Posted on 16-11-2009
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It’s Manic Monday babies! I’ve being doing lots, and have lots to do. How about you? Sometimes I love Mondays, and sometimes I don’t…lol. I spoke with one of my very close friends this morning. She and I used to be very tight, however, recently I have had to distance myself from her. We are not very like-minded, which is ok. I don’t need everyone to agree with me. But when it comes to life and things aren’t working, I really think people have got to try to do something else. Babies let me give you some friendly advice. If you are still acting the same as you did when you were 16, there is kind of something wrong with that. Life is about growing as a person and learning NEW things. If your not, than what’s the point of being here?
I am really a very motivated and positive person. I have also definitely taken some risks in my life. One of them being, getting into porn. Many people didn’t support me in my decision one of which being her. I think sometimes you have to take a risk to gain a reward. I feel very rewarded in the lifestyle that I have created and the person I have become. What I feel the most rewarded about however, is that I did it on my own. Through taking inspired action and believing in myself. My girlfriend has always had the same kind of job her whole life. Waiting tables. Well waiting tables is fine as long as you are happy with the money you are making. Well she’s definitely not happy with the money that she is making which is the majority of what she talks about to me. I had to stop talking to her so much because she was almost starting to bring me down when we would speak. I will always help my friends out with anything. I have helped her out numerous times. I almost feel like her sugar momma when we are together…lol. But she is my girl and I love her and would do anything to help her.
I do think though that there comes a time when someone has to stand up on HIS OR HER own two feet and do some things to change their life. There is a saying that if you change nothing than nothing changes. And when a person isn’t happy with where they are at in life, than it looks like they should change something. Don’t ya think? I think the problem is that when people have things done for them and are told what to do all the time, they have a hard time doing things for their selves. My girlfriend called me and told me how much money she needed. I don’t even think it is appropriate to give it to her at this point. I told her that I couldn’t give her the money, but I could help her with a solution. We ran through some different things that she could do. Some of which she turned her nose up at. Point being she needs to start doing something different. I can give her advice but bailing her out I just can’t do right now. She has a lot of stress and tells me that she really misses our friendship. I miss hers also. We have been friends for so many years. She doesn’t have a whole lot of people to fall back on. I always will be there for her, but I can’t just sit back and listen to her complain and act victimized all of the time. If you want to believe it or not we are ALL responsible for OUR OWN lives. And everything happening in it. Your conscious and subconscious minds are what are in charge. You obviously have control over the thoughts you are putting in your mind. Who are you? Do you know you don’t HAVE to be like that? What kind of stress do you have? If your life is filled up with bad stress you’re probably not too happy. If it is you stress you probably are. You stress is good stress. Which one consumes you?

What do you guys think about this? What kind of person are you? Do you feel like you just have bad luck and you can’t have certain things, or need someone else to supply it for you? Or do you believe that you can be, do, or have anything you want? I hope at least all of you know how absolutely amazing each and every one of you are. I believe in all of you, you are my babies. Even if there are other people who put you down, you can always count on me to believe in you.

In closing babies, I just was telling you this because it is always easier for us to go somewhere else to have our problems fixed. But we should really be going to ourselves so that we can feel so good about being powerful enough to fix it. If you think you can you can, if you think you can’t you can’t! Everyone needs to believe in himself or herself! There are plenty of people who will try to knock you down, we can’t knock ourselves down. So keep your heads up babies. If you think you need someone else to help you with something, know that you have the power within you! You can have that job, or bank account, or house, or relationship! Whatever it is you can have it if you believe you can. So until you get it quit bitching, get up, get out there, and have some fun! At least it will be a fun trip ;-)

I am looking for more people for our swingers’ party scene. If you or anyone you know needs to make some extra money. If you are single it is fine. We have a lot of couples. But we really need some black or Latin girls. So let me know if you or anyone you know is interested.

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