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9jzqdwHappy hump day my horny babies. I hope your spending your Wednesday busting a few nuts. I can’t help but giggle a little about all of the commotion surrounding my visit with Bill Simmons. I hope his wife knows that I was insinuating a 3some between us with my little “nasty” comment. I don’t know why it is so hard for people to understand that I am a sports fan, and a fan of Bill. He has given me support in the past so I wanted to support him the best way I knew how. I told you guys, I am a fan of people just like everyone else. Also, I know how awesome it is when people come out to support what I do, so I like to return the favor. The dvd’s and pictures were just little thank you gestures for the nice things he has said about me. And I bought 4 books because I thought they would be good Christmas presents. (Yes I have already started shopping) By no means did I ever think it would stir up this much talk. I post my blogs never even thinking about someone using it on their site. Lol. Big thanks to those of you who have let me know where else I was being mentioned. You guys rock and are always looking out! Big smooches.
For those of you who may not know, I grew up a total athletic tomboy. I was playing football, basketball, baseball, track, and I was the cheerleader you wanted to fuck! ;-)
Lol. Growing up with brothers will do that to a girl I think! All in all though I just love the games. I have my favorite people and teams. And my favorite asses to stare at. I can’t help fantasizing about these boys in their uniforms. I love it! All of the boys are running around patting Asses and I wish it were me spanking them…lol. I actually used to know a girl who was dating an NFL player who liked it when she wore a strap on and fucked him in the ass. In my opinion, I think everyone has a little bi-sexual in him or her. It’s just a matter of if they will ever honor it or not. Especially with some big manly men. They are so used to being so manly and strong that I think sometimes they just want to act like a little bitch. Which I think is totally OK. I don’t think there is anything wrong with it.
It is just a matter of being open and honest with yourself. It is almost a question of are you ready to get that real with yourself? Honesty is always important it doesn’t matter if it’s with yourself or someone else. Speaking of this topic, my feelings recently got hurt and I felt really led on by this guy that I met at a convention. By the way he was talking he made me consider going out with him. Well I never ended up going out with him or anything, but if we run into each other we always have this connection. He just told me that he has a live in girlfriend. Really? You’re just now telling me this? I REALLY NEED HELP WITH THIS ONE GUYS! Why do you sometimes leave out the most important details? Messing with a guy who has a girlfriend or wife is so not my style. I am nobody’s side dish. I have more self-esteem than that. Plus I want what I want, and I do not share. So once this kind of thing happens I am done. It is really not fair to the partner; I don’t have the heart to do it. So please guys shed some light on the situation. There are two sides to every story. Help me realize why guys are little shade balls sometimes…lol.

I’ve gotten such a great response for the shooting of our swinger’s movie. My trip to Florida is officially confirmed. My tickets are purchased, and IT’S ON TAMPA BAY. You better be ready to bring it. I’m really excited to see the turn out. There are so many undiscovered hotties in Tampa. It should be an awesome time. So remember guys if you want to participate in a movie and get paid for your work, hit me up and let me know. We will be shooting December 15. I am really excited about it. I’ve got my boys coming with me and it will be a blast!
Well babies, I’m going to get up get up and get movin movin, get up and move my body! Lol.. I’ve got to start preparing my dinner. Lamb with garbanzo beans and salad. Ooohh so good. I can’t even tell you how much I love Trader Joe’s. I feel like I get so much for what I spend. I love a good deal!

I want to thank you all for your sweet comments too. I love reading your thoughts and opinions. Keep em cumming babies and have a wonderful day!



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Babies, are you guys there? H-e-l-l-o! I miss reading your comments on my blog spot! I’m starting to feel a little lonely around here. Lol. Did you guys check out I was on the front page today. I am SO pumped about it. I feel like that is quite the achievement. Athletes are thrilled when they are on the front page of Espn, right? Well I’m not even an athlete so it’s really exciting! How are you guys today? Is your day going the way you’d like? I’m doing work all day! The life of a girl with homework, what an informative yet boring life…lol. It’s nice to have a naughty girl outlet! Who would I be without my dirty girl side?

