Posted on 04-11-2009
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Hey my babies! Happy hump day! I hope this wonderful Wednesday is treating you well. I’ve been getting up so early lately it’s crazy. It’s helpful though because I’ve had so much going on lately. I had my meeting with my boss man earlier this morning. It went great. He told me that I was the most professional with my presentation, that means alot!Yay, pats on the back for me! It’s always nice to hear positive feed back from your bosses ya know! All week I have been working on a presentation for him. This was not just any old presentation either. No writing it up in a word doc for this girl. I went all out. Power point slide presentation that was color-coded and everything. He was mad impressed! I also printed and emailed it out for him also. It is such an exciting time in my life right now. I have a lot of awesome things brewing in my witch’s pot…lol. Boss man and I have some big plans. I love that he trusts in me and will help me put into play some of my visions. He also agreed to let me direct and shoot more series. So exciting, I really have such a passion for directing the shoots. It is something that I feel like I really do well at.

I want to thank some of you who were helping me out with my little nephew’s gift. It is so groovy how you guys help me in my personal life. You might not even realize how valuable to me you really are. At any time of the day, if I have a question or concern I can ask you all your opinion and you really help me out. For instance when I was shopping for my nephew, you all had great advice for me! I am totally lost when it comes to buying a little boy toys. I had my brothers growing up, but obviously you kind of need to be a boy in order to know how a boys mind works. So the games, etc that you all gave me were great. A lot of you have so much knowledge on this stuff. I love how into gaming you all are. Even though I might smoke some of you in Rock Band or the Wii….lol. Game on a bitch, who’s down to get spanked by Mz. Cummz….lol. I decided to go with getting him the Nintendo DS. You know I had to get him his favorite game to go with it too! I can’t wait to see him and give it to him! I love spoiling

You know that sadly today will be my first time meeting him. He is almost 5 years old now and I can’t believe how quickly he is growing up! My brother and his wife are here visiting from Washington State. They are in Anaheim at a Convention so I am driving there today. My girl asked if I was going alone and I told her that my roomie was going with me. She was laughing that I never go anywhere It’s true. If I have to be in the car, you better believe somebody better be with me. I can’t handle not being able to ride in the carpool lane….lol. A trip that can take me 1 hour in the carpool lane can take me 3 hours when I am traveling solo. So yeah, if I can have a riding buddy with me wherever I go, than I’m a happy girl. So I will be hauling ass as quickly as possible to see my little nephew. I really need to figure out how to be able to see them more. Holidays are always so crazy; we always seem to miss each other. I really want to start seeing my nieces and nephew more often. I really only get to see one of them on occasion and that’s my little princess. She lives in Florida, so when I am there I am able to see her. A couple of times she hasn’t been around though she has quite the schedule for a little person…lol. She and my brother’s daughter are close to the same age. I love them and try to spoil them rotten whenever I can. She loves her some aunt CC.

Well babies, I am going to have to get up to get ready to get ready. Lol. Do you all ever do that? Get ready to get ready? I was hoping to be able to make a meeting with my business mentor today also. Hmm, not sure if I am going to have enough time for all of this. I was planning on leaving somewhere around 3:30 so lets see how close to that I can get. I’m going to leave you with some great quotes of the day from my favorite Reverend. Rev Run!

~When people are mean to you, don’t call you back, or don’t treat you nice. They’re usually not too sure of themselves. You’re probably aiming too low!

~Your greatness is measured by your kindness

~We have to pray with our eyes on God, not our difficulty

~Take a chance! Most people are afraid to fall in love because they are scared no one
will be there to catch them. Nobody is worth all of your tears! Then again Mr. Right aint gonna make you cry that much, no way! Take a chance!

~Protect your passion with all your might!! STAY FASCINATED!! THE saddest tragedy is a heart that has lost fire!

~If you could learn to love yourself you would be smack dab in the middle of a Life Long Romance!

~And last but not least, really great people make you feel like you can be great also!

Remember that babies only if it feels good to you though! Wink!



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