Posted on 02-11-2009
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2802rdzIt’s just another Manic Monday! Oohh ohh oh! I wish it were Sunday, cause that’s my fun day! Oh babies don’t you wish that you could really hear me sing some Cindy Lauper…lol. Trust me your really not missing much..haha! Did you all have a fun Halloweenie?? You know I did. I took my kids to the park in their little costumes with my roomie. We both got dressed up also. Two of my doggies were witches, one was a fairy and the other was a devil. They were so cute. I loved my bumblebee costume. I thought that I was looking pretty groovy. It is funny, I felt like I got more looks with my dark hair and tattoo shirt on than I do normally. It is funny that most of the time the “Normal” girls dress up like Porn Stars on Halloween and Porn Stars try to dress up like “Normal” girls. Well not all porn stars, but I know many. It was actually really refreshing to be dressed up in a kind of disguise. No body knew the girl they saw before them. I was no longer Courtney Cummz. I could have been a tattoo artist for all people knew. It surprised me how much I enjoyed not being myself for a day. I looked nothing the same. But everyone seemed to love my costume, so I was happy! J


I had so much fun watching the kids trick or treating. I ended up drilling through the candy that I bought. I went into the house and started rummaging through the stash in my cabinets to see what else I could find. By the end of the night I was giving out packs of gum and granola bars…lol. I couldn’t tell them that I didn’t have anything left…lol. My roomie started off giving huge handfuls to the kids, I didn’t expect us to get as many as we did. The cutest costume I saw that I loved was the little girl in the ballerina costume. She was so cute. Some kid had a scary ass mask on that kind of made me scream a little. All in all though the day is always fun to watch. People are dressed up all day long all over the place and you never know what you will see. I heard about some guys that made themselves into computerized iphones? They had a huge screen on their front that looked like the iphone screen. They synced them to their personal iphone. It was awesome. People are so creative. I love it!

I’ve spent my day today on the computer so far. I have been working on a business plan for my boss that I need to have to him for Wednesday. I also have schoolwork that I need to finish. I have been a little annoyed with the Twitter world lately. I feel I must clarify something. When I tweet, many times people won’t know what or whom I am talking about. Some people like to think that the whole world revolves around them and that everything is about them. Let me tell you, I love myself but I also know that it’s all about me all the time. I am not sure if it insecurity or what but just because I post something on twitter doesn’t mean that it is about any of you! I’ve been getting all kinds of negative messages from twitterers because of a tweet I sent an NBA player. Yes babies I am just like you, I too am a fan of other people. I had told this guy to follow me, like a million people ask me to do all the time. When he didn’t respond to me, I jokingly said that he was boring. I was completely playing made a cute face and everything with the message. I meant no negativity with my message TO HIM. So I make a comment on how when you’re in the top tax bracket you should be able to know how to work a twitter. And understand it. Whatever, I’ve been a little sassy the past couple of days. So now I’m not only getting messages from his followers of how he is married and cant follow a porn star but also that I am forgetting about people without a lot of money? What?!?!? Let’s back up this train real quick. I’m not in the highest tax bracket myself. I am certainly not saying one is better than the other. That’s not even at all what this is about. It was a simple chat between two people and then he’s got a whole team of people that want to respond for him. But also that when I make a post people assume I am speaking about them. I don’t have negative things to say to my followers and my tweets aren’t usually about the people that follow me. Maybe they are about people I follow! So it even had me thinking about deleting my twitter page because I get sick of the nasty mail. It is really sad how one rotten apple can really spoil the bunch. I am really trying to stay focused on the people that support me and love me! But damn, haters are annoying. I guess it is times like these where if I paid someone to do my twitter for me that my feelings wouldn’t get hurt, because I wouldn’t be reading the shit. But that is just so impersonal. I really do this for you all to stay connected to you. I appreciate all of you who like to make my days brighter!

But I hope you know how much I love all of my loyal babies. Most of you are so hilarious and funny. I really enjoy spending my time chatting and getting to know you all! I hope you have a fabulous day babes! Keep it nasty for me!



“Haters are just confused admirers”

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