I watched a The Bonnie Hunt Show today. Random, I know. However, she was interviewing a man named Wayne Dyer. Have any of you ever heard of him? I have just recently been introduced to him. But his interview with Bonnie was amazing. I really love learning and growing spiritually. For me spirituality has helped me be more open to receiving things. And I’m not just talking material objects. I know when things are going to happen and I am able to feel things for other people. It is hard, I don’t always know who or what exactly but it all comes together. For instance when I dream of earthquakes and then we have them. I am very sensitive to energies and people. I don’t always understand it but it’s cool I guess. Are any of you more spiritually in tune than others you know? I love to hear these kinds of stories so please share if you have one. Below I wanted to share this story of Wayne Dyer with you. Peoples “stories” fascinate me. They are what make us who we are!

Wayne was one of 4 kids. His father walked out on his mom with all of their kids under the age of 5. This forced his mom to put him and his brothers and sisters into foster care. Growing up he had a lot of anger at his father; he battled alcohol addiction, and went through a bad divorce. He has a story of when he went in search of his dad. Found out that he had passed away 10 years prior, and then found out he was buried in Biloxi, Mississippi. So he traveled to Biloxi, and rented a car. While putting on his seatbelt found a card with the name of a place on it (Can’t remember the name but he put the card in his pocket. He began calling graveyards to find out where his dad was buried. He finally spoke with someone after calling the 3rd one. The man said that his father wasn’t buried there, but at (that name of the place I can’t remember…lol) Wayne thought about the card he had found in the rental and pulled it out. It had the name of this place on the front, and don the back there was a map on how to get there. Awesome huh? Love it. So he followed the map and found his gravesite.

Wayne said that when he got to the grave and he just was really pissed. Stomped on it, cursed it, and thought about doing the other thing he had always wanted to do to his grave. He ended up spending 3 hours there. It took up to the last 20 mins for him to finally say that he loved and forgave him. He said that when he was finally able to say that and mean it, he never thought about it negatively again. Life for Wayne Dyer was forever changed after that day. It takes so much work to hold on to anger and resentment. But for some reason they are the first things people go to. He went on to write a book that became a best seller. He started attracting people into his life who were better for him. And now he is so thankful for his father because without him he wouldn’t have the success he has today. Many times it’s those people who affect you or piss you off the most whom you should be so thankful for. They teach us what it is that we need to learn. He mentioned that the people, who do the biggest things, have over come the biggest obstacles. I thought this was so true.

Oh one more thing that I thought was great was how he talked about mind viruses. Just like a computer virus or virus in the body. They spread, and get worse if not treated. Mind viruses are the same. We start getting them when we are bored. Whether you heard that you weren’t good enough, cute enough, smart enough, strong enough what ever you heard about you that didn’t make you feel good. Those are mind viruses. Some people hear those things so often they begin to believe it because they replay the tape over and over again. The biggest things that affect us aren’t even real. People carry guilt and worry around with them everyday. But what is funny is that if you gave them a bucket and asked them to go fill it up with some worry or guilt they wouldn’t come back with anything. Because they aren’t real. Once again just mind viruses that are multiplying, spreading and getting worse if nothing is done about them.

These are the things that ruin people’s lives and self esteem. It’s so sad. I have my own mind viruses. They are annoying…lol. I have to remember to remember everyday as well. I think about my past and instead of holding on to some things out of anger. I choose to let them go. I want to move past them. Love them and forgive them. I hope this might have helped some of you like it helped me. Imagine a life where you have forgiven your mom or dad. Girlfriend or boyfriend. Whomever it may be that you waste your energy getting pissed about. Forgive them, love them, and they can never hurt you again. Be kind to those who are kind and be kind to those who are unkind. Because remember hurt people hurt people.

