short holiday week. I’m so excited for Turkey Day!



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