Posted on 13-11-2009
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IMG_7692Hey babies, how are you? I’m wonderful. I hope you’re all having a fabulous day! I wanted to write up for you the interview with Jayla Starr for my Feature girl of the week. If you’ve not become a member to my site yet, you’ve got to get on me! There you can hear my actual interviews with the girls as well as watch my exclusive videos. It’s even a great gift to give someone…lol. A membership to me! I have women do it for their husband’s…lol. And I love that. They are cool with their husbands watching porn so they surprise them with a membership. They watch me together and I love that! Guys how would you feel if your wife got you a year membership to my site? Would YOU think it was a cool gift? I’ve even had some guys buy it for their buddies as a bachelor gifts…lol. You guys will think of anything…lol! Keeping a relationship good and sexual is so important. I want to be a teacher and helper to all of my babies out there. If your single I want to help you stay happy and satisfied while your single. If you’re in a relationship, I want to be there to help you spice it up when you need to, or you can ask me anything that you might be shy or unsure about. I hope all of you know that! I like to please you know that! Wink!
Well let me introduce you guys to Jayla Starr. Incase you don’t already know of her! She is 20 years old and gorgeous! Being mixed (black and Chinese) it is a very nice combination. I just shot Jayla the other day for Pussycats 4. She was shooting a scene and looked so hot! Let me explain, she was doing a girl/girl scene. No toys no boys. Just kissing and finger fucking and having a good time. But let me tell you, she was arched over a weight bar, she’s almost in a back bend and she looked so good, her booty looked to lushes cause she has the cutest little bubble butt. And Ann Marie was smothered inside of her beautiful little clam. That scene was absolutely on fire. Jayla was so cute in the interview. She didn’t know what to do because she felt weird because I was the one their shooting her. I told her how awesome she did and how creative she was. Jayla said that she just did whatever she could think of. I told her she did a great job. You can tell when someone is into it, and she was. It makes for such a good scene. This movie is going to be awesome. I asked her if she likes girls? She said she loves girls; she’d rather do a girl/girl/guy scene instead of just a girl/guy scene…lol. I asked if it were so she wouldn’t get bored? We laughed because we love the guys, but she said when there is another girl there you can watch her and she’s hot, you can eat her pussy, or she can eat hers. I wanted Jayla to know how amazing I think she is. I told her that she has so many followers on twitter; she actually has more than some girls who are a bigger name. She is very interactive and sweet, that is what I love about her.
I explained to her that there are so many girls that ask and wonder why their websites aren’t making any money. I tell them it’s because they aren’t social enough and interacting. I think it is so important. The fans are what keep you relevant! So I told her I wanted to give her a big high five on being great at her interaction. She was so sweet, she said thank you, coming from you that means a lot. I really just wanted to tell her that on set she was sweet and positive, she never had anything negative to say. I love that; I like to work with people like that. I asked her if she is usually pretty go with the flow and she told me that she read the book, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff. She said she don’t sweat it unless it’s life threatening. She likes to move on and lets stuff go. Move on and make the best of it. If she can of course, she’s like I’m not perfect…lol.

She’s been in the business for about a year and a half. She started on her 19th birthday. She’ll be 21 in January. She’s excited but said that its going so slow to get there…lol. What an exciting time. I asked Jayla where she was from and she’s originally from Cali but now living Vegas. She said it sucked because she’s not 21. She said she loves to eat different things from different countries. She likes to try anything. I told her she eats and it goes to her butt. Because her waist is tiny. Her feet are a 7 ½ and her bra size is a 34B, she’s so adorable I told her she is a little spinner girl. She said she loves that when she is on top and riding a cock and she spins herself around to reverse cowgirl position, without getting off the dick. Which is her favorite! I love how petite she is. Her but is perfect, I told her that you can throw a quarter at it and get 75 cents back…lol. Its true.

For fun Jayla likes to read, talk to her members, she has a stripper pole that she likes to play around on. She also likes to play with her puppy RJ. He is her son a little yorkie. What were you for Halloween? She was a brownie scout. I asked her if she got laid last night? She said unfortunately no, but it was ok. When she was getting off with me she was about to go get fucked from Carmen Hayes so that would make up for it…lol.

Here are her sites!

Hit her up she is awesome! And there you have it in a nutshell, my interview with Jayla Starr! Now go watch and listen to her hotness on my website
Love you all my babies! Keep a smile on your face for me today ~ K!



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