I am feeling deep babies, I hope you’re feeling me! Have a great day



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zjgrybHi my sexy babies! Its Motivation Monday LETS GO! I have been busy busy lately. I had such a fabulous time dancing this weekend. I was able to meet so many NEW guys from my twitter fam. It’s was really cool. I can’t even begin to tell you how much it means to me that you guys take time out of your weekends to cum visit me while I’m dancing in your town. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart! I hope you enjoy watching me bring the nastiness live to you! I got so down and dirty I even busted up some of my fingernails. So that is on my list of things to do for today. I’m actually really excited for today. One of my favorite Espn men is doing a book signing today. Bill Simmons, he is their MOST talented sports writer. I am a big fan of his and have heard he may be a fan of mine. I have some DVDs that I am going to bring him. A little gift for him. I want to buy some of his books and have him autograph them. I thought they would be good gifts for my brother and dad. What do you guys think from a guy’s point of view? Is this a good gift? I thought so; I am going to take pics with him also. Can’t wait! This is why I need to go get my nails fixed. I can’t show up looking busted! Lol.

This is what Bill tweeted about our meeting at the ESPN ZONE, “Thanks for a great LA signing! Highlight of tour: a porn actress (who couldnt be nicer) buying 4 books & turning the entire line catatonic. Sorry I had to edit her name but wanted to make sure that nobody googled her and, um… you know… saw a pic they might not be ready for.” I was so nervous standing in line. I had butterflies in my stomach. I wanted to make sure he liked my gifts that I brought. He was so happy to see me. He hugged me and rubbed up against my titties. My pussy was so wet! I wanted to do him right there!! He was so sweet as he asked me who my favorite sports teams are. I can’t wait to read his book. I bought four total!!

Oh babies I want to make sure that you know about the film we are shooting. Starring YOU if you’d like. We are looking to book interracial couples for a swinger’s party in December. I am looking for people located in Florida (this is where we will be shooting) to come and participate! We will be shooting in Tampa and the location will be announced. So if you need to make some extra holiday money and have fun while doing it, than this could be a great fit for you. We will have guys working there from Black Ice, and all kinds of girls. We are looking for girls who are Asian, Hispanic, black, and white. Also looking for BBW, swingers, and guys of all races. I am so excited for this; I think it will be awesome. So let me know if you’d like to participate. No experience necessary, must be ok with interracial play!

2rzqs5f ie09wk

This gives me another reason to go to Florida. Whoo ray! That’s always exciting. I love love love the business I’m in. I get to be a part of so many awesome opportunities. I love all of the directing that I have been doing lately. I have started booking girls for my very 1st movie with Diabolic. I’m really excited about it! It is a new series of Dp’s. Boy/Girl, Boy/Girl/Girl, Boy/Boy/Girl, and Girl/Girl/Boy. This will be such a hot series; I am really looking forward to starting it! I have already had my 1st meeting with my teammates from Black Ice for our Amateur Tour. They are all so cool and we have such a great time. It’s cool because they teach me a whole different side of the business. I’m getting a new camera like they use and they will be teaching me how to use it. I love that I can be a part of two different teams within the same company. It really helps me understand the whole business and is always keeping me learning new things.


Sunday was a wonderful fun day. I did a cam show; it was a lot of fun. In case you missed it, I dressed up as a British School Girl. It was super cute! I also got a lot done around the house. I did laundry and cleaned. It felt really good. A couple of my shows were on too. Desperate Housewives and the Kardashian Wedding. They were both so good. I think Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian are so cute! They looked very happy. I was crying and everything…lol. I wasn’t expecting that! It makes me look forward to the day my prince charming comes and sweeps me off of my feet. There is something so romantic in getting married to someone after such a short period of time. It’s funny how it goes both ways though. I think sometimes it really blows up in people’s faces’. People either get married immediately because they’re so in love, and stay together for a while. Or they get married quickly and divorce quickly! I really hope that they make it work and they are able to stay together. I was really happy that she had her step-dad walk her down the isle. He deserved that honor. I really think stepparents don’t get enough credit. Usually because the child has so many issues stemming from the biological parent. It’s hard for kids to really express their appreciation for their stepparent. I love my dad. He is just as good as a biological dad if not better.

ereiaa 240yyyh
Well babies, don’t forget to hit me up and let me know if you’d like to work on our set. We are going to have a blast you won’t want to miss out! I hope you have a fabulous Monday!



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Hey babies! Those who follow me on twitter know that I am looking for swingers who are willing to perform at a swingers party on camera for a new DVD series that I will be directing. I am looking to search all of the US to find the hottest swinger parties!!! It doesn’t matter your race or size of cock, I want people who love to have sex!! That is the main requirement!

