Posted on 27-10-2009
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Hey Sexies! It Trashy Tuesday Bitches and I am feeling it. I woke up and just wanted to shop shop shop! So I hopped online to get some new things. I went to my favorite online retailer. Victoria’s Secret. They have some really great clothes. And I feel like it is my little secret. No one really shops for clothes there. Most girls I think just go into the store and pick up bras and panties or lotions. They have the coolest shoes, pants, tops and what I love even more is that no one else will have them. Otherwise most girls are shopping at the same stores, picking through the same clothes and when they walk around they look exactly the same. No thanks! I like to look like me!! J

So I had a meeting with my boss a little bit ago. I love him. I have a ton of things to get done today. I still need to get my homework and projects done for school. It sucks because I have a timetable for when I need to get it done by. It is really nice though to have some time at home to get all of this done. I have really been appreciating my time when I am at home because I have been traveling so much. I’m feeling kinda feisty today! Lol. You ever have days like that? Where you’re just a little more on edge than usual? I am really excited for tomorrow though. I am shooting Pussycats 4. I guess I do my shooting a little untraditionally and pick girls for the movies a little differently. Tell me your opinion on this you guys. I choose to shoot girls with a good personality and a big fan base or following. I appreciate girls like that. Take Jayla Starr for example. Some people may have never heard of her but guess what she is a beautiful girl. She has a ton of twitter, myspace followers and she is super fan friendly. As a fan isn’t that what people like and enjoy? That is more important to me than who the latest “it” girl is. In this industry there is always a new “it girl.” It kind of is annoying to me. I have a hard time respecting girls in the industry who don’t want to interact with the fans. They want to show up work and then want to go home and not be bothered by fans. I guess that is cool and all if that’s what your into, but in my opinion I have learned that in this industry you need to have some loyal fans to keep yourself relevant and have more longevity in the business.

It cracks me up when I read the lists of the top girls in porn. Usually I am shocked by the results. Where do they come up with the criteria for who is the top in porn? Don’t get me wrong I am not trying to pull a Kanye and act like these girls who are top on the lists and getting awards don’t deserve them. However, we all work hard and it gets old seeing the same people winning the same awards all the time. What really sucks is how predictable the awards shows are. And again, I love the girls and am proud and happy for them for winning. But when a girl has only made 3 movies in a year compared to another girl who has taken over 100 dicks in her ass in a year, how can the girl with 3 movies get “Performer of the year” I think that’s bullshit. It’s funny that politics are even played in the porn biz.

I also get annoyed because ethnic girls rarely are up for awards. Latina, black, or Asian girls never get recognition. Its crazy. I don’t understand it. I do understand one thing. The awards go to girls who work for companies that contribute a lot of money to the awards shows for marketing or promoting. Whatever. And then we have the shady tale that I am about to tell the world. I’ve never discussed this situation, but I know that it’s happened to many more than just me. My 1st year in the biz I was asked to be a trophy girl. You know the girl who gives the trophies to the winners. I had a meeting with a guy we will call MR. He told me that I would win any award I wanted if I would meet and see him privately. He had many things he wanted me to do. Piss in a bathtub for a week, so he could bathe and marinate in it. He wanted to drink it, everything. He also wanted me to violate his ass and abuse him. In response to his proposition I told him that I would think about it. That was my first experience in their office. Way to show me the ropes ehh?? I really think that it is one thing to prostitute yourself for money, but it becomes a whole other story when you are prostituting your ass for a trophy or award. This of course is solely my opinion and my experience since being in the business. However, I do know another girl who had had a similar experience with MR. She did what I wish I would have done and narked his ass out. He then got what he deserved and got fired. They had to fire him, lets get serious. I don’t want to get hate mail saying that I’m bashing anyone. I love working with the companies that represent these girls, and I love the girls who are winning the awards. But it is sad sometimes. I feel totally confident in my place in the porn world. I have won awards and that’s all great, I was even told by Bill Simmons from Espn that I was the most under-rated girl in porn and that he and his wife love watching me. I have the love and support from my fans and that is what matters to me. But I have seen other girls cry on my shoulder after not winning an award they were up for. It is so heartbreaking. So many girls work their Asses off in this biz; I just like to see credit go where it is deserved!

Politics, gotta love them! I have never been involved in them, nor do I plan on starting now. I am happy with where I am and the impact I have had on the porn industry. I will just keep on keeping it nasty for all of my babies. You all are what is most important to me! Smooooch!

Well I think I’m going to get going. You all have a fabulous day babes! And root for the underdog! Everyone has been there at sometime of his or her life!!



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