Posted on 19-11-2009
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wet2Hey my sexy babies. I have to laugh when I say it, because let me tell you some people can find anything to complain about. Can I even tell you all how many times people have left me messages letting me know that they don’t like it when I call you all my babies. Oh I’m sorry let me change what I do, to make you happy when you look at me…lol. Are you kidding me? I call you all my babies because to me it is a term of endearment. I call people I care about baby. It’s just me. I also think that calling you babies is much more personal than calling you my fans. To call you my fan is to think that you are different than me, or separate. I don’t think that at all. We are all on the same level, it just so happens, that I like to perform for you all, and I’m happy to know that most of you enjoy it. And for those of you who don’t enjoy my performances, at least you enjoy talking about me…lol. Either way it’s cool.
I’m feeling so much better today! I slept last night and woke up feeling much better. And thank God because I have to shoot a web cam show today and really want to enjoy myself. Hopefully it will be a good time. I am so excited, I have been working with my stylist to pick out the masquerade masks for the swingers party. I will be getting a lot of different styles so they will be really cool. We are going to have such a good time! I can’t wait. So I wanted to take a minute and answer the questions that my tweet hearts messaged me. I thought that they were all really good.
First one being, what do I like better vaginal or anal sex?
To be honest I really enjoy both. I do feel though that anal is more the porno me and the pussy is more the personal me. My pussy is more personal in my home life and when I think of anal, I think of doing porn. But I do love the feeling of both.

Am I still selling my panties?
Yes I am still selling panties. The prices do vary. I do however give 4-6 weeks for delivery, because often I am very busy traveling and don’t spend a lot of time at home.

Do I prefer to give it or take it with a strap-on?
I used to like taking it a lot, however, lately I have really just been into some girl on girl loving without all of the toys. But I am still a dom so I do enjoy giving it also.

Do I like giving it to guys in the ass?
Yes, I do

How does it feel to know that so many people like me and want to touch me?
I love that I can satisfy couples and other men and women. And help people fulfill their fantasies. But I don’t think that all people just look at me as a sex icon. Many of my babies ask me for advice on anything from sex to what to buy their daughter for Christmas. Also I love that my babies appreciate my positive way of thinking on life, so I am able to help them with situations they are going through.
Am I single? Yes very much single…lol

Do I ever get frustrated because I am so busy?
Not really, actually sometimes it is hard for me to slow down. I am very blessed to be busy in this economy. Many people right now would love to be busy. If I don’t have a lot going on, I will find something else to start doing. I like to diversify my life, so that I have different things going on and I’m not stuck going in circles.

What is it like performing on Camera?
I think it is a little harder for men than it is women. For men, it is a little harder because they have to keep their eye on the prize and keep their dick hard. Girls really just have to look good and be a good performer. Both are hard, but I do think it is harder for men.

Do I think porn has affected or effected my life?
Both actually, but I try to have an optimistic attitude on life and I am very thankful for the people who have helped guide me in the right direction. I wouldn’t be where I am today without my mentors.

I will do these Q&A’s more often if you all have more questions for me. I hope you enjoy learning about me, say hello while you’re here. I like to know you all too!

In closing, I hope you all are having a fabulous day! And remember, if people aren’t adding to you they are subtracting from you. If they aren’t multiplying you they are dividing you! It is so important to have uplifting people around you! I hope you all do!



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