My first shoot will be a party in the Los Angeles area. This is my tweet announcing it. SWINGER ALERT! Come play with me in LA!!!!! Email me if u &your partner wanna Be in a film & make some xtra cash!! Please email me if you and your partner are willing to have fun on camera. I will send you a registration form and more information.

I am very excited about this new project! I am looking for people who have not performed in porn before. If you are a swinger and want to perform on camera and make some extra money, please email me!!

I am off to dance at the Blue Zebra in North Hollywood, CA! Three shows tonight at 9:30 PM, 11:00 PM and 1:00 AM. See you there!


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Hey my babies! Happy hump day! I hope this wonderful Wednesday is treating you well. I’ve been getting up so early lately it’s crazy. It’s helpful though because I’ve had so much going on lately. I had my meeting with my boss man earlier this morning. It went great. He told me that I was the most professional with my presentation, that means alot!Yay, pats on the back for me! It’s always nice to hear positive feed back from your bosses ya know! All week I have been working on a presentation for him. This was not just any old presentation either. No writing it up in a word doc for this girl. I went all out. Power point slide presentation that was color-coded and everything. He was mad impressed! I also printed and emailed it out for him also. It is such an exciting time in my life right now. I have a lot of awesome things brewing in my witch’s pot…lol. Boss man and I have some big plans. I love that he trusts in me and will help me put into play some of my visions. He also agreed to let me direct and shoot more series. So exciting, I really have such a passion for directing the shoots. It is something that I feel like I really do well at.

I want to thank some of you who were helping me out with my little nephew’s gift. It is so groovy how you guys help me in my personal life. You might not even realize how valuable to me you really are. At any time of the day, if I have a question or concern I can ask you all your opinion and you really help me out. For instance when I was shopping for my nephew, you all had great advice for me! I am totally lost when it comes to buying a little boy toys. I had my brothers growing up, but obviously you kind of need to be a boy in order to know how a boys mind works. So the games, etc that you all gave me were great. A lot of you have so much knowledge on this stuff. I love how into gaming you all are. Even though I might smoke some of you in Rock Band or the Wii….lol. Game on a bitch, who’s down to get spanked by Mz. Cummz….lol. I decided to go with getting him the Nintendo DS. You know I had to get him his favorite game to go with it too! I can’t wait to see him and give it to him! I love spoiling

You know that sadly today will be my first time meeting him. He is almost 5 years old now and I can’t believe how quickly he is growing up! My brother and his wife are here visiting from Washington State. They are in Anaheim at a Convention so I am driving there today. My girl asked if I was going alone and I told her that my roomie was going with me. She was laughing that I never go anywhere It’s true. If I have to be in the car, you better believe somebody better be with me. I can’t handle not being able to ride in the carpool lane….lol. A trip that can take me 1 hour in the carpool lane can take me 3 hours when I am traveling solo. So yeah, if I can have a riding buddy with me wherever I go, than I’m a happy girl. So I will be hauling ass as quickly as possible to see my little nephew. I really need to figure out how to be able to see them more. Holidays are always so crazy; we always seem to miss each other. I really want to start seeing my nieces and nephew more often. I really only get to see one of them on occasion and that’s my little princess. She lives in Florida, so when I am there I am able to see her. A couple of times she hasn’t been around though she has quite the schedule for a little person…lol. She and my brother’s daughter are close to the same age. I love them and try to spoil them rotten whenever I can. She loves her some aunt CC.

Well babies, I am going to have to get up to get ready to get ready. Lol. Do you all ever do that? Get ready to get ready? I was hoping to be able to make a meeting with my business mentor today also. Hmm, not sure if I am going to have enough time for all of this. I was planning on leaving somewhere around 3:30 so lets see how close to that I can get. I’m going to leave you with some great quotes of the day from my favorite Reverend. Rev Run!

~When people are mean to you, don’t call you back, or don’t treat you nice. They’re usually not too sure of themselves. You’re probably aiming too low!

