Posted on 03-11-2009
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Hey my babies how are you all today? I hope you’re having a great Tuesday. I am feeling awesome. I have been working on the computer all day so far getting’ shit done! Lol. I am making so much progress with all of my fan signs as well as the personalized videos for you guys! I can’t even tell you how I bit off a whole lot more than I could chew at once with that…lol. But ya know what, it’s all good. Soon they will ALL be done and everyone will be happy! Make sure you let me know when you receive it and how you like them. No more hate mail babies. I’m SO over it! Oh and speaking of, @R3dboar you know I still heart you! But please please please if your going to follow me you can’t be so damn sensitive! That’s MY job…lol. I’m the one who’s supposed to be on the period this week, not you. Wink! Wink! So it’s squashed, lets keep things flowing positively! I can’t stand DRAMA!

Today has been a really great day! I have been putting some really exciting things in place. I don’t want to give you too many details until I get everything set in stone, but I will tell you a little because I am really excited. You guys all know how much I like to be helpful. Well I have decided to start up a Non-Profit Organization to help raise money for a cause that is very near and dear to my heart. So all day I have been online researching and talking with my attorney. This is something that is also non-porn related. I like to keep myself diversified. You know what I’m saying. I’m really excited about it though. I set up a meeting with my business mentor too so I can get his input on it. So

I have a lot of schoolwork to get done today also. It’s hard for me to keep my motivation up with homework. Ugghh, I really shouldn’t complain, it’s not all that bad. I have to communicate on a discussion board, which is cool. But then I have to take a quiz and write a paper. Not always cool. Who wants to be my tutor? He he! We can play strip study together. I get answers right, you take off something your wearing. I get answers wrong, and I do! Who wants to help me learn…lol? Who said learning can’t be fun! Wink! Wink! I can have the most fun!

Where are all of my Cali babies? I will be dancing this weekend so you need to bring your sexy buns over to cum see me! I’ll be downtown at Spearmint Rhino Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. So cum watch me dance off all of this booty in my pants! I’m thinking about dressing up in different personalities for the 3 days. I’m still a little inspired by Halloween, can ya tell…lol. What did you guys dress up as? What is your favorite sexy costume? I am like a little girl, loving to play dress up. I’m sure most of you have seen many of my looks. What has been your favorite one so far? How do you like me? More blonde or more brunette? Big titties or my original titties? Super thin or athletic? I love to hear your opinions.


So babies, I’ve been reading this book and it is super cool. Its really making sense to me but it is very deep. It talks about the fact that nothing in life is really REAL. Everything is brought on by our own consciousnesses. Each of us was given our own movie to be the star of, and we really do create our every move. By thoughts, beliefs, judgments, and feelings. All of which are creating our realities. The point so far being that we are all powerful creators of our own lives. And pretty much everything that people believe about themselves they should believe the exact opposite. How did some of get so far from what is really right. Why do people convince themselves that they are broke, or overweight, or ugly or whatever else their belief is? I don’t care how real the reality of it seems, it is all still your consciousness creating. We thank people all day long for things but we don’t really thank ourselves for creating the whole experience. For instance going out to eat. You thank your waitress, but you don’t think to thank yourself for creating the whole situation to fit your needs. The car that got you there, the food, the people that all helped you feel like it was real. The fact that you have money to pay for it. This is the true meaning of appreciation. Stocks and investments appreciate also. It’s not a coincidence that it is called that! I don’t think I do any justice trying to explain it. Lol. Maybe when I’m done, I will understand it even better. All I know is that what I’ve been reading really makes sense to me! And it feels good. You know me babies, if it feels good my motto is do it! J

I will make you feel good this weekend while I’m dancing. So make sure if your in the neighborhood to stop by and say hi. I will hope that you’ll stay a while too!



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