Posted on 20-11-2009
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s001Hey sexies! How are we today? It’s Friday, woohoo, do you have big plans for the weekend? I hope you spend some time stroking it to me and my feature girl of the week, Syren De Mer. She is so hot, and gave me a great interview. Go to my website to listen to it live or you can continue reading to get a recap of our conversation.

I was hoping I was pronouncing her name correctly. There is nothing worse than mispronouncing someone’s name, some people get really offended. So you know I had to ask her how long she has been in the business for. She has been doing porn for almost 4 years. She was so cute; I asked her do you like it? And she said are you kidding, I absolutely love it! We were both laughing; we know we love what we do. I wanted to know what she was most known for. She said she is most known for her interracial and anal. I asked if she liked black cocks, and she said, “I do, well I like all cocks…lol”. I asked her how old she was when she started to have sex with black guys. She said she hasn’t been having sex with them for that long; she started in her early 30’s. I had to ask her what she finds if anything different with a black cock. I know when I have talked to other girls about this some say they like black cocks because they are bigger, or softer, or they like the color better. So I was excited to hear what she thought. She said, the bigger thing is good because on average they usually are. But she said that’s not it. She likes the guys themselves because she just likes things a little rougher, and like to give it to you! I told her that I had lost my virginity at 13 to a black guy, and really only dated black men most of my life. Until I got into porn I really started enjoying white dick. Lol. We both agree though color doesn’t matter, it’s just the thrill you get while fucking someone.
I was curious if she had any crushes on any of the girls in the business. She didn’t really have anyone in mind. Lol. It’s cool, it made me wonder if she was straight or bi-sexual. She said that she was indeed bi; I explained to her that I love having sex with women, but I don’t really like dating women. Syren said that she felt the same way. She and her best friend will go out for a “girls night out”; they don’t consider it a date or anything. But once they have had a couple drinks and have been dancing, they will go home and have sex with each other. She said girls are great; I love having sex with girls. But she is married, so the whole dating thing is off of my mind whether it is with a guy or a girl. She said what she does like about girls is how almost more romantic they are. Also they are soft, and sexy, and squishy they are. And they smell good, and wear lip-gloss. But most importantly girls know what girls want. I totally agreed with her 110%. I was curious how old she was when she first had sex with a woman. She said that she was just 22 and actually her first time with a girl was on New Yeas Eve. What a great way to bring in the New Year! She said that her boyfriend at the time absolutely loved it. I laughed and was like, I’m sure he did.

I thought it was cool, that Syren is married. I asked her for how long she had been married and she said, I was surprised, for 13 years. I asked her how he liked her being in the business and she said that he loved it. She said he is actually the one who got her into the swinging lifestyle etc. One day he asked her if she’d be interested in a playboy casting and she was like hell yeah, and that’s how it began. I asked Syren how long she and her husband had been swinging for. I love to see happy couples like this. She said they’d been doing it for 10 years. I told her she needed to go to Florida and check out Fantasy Fest and the nudist resorts.
Syren De Mer is such a different name. I was interested in knowing where it came from. She said that she had always been a fan of different names. And she likes mermaids and has a tattoo of one on her thigh, so she looked at mythology. She came across Syren. She now is known for being the queen of gangbangs. The most she has done at one time was 11, but she and her best friend together have had 21. She said that was quit the party. I was like was this a swinging event or for porno? She said it was actually for her birthday party. I was laughing so hard. I’m like man; I need to be coming to one of your parties. Every year for their birthdays Syren and her best friend have gang bang parties. She said they end up with a lot of people wanting to show up…lol. I bet, I want to show up. I’m like where are you? She said in Seattle. I want to go and visit. Sounds like such a good time…lol. Most of this is fantasy personal, so she doesn’t put it all on the web. We do take pictures, but we don’t film it. I have to tell you guys, she is such a freak. I absolutely love it! She is a true person who absolutely loves to get off. I love her, she’s super cool. She’s a Gemini and I think that they are just super horny.

Well babies, if you want to listen to the rest of my awesome interview with Syren log into my site at . She is an awesome girl and has a lot of energy. Check her out at her website too and twitter, myspace @ /SyrenDeMerxxx

Have a fabulous weekend loves, adios!



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