~Your greatness is measured by your kindness

~We have to pray with our eyes on God, not our difficulty

~Take a chance! Most people are afraid to fall in love because they are scared no one
will be there to catch them. Nobody is worth all of your tears! Then again Mr. Right aint gonna make you cry that much, no way! Take a chance!

~Protect your passion with all your might!! STAY FASCINATED!! THE saddest tragedy is a heart that has lost fire!

~If you could learn to love yourself you would be smack dab in the middle of a Life Long Romance!

~And last but not least, really great people make you feel like you can be great also!

Remember that babies only if it feels good to you though! Wink!



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Hey my babies how are you all today? I hope you’re having a great Tuesday. I am feeling awesome. I have been working on the computer all day so far getting’ shit done! Lol. I am making so much progress with all of my fan signs as well as the personalized videos for you guys! I can’t even tell you how I bit off a whole lot more than I could chew at once with that…lol. But ya know what, it’s all good. Soon they will ALL be done and everyone will be happy! Make sure you let me know when you receive it and how you like them. No more hate mail babies. I’m SO over it! Oh and speaking of, @R3dboar you know I still heart you! But please please please if your going to follow me you can’t be so damn sensitive! That’s MY job…lol. I’m the one who’s supposed to be on the period this week, not you. Wink! Wink! So it’s squashed, lets keep things flowing positively! I can’t stand DRAMA!

Today has been a really great day! I have been putting some really exciting things in place. I don’t want to give you too many details until I get everything set in stone, but I will tell you a little because I am really excited. You guys all know how much I like to be helpful. Well I have decided to start up a Non-Profit Organization to help raise money for a cause that is very near and dear to my heart. So all day I have been online researching and talking with my attorney. This is something that is also non-porn related. I like to keep myself diversified. You know what I’m saying. I’m really excited about it though. I set up a meeting with my business mentor too so I can get his input on it. So

I have a lot of schoolwork to get done today also. It’s hard for me to keep my motivation up with homework. Ugghh, I really shouldn’t complain, it’s not all that bad. I have to communicate on a discussion board, which is cool. But then I have to take a quiz and write a paper. Not always cool. Who wants to be my tutor? He he! We can play strip study together. I get answers right, you take off something your wearing. I get answers wrong, and I do! Who wants to help me learn…lol? Who said learning can’t be fun! Wink! Wink! I can have the most fun!

Where are all of my Cali babies? I will be dancing this weekend so you need to bring your sexy buns over to cum see me! I’ll be downtown at Spearmint Rhino Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. So cum watch me dance off all of this booty in my pants! I’m thinking about dressing up in different personalities for the 3 days. I’m still a little inspired by Halloween, can ya tell…lol. What did you guys dress up as? What is your favorite sexy costume? I am like a little girl, loving to play dress up. I’m sure most of you have seen many of my looks. What has been your favorite one so far? How do you like me? More blonde or more brunette? Big titties or my original titties? Super thin or athletic? I love to hear your opinions.


So babies, I’ve been reading this book and it is super cool. Its really making sense to me but it is very deep. It talks about the fact that nothing in life is really REAL. Everything is brought on by our own consciousnesses. Each of us was given our own movie to be the star of, and we really do create our every move. By thoughts, beliefs, judgments, and feelings. All of which are creating our realities. The point so far being that we are all powerful creators of our own lives. And pretty much everything that people believe about themselves they should believe the exact opposite. How did some of get so far from what is really right. Why do people convince themselves that they are broke, or overweight, or ugly or whatever else their belief is? I don’t care how real the reality of it seems, it is all still your consciousness creating. We thank people all day long for things but we don’t really thank ourselves for creating the whole experience. For instance going out to eat. You thank your waitress, but you don’t think to thank yourself for creating the whole situation to fit your needs. The car that got you there, the food, the people that all helped you feel like it was real. The fact that you have money to pay for it. This is the true meaning of appreciation. Stocks and investments appreciate also. It’s not a coincidence that it is called that! I don’t think I do any justice trying to explain it. Lol. Maybe when I’m done, I will understand it even better. All I know is that what I’ve been reading really makes sense to me! And it feels good. You know me babies, if it feels good my motto is do it! J

I will make you feel good this weekend while I’m dancing. So make sure if your in the neighborhood to stop by and say hi. I will hope that you’ll stay a while too!



