Posted on 29-10-2009
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Hey babies! It’s Thursday, time to give some thanks. You know what I’m thankful for today? I thought I got put on time out from Twitter…lol. For some reason it wasn’t working for me, but I am back in action and happy about it! You guys will be happy that I have gotten all of my fan signs written out. But I must get this off my chest. I know I’ve said it before, but babies I got over 300 of these fan signs requested by you all. And unless you would like me to have my assistant write them all out for me it takes me a little time to get them done. I don’t mean to be rude about it, however, I’m sick of getting “Fuck you” emails because I haven’t gotten them out yet. This was a totally free gesture I decided to do. I am not charging for them. How can people get so shitty with me when they are getting something free? It is actually making me not even want to do them anymore. I will send out this bunch, but I’m not sure if I’ll ever do it again. It’s sucks that one asshole can ruin it for everyone. So now I just have to take the pictures and I will have the 300 of them done.

On the flip side, I received my Victoria’s Secret order today. Well not all of it but I was excited. I got my new purse, shoes, bra and panties. I’m in heaven. Love it! There is nothing better than a girl with some new clothes. I’ve been looking for a new purse too, so I’m excited with the one I picked out. I’ve had fun shooting Pussycats 4 this week. I was a little bummed that we had to cancel one of the shoots yesterday. That sucked, I hope we will be able to reschedule it. Today I shot a hot scene. We had a lot of fun. The girls where awesome. I love me some girl on girl lovin. I had a fun little sleepover last night. One of my girlfriends from San Diego came over and stayed the night, we had a good time. So did my roomie, he got to bang her. They were shooting pictures, videos, and fucking in the garage while I masturbated. We all had fun! I bet you guys don’t have slumber parties like that…hehe!! They are fun though, I highly recommend them.

All of my shooting today helped me work up an appetite. I found the best little Italian deli that I love to eat at. So I went there to get my grub on…lol. I have been trying to eat healthy lately but I love to eat some good Italian. I have been eating a lot of mushrooms lately. I think when I do that they help me lose weight. I don’t know what it is, but they make me feel skinny. Is that weird? How are you guys? I am having a good week. I’m looking forward to the weekend. I love the weekends! Babies, help me with something. How do you handle religion talk with people when you know that you don’t have the same views? I respect others and their religions but don’t like when I have people that push their religion on me. I am very eclectic with my religious views. There are many things that I believe in. I don’t enjoy reading stories that are scary or sad. I don’t even watch negative TV shows like that. I had a boyfriend whose mom bought me a book for a bible study type thing. I had no idea how to tell her that I wasn’t really into living my life by the bible. Many religions have beliefs that I just don’t agree with, and I’m not saying that they are wrong; I’m just saying that they are wrong for me.

I love being spiritual and I feel like I have a great relationship with God. However there are many “Christians” that would say I would go to hell for the profession I have chosen. I totally disagree. The same as I disagree with the belief that all gays go to hell. I can’t in any way wrap my mind around those concepts. So how could I possibly support a religion that believes that? All of you, my blog reading babies always have such great insight to some of my deeper topics, so I thought I would ask you. So let me know how you handle uncomfortable religious situations with people you think highly of. I’d love to hear about some of your personal experiences.

Anyways babies, I’m going to get up and start making some dinner. My roomie should be home soon and I bet he’ll be hungry.

I hope you all are having a fabulous day, and ya know something? Put a smile on that face today! And spread a smile to someone else. I promise it will make you feel good as well as the person you smiled at! I love an appreciate you all! Don’t forget to keep it nasty for me Wink! Wink!



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