Posted on 10-11-2009
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Babies, are you guys there? H-e-l-l-o! I miss reading your comments on my blog spot! I’m starting to feel a little lonely around here. Lol. Did you guys check out I was on the front page today. I am SO pumped about it. I feel like that is quite the achievement. Athletes are thrilled when they are on the front page of Espn, right? Well I’m not even an athlete so it’s really exciting! How are you guys today? Is your day going the way you’d like? I’m doing work all day! The life of a girl with homework, what an informative yet boring life…lol. It’s nice to have a naughty girl outlet! Who would I be without my dirty girl side?

I watched a The Bonnie Hunt Show today. Random, I know. However, she was interviewing a man named Wayne Dyer. Have any of you ever heard of him? I have just recently been introduced to him. But his interview with Bonnie was amazing. I really love learning and growing spiritually. For me spirituality has helped me be more open to receiving things. And I’m not just talking material objects. I know when things are going to happen and I am able to feel things for other people. It is hard, I don’t always know who or what exactly but it all comes together. For instance when I dream of earthquakes and then we have them. I am very sensitive to energies and people. I don’t always understand it but it’s cool I guess. Are any of you more spiritually in tune than others you know? I love to hear these kinds of stories so please share if you have one. Below I wanted to share this story of Wayne Dyer with you. Peoples “stories” fascinate me. They are what make us who we are!

Wayne was one of 4 kids. His father walked out on his mom with all of their kids under the age of 5. This forced his mom to put him and his brothers and sisters into foster care. Growing up he had a lot of anger at his father; he battled alcohol addiction, and went through a bad divorce. He has a story of when he went in search of his dad. Found out that he had passed away 10 years prior, and then found out he was buried in Biloxi, Mississippi. So he traveled to Biloxi, and rented a car. While putting on his seatbelt found a card with the name of a place on it (Can’t remember the name but he put the card in his pocket. He began calling graveyards to find out where his dad was buried. He finally spoke with someone after calling the 3rd one. The man said that his father wasn’t buried there, but at (that name of the place I can’t remember…lol) Wayne thought about the card he had found in the rental and pulled it out. It had the name of this place on the front, and don the back there was a map on how to get there. Awesome huh? Love it. So he followed the map and found his gravesite.

Wayne said that when he got to the grave and he just was really pissed. Stomped on it, cursed it, and thought about doing the other thing he had always wanted to do to his grave. He ended up spending 3 hours there. It took up to the last 20 mins for him to finally say that he loved and forgave him. He said that when he was finally able to say that and mean it, he never thought about it negatively again. Life for Wayne Dyer was forever changed after that day. It takes so much work to hold on to anger and resentment. But for some reason they are the first things people go to. He went on to write a book that became a best seller. He started attracting people into his life who were better for him. And now he is so thankful for his father because without him he wouldn’t have the success he has today. Many times it’s those people who affect you or piss you off the most whom you should be so thankful for. They teach us what it is that we need to learn. He mentioned that the people, who do the biggest things, have over come the biggest obstacles. I thought this was so true.

Oh one more thing that I thought was great was how he talked about mind viruses. Just like a computer virus or virus in the body. They spread, and get worse if not treated. Mind viruses are the same. We start getting them when we are bored. Whether you heard that you weren’t good enough, cute enough, smart enough, strong enough what ever you heard about you that didn’t make you feel good. Those are mind viruses. Some people hear those things so often they begin to believe it because they replay the tape over and over again. The biggest things that affect us aren’t even real. People carry guilt and worry around with them everyday. But what is funny is that if you gave them a bucket and asked them to go fill it up with some worry or guilt they wouldn’t come back with anything. Because they aren’t real. Once again just mind viruses that are multiplying, spreading and getting worse if nothing is done about them.

These are the things that ruin people’s lives and self esteem. It’s so sad. I have my own mind viruses. They are annoying…lol. I have to remember to remember everyday as well. I think about my past and instead of holding on to some things out of anger. I choose to let them go. I want to move past them. Love them and forgive them. I hope this might have helped some of you like it helped me. Imagine a life where you have forgiven your mom or dad. Girlfriend or boyfriend. Whomever it may be that you waste your energy getting pissed about. Forgive them, love them, and they can never hurt you again. Be kind to those who are kind and be kind to those who are unkind. Because remember hurt people hurt people.

I am feeling deep babies, I hope you’re feeling me! Have a great day



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