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2802rdzIt’s just another Manic Monday! Oohh ohh oh! I wish it were Sunday, cause that’s my fun day! Oh babies don’t you wish that you could really hear me sing some Cindy Lauper…lol. Trust me your really not missing much..haha! Did you all have a fun Halloweenie?? You know I did. I took my kids to the park in their little costumes with my roomie. We both got dressed up also. Two of my doggies were witches, one was a fairy and the other was a devil. They were so cute. I loved my bumblebee costume. I thought that I was looking pretty groovy. It is funny, I felt like I got more looks with my dark hair and tattoo shirt on than I do normally. It is funny that most of the time the “Normal” girls dress up like Porn Stars on Halloween and Porn Stars try to dress up like “Normal” girls. Well not all porn stars, but I know many. It was actually really refreshing to be dressed up in a kind of disguise. No body knew the girl they saw before them. I was no longer Courtney Cummz. I could have been a tattoo artist for all people knew. It surprised me how much I enjoyed not being myself for a day. I looked nothing the same. But everyone seemed to love my costume, so I was happy! J


I had so much fun watching the kids trick or treating. I ended up drilling through the candy that I bought. I went into the house and started rummaging through the stash in my cabinets to see what else I could find. By the end of the night I was giving out packs of gum and granola bars…lol. I couldn’t tell them that I didn’t have anything left…lol. My roomie started off giving huge handfuls to the kids, I didn’t expect us to get as many as we did. The cutest costume I saw that I loved was the little girl in the ballerina costume. She was so cute. Some kid had a scary ass mask on that kind of made me scream a little. All in all though the day is always fun to watch. People are dressed up all day long all over the place and you never know what you will see. I heard about some guys that made themselves into computerized iphones? They had a huge screen on their front that looked like the iphone screen. They synced them to their personal iphone. It was awesome. People are so creative. I love it!

I’ve spent my day today on the computer so far. I have been working on a business plan for my boss that I need to have to him for Wednesday. I also have schoolwork that I need to finish. I have been a little annoyed with the Twitter world lately. I feel I must clarify something. When I tweet, many times people won’t know what or whom I am talking about. Some people like to think that the whole world revolves around them and that everything is about them. Let me tell you, I love myself but I also know that it’s all about me all the time. I am not sure if it insecurity or what but just because I post something on twitter doesn’t mean that it is about any of you! I’ve been getting all kinds of negative messages from twitterers because of a tweet I sent an NBA player. Yes babies I am just like you, I too am a fan of other people. I had told this guy to follow me, like a million people ask me to do all the time. When he didn’t respond to me, I jokingly said that he was boring. I was completely playing made a cute face and everything with the message. I meant no negativity with my message TO HIM. So I make a comment on how when you’re in the top tax bracket you should be able to know how to work a twitter. And understand it. Whatever, I’ve been a little sassy the past couple of days. So now I’m not only getting messages from his followers of how he is married and cant follow a porn star but also that I am forgetting about people without a lot of money? What?!?!? Let’s back up this train real quick. I’m not in the highest tax bracket myself. I am certainly not saying one is better than the other. That’s not even at all what this is about. It was a simple chat between two people and then he’s got a whole team of people that want to respond for him. But also that when I make a post people assume I am speaking about them. I don’t have negative things to say to my followers and my tweets aren’t usually about the people that follow me. Maybe they are about people I follow! So it even had me thinking about deleting my twitter page because I get sick of the nasty mail. It is really sad how one rotten apple can really spoil the bunch. I am really trying to stay focused on the people that support me and love me! But damn, haters are annoying. I guess it is times like these where if I paid someone to do my twitter for me that my feelings wouldn’t get hurt, because I wouldn’t be reading the shit. But that is just so impersonal. I really do this for you all to stay connected to you. I appreciate all of you who like to make my days brighter!

But I hope you know how much I love all of my loyal babies. Most of you are so hilarious and funny. I really enjoy spending my time chatting and getting to know you all! I hope you have a fabulous day babes! Keep it nasty for me!



“Haters are just confused admirers”

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